Black Friday Sale?

Am I not mistaken that there is usually a Black Friday promo code here for discounted goods? Will this be happening this year @medboy ?



  • Not sure yet, I am asking.

  • Any word on that @medboy

  • Nope. When I have the word, we'll all have the word.

  • I fear this may be why the cupboards are so bare. No concentrates added or replenished for a little bit now. That doesn’t seem to be the norm.

    Maybe a huge drop coming and then Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale??

    Come on guys. I can’t wait to give y’all more money!! Lol!!

    Happy holidays everyone!! Bah humbug, happy Hanukkah and all that jazz as well!!

  • I decided not to wait any longer and pulled the trigger on some goji og refills! I feel like shipping is going to get drastically worse as we approach the holidays

  • We'll do a 10% off sale for Black Friday

  • Yes!! ^^^^^^ what @antfuzz said

    We appreciate it.

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    Thx as well @medman im with @Johnnyblue42 didn’t wait just in case. Finally giving Merlin a try. Couldn’t resist that WC and Gelato. Both look real nice 👌🏻.Will use that code on Fri for something

  • I noticed a black Friday thread was reawoken from last year disappeared from the front page.

  • Yes we will be having a black friday sale!

  • Looking forward and tryna hold off for it best I can lol, is it gonna be 10%off again or anyway it'll possibly be 20% discount 😬🙏🤣 sorry had to ask and try

  • 10% with some special sales :-)

  • @medman looking forward to finding out what that means sounds good though appreciate yall

  • @medman Can you release the Kraken on the sales this week so we can have it in time for the holidays? I can imagine smoking some premium right before a thanksgiving meal lol.

  • @rshigh81 New lower pricing will be going live on the site by end of day tomorrow so right in time for the weekend. On top of that our black Friday sale is right around the corner so stock up!

  • Very nice!

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    a Holiday Bud Friday sale! just put my order in, and now I am headed upstairs for a plate of turkey leftovers.
    Thanks for the deals guys!

  • Love a good sale…especially of my favorite product…and the new prices! Ordered a two zip split of the new indoor Biscotti Mints and Apple Mintz! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!
    Thanks @medicineman, @medboy, and vendors!😎🧐

  • @MerlinsMagic ordered a zip Georgia Pie this’s off the menu now 🤞🏼..if it has to be subbed a split of something 🔥 plz. Thx for the sale guys!!

  • @TheProfessor dang I missed those 2 mint variants and went slurrity/grease monkey but those mints sound intriguing lemme know how they are please and thank you, I've enjoyed animal mints and another in past I think

  • @Vapedad78 I haven’t had either of them, but I’ve enjoyed all the strains that make up their genetics! They should be, and sound great, but I will definitely let you know. I was hoping for some new outdoor strains, but Merlin’s new indoors, new prices, and discount make for a pretty amazing deal! Almost went with the Slurrity…you’ll have to let me know what I missed out on.😎🧐

  • Split a zip(hopefully) of the Indoor Horchata Smalls with Greenhouse Tropicana Cookies (which are priced the same) since it's about the only sativa sounding strain available now. Also got 2 tubes of gummies.

    LOVE the new prices for merlin!

  • @TheProfessor will do, know I had a slurrity cartridge that really enjoyed but who knows what was used for terps being bm iykwim but fingers crossed thought all 4 those including the grease monkey sounded very good and haven't had any of the 4 nugv wise

  • Grabbed a 1/2oz of JellySea and a couple of Gushers live resin carts. @MerlinsMagic is definitely my go-to for this place 👍🏼

  • Came super close to snagging pink runts and or Mr nasty but fate intervened and after everything heard bout Georgia pie and PBS decided had to try a split or least the 🥧 and hopefully can still pull off snagging some pr or MN before sales done😬 went from slightly limited choices to more than my add and anxiety could handle in flash of the screen lol

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