Does Merlin use same sources that Med Mama did?

@medboy @medman @medmama @Med Mama Helper does Merlin use the same sources as Med Mama used to? I'd be more willing to order flower from Merlin if I had some assurances.


  • They seem to have the same waxes etc i seen

  • @MikeyC Yeah from my experience it's the same vendor source. I've enjoyed everything I've gotten from them 👍🏼

  • Everything is identical. Probably worked for or with Med Mama.

  • I just want to know if they will be of the same quality I expected. I am happy with loud and was also happy with med mama.

  • @MikeyC my hunch is yes. I've only gotten an ounce of the outdoor Purple Kush that Merlin had at the end of October. It has exceeded all expectations, especially for outdoor! I still have five buds that are over 3" and covered in frost! I ordered Merlin's indoor Zookies and Wedding Cake today. We'll see if they honor my requested 2oz split and if the quality is what I had come to expect from Medmama. I can tell you that Merlin's packaging is identical to Medmama's!

  • I never make assumptions when I can make requests instead.

  • Agreed @MikeyC! But, my assumptions had no impact on my purchase. I took a chance on the Purple Kush. Today's purchase was based on that last order. I am interested in their response as well!

  • @TheProfessor I got some of Merlins WC today…it’s very heavy hitting..more indica leaning batch. Been hitting it all day..your going to ❤️ It. Hope you get the split.

  • Thanks @superman38NC ... now you got me excited! I love Wedding Cake, but it's been awhile since I've had some in my medicine cabinet! Now I'm really hoping for the split!

  • loud's wedding cake is so good that it even surprises me at times. If I smoke like I usually do I wind up saying "holy shit, how did I get this high?"

  • Loud is the best. Waiting on that restock. Worth the wait.

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    I’ve probably had 10 or more batches of WC off this of my all time fav strains..Mamas and Merlins seem to be on par with a sedative super stoned indica dom..while Loud’s has provided some sativa dom batches that are really a completely diff high.

  • @TheProfessor I just got my Merlin’s wedding cake delivered! The buds are nice mid to large size tight and beautifully trimmed. Great buzz from it. Love love it! The gelato I also got, looks just as good! Haven’t smoked that yet, but will let you all know later. From the looks and smell of it, I can’t see how it could be bad!!! Also got a zip of my favorite zookies. Fantastic bud all the way around today, good deal Merlin’s!
    Wedding cake in photo

  • Thanks @Rubygirl816 , these pictures have given me the courage to order.

  • Thank you @Rubygirl816! Sounds like I’m a winner no matter what comes. I ordered early Friday, and anticipate getting my Zookies and Wedding Cake, but it sounds and looks like a Gelato sub wouldn’t hurt! Enjoy!!😊🧐

  • Everything I've gotten from Merlin so far i can't complain about.

    I have some gummies, and a half oz of greenhouse Mendo Breath on the way I ordered before our black friday sale. 😉

  • Don't think anyone is going to give that info out . All you can do is guss

  • MM is MM the packaging is exactly the same which I like it double vaccum seal an absolute no smell I have gotten single bagged in a hat box that I could smell before I opened it forLOUD

  • I am the walrus.

    -Coocoo Kachew

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