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Anyone experiencing longer than normal delivery times? Normally (almost always) I get my orders in 3-4 days, but not this time. Ordered from LC and MM last Sunday and didn't get a label until Wed. MM finally moved to regional yesterday, but the LC still hasn't been picked up. I know it's the holidays, but this is definitely not typical. I've been ordering for YEARS and this is the longest I've ever waited. Just wondering if the rest of you are experiencing the same. TIA.



  • I ordered from LC on Sunday took until Wednesday to get label printed, expected delivery Monday.

  • Ordered LC sun, no label. Merlin Sunday arrived yesterday.

  • Ordered Merlin and LC Sunday evening. Merlin arrived Friday and LC in transit due Monday. Label gen pretty much the same speeds.

  • Same here. Ordered from MM & Loud on the sale Sunday…MM delivered yesterday 🎄to the mideast coast & Loud is supposed to be here Monday.

  • If you were getting all your orders in 3-4 days, that's a bit lucky. I've never gotten one that fast and am fine with it taking 6-8 days, as it has for the majority of my orders over the years.

  • I ordered from merlin last Sunday, the label was created on Tuesday, and the package was accepted Tuesday at USPS. It was 80 miles from my house at 4 am this morning.
    It will be here Monday, or if I'm very lucky today.

    No issues with shipping for me.

  • Taking into consideration the holidays and ramped up shipping everywhere, not surprisingly its going to take a little longer to get stuff through the mail. I ordered last Sunday from MMM. Label made Monday, no movement until Wednesday and slated to be delivered today. 6 days from order to delivery, not bad in my book. Gots to be patient.....

  • Thanks everyone! Looks like MM will be here today, but still no movement after label created on the LC.

  • The period from black Friday to slightly after New Years is notorious for delayed shipping times. I think there's a holiday or something involved...

  • Ordered Merlin Suday, received yesterday. Ordered Loud also Sunday, and receiving today.

    It's all with the USPS system, folks. I've had Merlin take over a week at the end of Nov, and Loud has taken longer than that before, and it wasn't in the heart of the holiday season.

  • Still waiting to ship showing over two weeks for me on Jager. Merlin super fast 3-4 days.

  • I ordered from cc and Merlin last Sunday cc was supposed to be here yesterday and Merlin today just have moved to the in transit on my informed delivery so let the waiting games begin I guess

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    I think it might also matter upon how far your address is from the nearest major distribution center. I live in a fairly large city and we have a large hub nearby so once it leaves the destination it tracks smoothly. Then your local PO down to the postal carrier make up the remainder of the ifs/when timing.

  • Yep. I’ve made 2 orders from loud this month. One on the 3rd and one on the 15th - nothing from either yet.

  • My mm has been waiting for item since the 6th

  • Folks its the holidays and if everybody remembers this time last yr it was really bad. My postman told me today that they are in a better place here this yr but they already are starting to miss scans again.

  • Ordered last Sunday and got MM Saturday and Loud today with the sale and Holiday that’s pretty good especially since I’m the last stop on the right !

  • Lately my orders have been stagnant too, even reships are lost somewhere and have not got in yet. This gets very annoying sometimes and i hate bothering medboy about packages taking longer than two wks.

  • Waiting on my holiday sale package too..in transit arriving late. Waiting game indeed 😎.

  • Last year this time average label/shipping speed was 14 days. Glad to hear it has sped up this year 👍🏼

  • Last year I ordered the 3 of December and received it the 24. I ordered on the 16th this year had the label in 4days and is in transit this morning. It says the 24th. I'm not holding my breath though.

  • Order made late Thursday. Label printed late Sunday. The package is out for delivery. Fastest ever for me. A little hope for those waiting.

  • Mine arrived today! Medman always delivers 😎 Treys Star, AAA MAC, and Nectarine Squeeze all look and smell ⛽️. Early Christmas tonight 🎄🎁

  • I got my jager from loud that I ordered on the sale day on Monday, so 9 days including 2 weekends. I got sour willie from CC ordered on the same day the previous Thursday, so 6 days.

  • Yeah, still have an order from Merlin that a label was created for on the 15th that is still awaiting pick-up. That's a long time with no movement. Never seen it take so long actually. I've never had to contact medboy about an order before, so hopefully it will start moving soon.

  • No something not right @Chief_oldballs. Sounds like it may have gotten lost. I would contact medboy now, especially they are getting ready to take a break, for the holidays.

  • @Chief_oldballs

    Definitely contact @medboy so he can take care of it for you before the holiday break like @Rubygirl816 said. 😉

  • I have four orders lost and have not recieved any of my orders, medboy just suggested that i stop ordering because my boxes are either being stolen or being taken by the police. What a crappy way to start this new year!!! Gaw!!!

  • Get a PO box under alias or company name.

  • @907ak420 have you told anyone that you have ordered and have package coming. I have been with this site since 2013 and have made one rule for my self never tell anyone . I have a 100 percent delivery rate from mm

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