4/20 SALE for 2022!

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Happy 4/20!

Take 20% off of your order by using the code 420MM2022 during checkout! The total amount will adjust once you submit the order. This code will disappear by midnight PST!




  • Thank you!!!

  • Sweet! I’ll be making an order right after work! Good looking menu for 4/20! Thanks guys!

  • You guys are awesome.....thank you again for what you do!!!

  • Thanks so much MM and MB!!! Order placed :).

  • 👍👍

  • Thanks MM and MB

  • Thank you much.

  • Awesome!!! Thanks you @medman @medboy

  • Thank you so much

  • Thank you for this super sway deal!

  • Thank you !!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you once again for making this happen!! And happy 420 to everyone!!!

  • Just ordered Premium - Forbidden Zkittles x Purple Punch. Thanks for the sweet discount code and have a good 420 folks!

  • Awesome! Thanks!! 👍🏼

  • Thank you! Happy 420!

  • Thanks for the sweet discount! Happy 420 to all!!

  • Happy 420! Thanks for the awesome discount!

  • The sale is over. Thanks to everyone who made a purchase! :)

  • Great sale, thanks! We look forward to it every year!🙏👍🏼🧐

  • Appreciate the hell out yall good looking out

  • Anyone loud moving? Preship sticker made early hours of 22nd and know it'll show cause always does just get antsy still

  • @Vapedad78 same. Label created 22nd at 4:22 am. Got my 4/20 order from CC and Merlin today but Loud still on preship... It's the USPS hub there in Seattle. It is notorious for being a "blackhole" for mail! It will come tho bud.

  • It's apparently picked up 3 days after being printed.

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    Got my loud today, same with Merlin. Both ordered in the early AM.

    Fwiw my loud order was scheduled to not show until Thursday. Dunno what happened 🤷‍♀️

  • @Mr4Sher word appreciate it and yeah they always have or been fixed in the past just always get a tad anxious on bigger ones when can't follow the path digitally even though never had that luxury pre internet lol looking forward to it tho cause that primo SS I'm really hoping matches past experience with top shelf sherbet, always love some good glue and haven't tried the punch#4 that recall so also looking forward to testing in name of science

  • @Vapedad78 totally feel ya in the not tracking part it drives me nuts lol just like I ordered on 4/20 and haven't seen a label from them yet and it killing me🤣

  • @Vapedad78 my loud order went from Seattle to Kent, WA. Got some movement anyway! Hoping for touchdown by Friday...

  • Yeah was gonna update but I usually don't include locations/specifics just that it's on the move , good looking out , fingers crossed for everyone

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