Why are Premium Bacio and Gelato 41 listed separately for Merlin?

They are the same thing no?


  • I was wondering that too...

  • They are two different strains, why would you think they were the same though?


  • I was under the impression Bacio was just an alias for gelato 41. Like Larry Bird is gelato 33.... Could be wrong tho.

  • There is a strain that is Bacio Gelato, however, Bacio and Gelato 41 have different parent strains.

  • Different growers too

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    "General info
    Gelato #41, sometimes called Bacio Gelato"

    I'm not crazy. Just google Bacio Gelato 41 and there will be 100s of results.

    Leafly has them listed separately, but with the same parents, Thin Mint Cookies (GSC) and Sunset Sherbert.


    I guess the confusion is that Bacio might be different than Bacio Gelato, even though I cannot find anything about it.

  • That’s the only way I’ve understood it @Sixwaychili. One of many Gelato phenos. I haven’t met a Gelato phenotype I haven’t liked yet! Larry Bird, Bacio, Mochi….and they’re all Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC.

  • @Sixwaychili The Bacio and Gelato 41 on the site currently have different parent strains. Different growers use different methods, and as Merlin stated they come from different growers.

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