Discounted Flower from Merlin

There was a whole bunch of discounted flower that Merlin put up right before closing for the holidays. I snagged a split of Georgia Pie and Cherry Pie. I guess I was hungry. Funny thing is I really don't care for pie! I glanced at the product and both looked like what you would expect from Merlin.... Quality Product! I will inspect, try and leave a review in due time.


  • My local dispensary has Georgia Pie for $80/8th. I said no thanks, & will wait for our shippers to return from Holiday, & try to snag some from Merlin. 😊

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Yeah, that's crazy prices I'd wait too. I had some of Merlins premium GP and it was straight 🔥! Hopefully this discounted greenhouse is too. I still have like 1/8th of that Apples and Bananas we got. It's too racy for me atm with the shit I am battling in my head. I gave my father in law a couple grams for Christmas and he loved it...

  • $80 an 1/8th? Screw legal cannabis. lol

    Instead of legalizing it, they should just delete every law that mentions it.

  • @Mr4Sher i also snagged some discount GP before the holiday break. Was supposed to be here Tues but it’s making a little trip around the country 🤪. Hopefully it’s 🔥. Like you said the premium was on point. $80 an 1/8 is robbery @MigraineWarrior79 dont blame you for passing. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Discounted Outdoor Cherry Pie is just what I needed... No racy thoughts. Just pure relaxation. It super dark green and purple. Medium sized nugs. I can actually smell the cherry smell too. Still haven't tried this batch of Georgia Pie but my hopes are high. Cuz the last batch was some of the best bud I've smoked lately!

  • Good to hear @Mr4Sher! We love Cherry Pie and have never had a bad batch… from here or a dispensary. I’m hoping that it’s still on the menu, when it comes back up Monday. Plan on pairing it with some discount Cherry Fritter or Horchata. Enjoy!😎🧐

  • @superman38NC The GP is really good too. It's not quite as pretty as the Premium and it's a little harsh but the taste and effects are on point!

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    Sweet! @Mr4Sher looks like mine made it to the local post office so hopefully Tues. I requested a split of that and I believe Maui Mango Diesel. Almost went with Cherry Pie too. Merlin had a lot up that last day.

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    Received my split of GP and MMD 💨😂🥴. Both 🔥..the outdoor GP is right beside the premium imo. Taste is more piney which I like. Wish I’d bought more!

  • @superman38NC I agree the taste is slightly better on the discounted greenhouse but the nugs aren't quite as pretty and it seems a little harsh to me... I did just get covid again tho. That could explain why it's harsh on my throat.

  • I can keep sourcing discount flowers if you guys like them.

    I look for quality flower that is well stored from last year.

  • I find the variety is greater when there are discount options on the menu 👍🏼

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    Can't thank you enough @MerlinsMagic I have gotten Outdoor Gelato Margarita and Ice Cream Cake. Both were excellent. I still can't decide which is better to me. On a different note. Early Tuesday and touch was both company n the often unknown but came thru. Love the Acapulco Gold refills. Always great. Discount Jaeger n subbed Koffee Velvet. Which I wrote in comments bout if they had to sub n gave them the option just stated wat I like. Flower looks great. I let u know bout how I feel about it wen I get chance😉. I've had Jaeger. I'm sure Koffee Velvet will be great. . Vape kicken my butt lol. 🤣 Yes keep the discount flower indoor, outdoor, n greenhouse. u know wat is good. All outdoor has been great this year(ur first chance at outdoor). I just read the sub policy. N they cud move quick bc I made as easy as possible. Then it's up to certain hubs. I don't say alot but felt I wanted to thank em n help others. All 3 vendors are rockin it rite. All the shrooms....u guys rock! Thank you @MerlinsMagic @medboy @medman Happy 🌬🌲 to everyone

  • I've now had the discount Georgia Pie, Cherry Pie, Cherry Fritter and Jager! All are great. The Jager might be even better than louds... Just my opinion of course...

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