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I'm looking for a lockable box that I can store everything in. Like 6-8 jars, and all my accessories, so I would need a much bigger one than I have been able to find on amazon or Etsy. Anyone have anything nice they can share? I might build it myself but am looking for ideas. Thought about trying to find an antique medicine cabinet or chest that I can modify. It would be easier to buy all done if available.

Once I have a house, I may make my own smoking pantry. lol

I bet this would be a good start up business idea too because it seems not to exist.


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    I love mine, the lock is wimpy but you can add something stronger. Holds 6 pint jars. Or a combo of jars and other crap. You won’t be able to store the included trays though. And wide mouths can be a tight fit.

    My pantry is a large heavy metal printer cart that I modded and added a cable lock to secure. It holds several dozen pint, quart and half pint jars with ease and keep ‘em all cool and light dep.

  • I'd love to see that pantry @funkynugz !

  • Hey @Sixwaychili I have a really nice carved wooden chest that came back from Afghanistan. Open the lid and it has a wooden tray on top that I use for daily access. Underneath the tray there’s room for 8 1 ounce flip-top mason jars with 8 more 1/2 ounce jars on top of those, and I still have plenty of space for edibles, concentrates, and accessories. I think that it would be pretty easy to make (minus the carvings)😁 with some basic power tools. It’s about 18w x 12d x 16h. It has a nice brass flip latch and hardware, and I have a little padlock when needed. Your idea sounds similar…hope it turns out the way you want!😎🧐

  • That sounds amazing @TheProfessor ! Sounds like exactly what I want.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Mine seems to be a medium sized camphor chest @Sixwaychili. It came with my wife and is probably about 20 years old. ..uh…not my wife…she wishes.🤣. I do not!😎🧐

  • That is an absolute beast @funkynugz! That is amazing!! Very cool!😎🧐

  • Dang, @funkynugz, I fell out of my chair when I saw this. Incredible.

    And to think, I get all feeling like Cheech and Chong whenever I get more than one strain in the house at a time. :smiley: If I were there, I'd be all over that like a treasure hunter at a flea market. :smiley:

  • @funkynugz that is so freaking cool!!

    As of now, I just have a kitchen drawer that is used only for my stash, so it's plenty big. Just not lockable or convenient.

  • @funkynugz DUDE!!! I'm so jealous rn...

  • @funkynugz Holy SHIT dude! Amazing stash!! 🔥👍🏼👏

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    OCD is real and for me financially painful at times. Fwiw, very few of the jars are even half full. But last estimate was I still likely have enough on hand to last me til I’m dead.

    Tbh, I mostly crave the rush of getting the herb - searching, ordering, bitcoining, confirmations, ID tracking right through to the grind of the postal trucks engine signaling momentary delivery - more than the actual physical weed itself. I may be a 24/7 toker nowadays in my old age but even I can’t smoke more than a zip a month really.

    Main drawback is I wind up with too much old stock on hand. New and shiny always tend to win out. I actually throw herb away. My larger quantities shown are from a Cali grower friend who passed away just over a year ago from cancer. She sent me a boatload before she left.

    Luckily that big metal box of mine is mostly light proof and it’s sitting in a basement that’s stays chilled year round. So the weed does stand a chance. Whenever I do move to a higher plane, I have my stash officially willed to my son.

    P.S. Those magnetic flames on the pantry box are leftover from my old 2001 dodge minivan 🔥

  • herb guard , as the best stash boxes i have ever used check um out . Keeps your meds nice and fresh

  • Herb Guard XXL Leather Odor-Proof Case with Combo Lockby (Holds 7 Ounces of Herbs, Spices) Includes YKK Zippers, Ultraviolet Jar, Built In Tray, Holder for Papers, Protective Shell for Glass Pieces

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