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Want to give dry vaping my flower a try. Recommendations on a good choice that is easy to use. Also some feed back on what u like about would be appreciated.


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    I know you guys dry vape. My experience isn't the best, so I think you guys can give a better one. 😊💚

  • Planet of the vapes ONE is nice! Been using it for a year and haven't had any issues. It's cheap and compact. You don't get the same feel in the lungs but you get baked all the same. Probably go though more herb but it's cheap now so no big deal. You can use vaped weed to bake with so I save mine up.

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    It's pretty well established that the king of the portable dry vapes is the Pax 2, though I have not used one. At least that's the way it used to be, but I'm not aware if anything better has come out in recent years.

    I have a desktop dry vape called Vaporbrothers which I like.

    Advantages for dry vaping includes being able to really 'taste' the terps because there is no smoke and being able to make THC oil from the ABV (already been vaped) leftovers and seems to last much longer. It also seems to be much better for your lungs.

  • Pax works fine, but I grew tired of the constant maintenance and having to refill the tiny oven. If you don’t keep dry vapes clean they don’t work as well as they should. I’ll add I didn’t care for the buzz vs straight flower from a cone or bong. Definitely tastier terps as mentioned above though.

  • I've got a pair of Pax 3s, one that I use exclusively with Budkups, and I really like them, but they need weekly cleanings...just part of the routine. The Pax 3 is compact, discreet, adjustable, can be used with a concentrate adapter, and there's no glass mouthpiece. My older Pax 3 is almost 3 years old. I got my second one two years ago. I also have a Mighty that I really like using with their "capsules," which is their equivalent of a Budkup. I'm about 50/50 vaping/combustion, kinda depends of the time of day, location, and the strain.😎🧐

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    Was bored and realized I have the OG Pax model.

    I guess PAX jumped into the cannabis business with oven-ready products. Anybody see PAX Pucks in a local dispo? 😳 Their page says Cali only but their retail locator brings up a couple others. Diamonds and rosin pucks as well in Cali, Colorado and Massachusetts.

  • Thanks for the info my friends!!!

  • Pax plus is easy and quick. Get budkups and ready to rock

  • I am a Arizer fan boy. Been using 2 solo Arizers and a Air 1 model (get free with order) for years. Got a Air Max on order but UPS lost them package so filed a claim with them). Tried other vaporizers but stuck with Arizer. Flavor is good but drops after a few pulls, vapor production is moderate (depends on temp you use) Very easy to clean, solo's use battery packs that need to be replaced by taking apart the unit. While the Air models use replaceable 18650 or now 26650 batteries. I vape all my concentrates sandwiched between 2 layers of flower with my devices and have had no problem and my units do a great job getting everything g out of the product. Probably for me the only real down fault for Arizer products is the glass tube. You pack the glass tube and vape from the glass tube. Only have broken 2 tubes, due to them rolling off the table. Hope this helps. Also plenty of youtube herbal vaporizer reviews. Might help also.

  • I've used the Pax for a few years, and before that, the DaVinci Ascent. The taste is great, the smell a little more low-key, and most importantly, it's so much easier on my sinuses. This board has definitely got me interested in the DynaVap, but I still haven't pulled the trigger.

  • Yeah I need a portable vape and been contemplating between dynavap, pax or arizer. Currently have arizer eq desk top and love it but the top hat screens get clogged and need swapped or cleaned but like being able to choose either balloon or whip to hit from

  • Small & portable. Hits hard & small chamber for micro dosing. Utillian 620 has been so great for me.
    Also use Arizer Solo 2.

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