HT SubZero Ultra Premium

Got my split of Subzero and Tropical Runtz. My first delve into anything labeled ultra premium on this site. Probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger without the discount but glad I did.

Here’s my initial thoughts on Subzero.

Holy fuck!

Thank you for reading.


  • Niiice! Is it a heavy Indica?

  • Short and to the point @funkynugz! Sounds great!😎🧐

  • That’s purdy!

  • Sorry, after two pulls I was complete toast for a good while 😄

    Now I’m a 24/7’er and this stuff knocked me for a fuckin loop. My tolerance level lately has been pretty bad and subzero shattered the ceiling 🥽

    First off, it reeked the entire house once I opened the bag. Think of what a heavyweight boxer smells like after 10 rounds in the ring. Dank AF. I mean double l-dank. Taste lays thickly on your tongue like motor oil. Looks pretty, though my pic don’t do it justice. Buzz made my lids heavy but it’s more of a euphoria stupor than sleepy. I’d say Indy leaning at least. Still I’m planning to use this one mainly at night.

    Ordered Wednesday around 1230am, arrived today. Only gripe is these new power strains have such ridiculously dense Brazilian trimmed nugs that a zip doesn’t quite fill a pint jar like the old days (that permanent marker is crazy heavy in nug weight as an example).

    I’ll push up a similar story on the tropruntz in another post a bit later on 🫠

  • 😮 @funkynugz stunning pics and excellent review! HT wasn’t kidding about the Subzero. I received a small sample bud which ground up very powdery. Lots of kief! Do you think it resembles mimosa as far as aroma?

  • @superman38NC smells really diesely and greasy, more funk in the trunk than any mimosa I’ve tried. It’s a dank that lingers on your fingers and you keep sniffing them 😄

  • Outstanding review @funkynugz! Sounds like some epic flower!😎🧐

  • @funkynugz how does it compare to Permanent Marker? That's the current gold standard for best strain for me. I'm jealous I didn't go for the Subzero, but I bet I'll also like the UP Pushin P and UP Cherry Pie Kush that I will be getting eventually. (label made)

  • Yeah that sub zero definitely looks intriguing and would like to sample least but currently waiting for blueberry pie and Pushin p as well since pm getting low

  • @Sixwaychili I’d be lying if I didn’t say, imho, Subzero is a step or three above PM. Smell, taste, structure, bag appeal, buzz type and length of buzz. Hands down 🙌

    Have to consider the category and price differences, of course. And as always, YMMV.

  • Truly impressive @funkynugz! That’s quite an endorsement. You’ve convinced me…now to decide whether to take a chance on ordering or not. I still have quite a bit left on my medical prescription this month.🤔 😎🧐

  • Oof making me wanna snag some it now lol if I wasn't already waiting on pushinP and couple other things probably would cause definitely looks nice and definitely caught my interest with review

  • Subzero is a sweet n smelly, tasty strain 👍, very different from PM in taste, smell and smoothness. If you all remember what that original Fruit Loops tasted like back in the day…Subzero is similar. PM is definitely more harsh, peppery to the throat. As far as potency, they both get me there 💪😁.

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  • whatever happened to fruit loops it was around a lot and now never

  • @funkynugz After reading your review I'm pretty much convinced on the Subzero.. Still bummed I missed That Indoor Permanent Marker of Merlins... Hope it hits the board again soon. My question is this, "Being a man that usually indulges in splits, I'm wondering if I should split with the Tropical Runtz or just go with the Subzero?" I like having variety so my tolerance doesn't get too used to any 1 strain. The TR looks fire but the review you gave for the Subzero is making me think I should just get the SZ... Any thoughts or advice please.. Also thinking of splitting a half zip of Georgia Pie with Bacio Gelato or GMO. I've had Georgia Pie 3 or 4 times from here but not ever HT!!! Please feedback welcome!!!

  • @Mr4Sher the SZ will spoil you for anything else. I’d say no split but break up your smoke sessions with lower grade stash. I’m thinking my tolerance is going to rise with this SZ. It’s the holidays, fuck it. I’ll deal with it in the new year 😄

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