Did you get yours?

I ordered on the 2nd. Just wondering if you got your order yet?

Sorry, I'm too lazy to get delivery notification.



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    I placed an order as soon as possible when Medicineman opened in 2020, but have not received it. Generally, it takes about 4 business days to receive the package in the past. Nevertheless, they may be busy from orders placed last year that have not been fulfilled due to payments not received prior to the cutoff date. Signup for USPS Informed Delivery, it generally provides tracking information. Be patient, they ALWAYS deliver; Trust me!

  • Not worried. Just lazy.

  • i placed an order on the 2nd and i haven't seen anything on informed delivery yet. i think lots of people were ready to go as soon as it was turned on. i know i was....

  • I too placed an order on the 2nd. On Informed Delivery I see the label was created, but USPS hasn’t received it yet. I’m obsessed so I pretty much check it every hour, really hoping it ships today and I get it this week! What’s odd is that there seems to be a delay with the USPS website, not sure if this has happened to anyone else. For example I checked all day Saturday and there was nothing listed, but it showed up on Sunday morning, and it said the label was created Saturday morning. So maybe there’s a chance it already shipped and the website just needs to catch up? That could just be my wishful thinking though. Currently out at the moment and can’t wait to get some!!! I should have planned ahead better, but taking a week break should help my tolerance levels.

  • Order placed 2/2, received today (Loud). Order exactly as placed, with preferred split and all preferred strains.

  • (That order referenced was sent to the Midwest. This was about a day faster than I expected.)

  • I placed a order around 10 am on the Jan 2 and dont know what's up with my order either ..did the system have a hiccup on first day open..ordered from med mama ...

  • USPS is way messed-up right now.

    I ordered some car parts right before christmas... were supposed to arrive Saturday after Christmas... still waiting.

    I have one tiny nug that I am hoarding... after all these years you would think I'd know better.

    My Mom used to stash away 3 or 4 little one gram bags when she got an ounce. Of course she'd forget where she put them.... she's been dead three years now and I still occasionally find one.

  • It still is a bit early for us. Awesome that George got his already but that's an outlier. I'd expect the first orders of the new year to start coming in this week.

  • Steeldude,
    I, too, placed my order at about 10 am on the 2nd; however, I'm three time zones east. My order was probably one of the first to go out. I'm not used to being the cool kid. Freak accident, maybe?

  • Placed order on 2nd label created Saturday the 4th. USPS says it is waiting for the package. I’m completely out and sick as a dog 😔

  • I feel you... cancer warrior I'm totally out of medicine right now too. It's a struggle I wish you the best, it be here this week I'm hoping.

  • Placed an order early on 1/2, according to ID, label was created Saturday, 1/4. It should be here this week!

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    Placed evening EDT on the 2nd (Loud). ID says it is in USPS possession and unless there’s a delay, should be in my mailbox on Wednesday morning.

  • i haven't seen anything on informed delivery yet. i ordered around 10am on the 2nd . hope it comes up soon....

  • Got my order from the 2nd yesterday.

  • My package showed up in the system this morning (said they received it late last night), and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Very excited, can’t wait!

  • ID says delivery tomorrow!

  • informed delivery must be running really slow. my order just showed on ID and it had been in the system since the 3rd. should be here by friday at the latest .

  • Still Nothing for me yet

  • I to placed an order on 1/2/20 at 9:00 am, and still not 1 thing from informed mail ? hope all is well ? Patiently waiting, but I know MM always comes threw ! Must be a back up from the holidays off.

  • Nothing yet. Placed on 1/2/20 at 2:30pm

  • I also placed on 1/02 before noon from MM and have yet to see even a shipping label created on ID. Waiting with the rest of you guys.

  • Placed an early order from Loud and MM early on 1/2. Second of two packages from MM arrived today. Wish I could explain it JumpingJay. Kind thoughts. GT

  • Mine doesn't show up on informed delivery. Granted, this is just my 3rd order...but all my other mail and packages show. Although most things dont pop up until they are supposed to arrive that day. I placed my order around noon (central time) on 1/2. Not as nervous about this one as the other two. I ordered from MM and loud.

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    Arrival 11:15am, 2 zips of outdoor from Loud. see my post above for deets 😀

  • Woo hoo, got mine today too! (from Loud to East Coast). Got exactly what I ordered, so happy as I’ve been out for awhile. The freebie joint was labeled JH, so perhaps Jack Hammer? Doesn’t matter, got the job done and made for an awesome lunch break! Good wishes to all waiting for a package, I’m sure it will be there soon! 🤞🏻 🤗 🌿 😚💨 👍🏻

  • JH could also be Jack Herer.

  • Just received my order from Loud.

  • I figured I would provide more data on the subject.
    I ordered from MedMama 1/6.
    Informed delivery indicates on 1/7
    "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item".
    I'm sure this statement adds to the perplexity of the Medicineman Matrix.
    In the past, I've see shipping labels created that camped out for several days before it found it's way onto a box and taken to the post office.
    I think it's a good thing that we find great difficulty trying to establish a pattern here. It's like an extra layer of security for everyone involved.
    I dont want some asshole thief knowing when our packages are in motion.

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