Ship Already! Has anyone got their orders this week?

Nobody has mentioned anything about all the killer new offerings that popped up last Saturday.
I ordered Saturday (when all the new bud arrived) and everything I ordered was sold out by Monday.
MedMama made a shipping label Tuesday and as of today, Friday, it's still sitting in "preshipment" . This is getting annoying. Spending thousands of dollars and having to wait a week before someone makes it to the post office. Seriously. I feel like a fool pumping thousands in to MedMama's Bitcoin wallet when Loud&co has always, ALWAYS been prompt with shipping.
When I place an order I'm trying to stay ahead of my meds and I order when I have approximately 10 days worth of medicine left. Medicineman states that most packages arrive 4-8 days and in rare cases maybe longer. These delays have been the normal for MedMama since Thanksgiving.
The post office is open on Saturday, maybe yall can work the occasional Saturday to get caught up. And no excuses like "We were waiting for a back order of gummies to arrive" like MedMama said in November.
I'm sticking with Loud&co from here on out.



  • MedMama's stuff has been flowing fine for me lately. Two letters this week. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but this has not been my experience--again, lately. For about a month or so, MedMama's service was woeful compared to Loud's. When I first started, though, I liked MM's product better. That shifted for awhile. But quality is another matter. Your problem is logistics.

    I use Coinmama's debit card function. Pay a lot in fees (including an international service fee) but it works quickly and that's important for me as I have a short attention span. I don't know if your issue is payment-related. I always buy and pay at the same time. Otherwise I'd never get anything done. Anyway, that's the only explanation. MM sitting on shipping this week does not make sense in light of my recent experience. My Loud package came this week after seven days. It took 5 days for a MM letter ordered at the same time. (These are orders wereplaced on 1/31...MM delivered 2/5, Loud 2/7.)

  • Georgetirebiter,
    I appreciate the insight. Your words inspire hopefulness. I always pay at the time of order. Frankly I don't agree with ordering and then buying Bitcoin to satisfy payment. I have a decent Bitcoin history and balance with Coinbase. When I order, it's takes 10 min. for Coinbase to transfer funds, and 10 min. until I get a payment conformation from Medicineman. Its practically instant (for me).
    I had an order "slip through the cracks" in October, waited 14 days, emailed Medboy, Medboy apologized and it still took another 7 days before MedMama got it together. And that was the 3rd time in the last year one of my packages "slipped through the cracks".
    I'm not bitching but I am grumbling.

  • It's concerning. And good to bring to MM's attention. My next explanation would be that there's more than one shipper and one is nailing it...others aren't?

  • Stop trusting delivery notification. 'In preshipment' might mean its in transit.

    Order ahead. Be patient. Have confidence. Or set up your own operation.

  • Placed order on 2/1 received today 2/7 (east coast). I got jaeger and fruit loops. They look and smell AMAZING!! Will let you know tonight what I think. I have had orders take awhile so just be patient they have always come thru.

  • I’ve never had issues with either shipper 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Placed order 2/1, received today (2/7) also. Some Strawberry Diesel and some more Tahoe OG. Good looking flower, although the Tahoe is very different looking from the last shipment a few weeks ago. Wondering if they were mis-labeled? We'll smoke and decide! :-)

  • Placed my order on 2/2 about 3 a.m. and I have not seen anything yet, hoping to see it tomorrow

  • Received order from Loud today which I placed Sunday. Also grabbed the Strawberry Diesel and Fruit Loops. Beautiful as always and the aromas are unreal. Pics were spot on.

  • Placed an order 2/3 Informed dely shows dely 2/8. L&C.

  • He never early, he's always late
    First thing you learn
    Is that you always have to wait
    Cuz I'm....waitin for the man

    Lol....mailman that is

  • Hey Superman, I just received both Strawberry Diesel and Tahoe OG (of which I still have some from my last order a few weeks ago). I wonder if the labels got switched. What does your Strawberry Diesel look like? What was labeled as Tahoe is beautiful...small blueberry sized fluffy nuggets covered in orangish colored hairs. Doesn't look anything like the Tahoe I have which are larger, dense nuggets. The Strawberry Diesel looks more like the Tahoe I have, quarter/.50 cent sized dense nuggets with some orange hairs, except it a slightly brighter green. Also, interested to hear about the Fruit Loops!

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    Hey Professor, I have almost ordered the Tahoe OG a few different times, but never pulled the trigger. As far as the Strawberry Diesel what I received is what you described.They are somewhat light buds in comparison to the Fruit Loops which are dense little Christmas tree nugs. Not complaining I still received 7.5 gs and the aroma is just like strawberry’s. Color is very bright green with dark orange hairs. I’ve had S Cough and Sour D both individually and this is a great combination. High is very energetic, not too powerful, with a nice decline without many neg side effects.

  • Thanks Superman! Sure sounds like they got the labels switched. Definitely enjoying the Strawberry Diesel. A strong, yet very balanced "head" high. I've heard that it can be helpful for insomnia for the less tolerant, but it hasn't really had that effect on me.

  • 2/8/20 I received on of my packages today L&C still waiting on Medmama's package I placed my order on 2/2/20

  • We ordered last week from L&C and everything arrived today!

  • My order is late this month. I usually get mine in 4 days. I have not seen anything. Should have been here Friday (yesterday)

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    You all do realize there is some intense weather effecting parts this country right now don’t you? Just something to keep in mind. Sometimes delivery services actually do get slowed or stopped all together :smile:

  • "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".

  • 2/2/20 - 2/10/20 received my other half of my order from medmama today don't mind subs when something is out, but 1/2 of greenhouse looks like all small nugs hate to pay this much for small nugs.

  • 2/3 and all the order went as usual, but nothing seen since, informed delivery shows nothing either. Not even sure what to do. It's like being in a vacuum lol

  • Yeah me too minus I.d. I used the contact form a couple days ago to check on the order - no response yet...

  • They haven’t responded to my manual order either

  • I to haven't Recived anything on informed mail or from the contact page. I always my got my med from med moma and never had 1 problem till I ordered from L n C ?

  • It's definitely slightly unnerving. A label would definitely be a comfort at this moment lol.

  • I have ordered and never gotten info and it showed up 7 days after i ordered and no clue it was even shipped

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    it Seems very likely that their tech issues are continuing. which include getting locked out of this forum, their email, their website, and I can only guess they get locked out of seeing orders sometimes too.
    Let’s just hope it’s all waiting there somewhere when they’re back in.
    I have a feeling most everything will arrive, just a little later than usual.

  • Not directed to anyone in particular, and not to dismiss the experience of others, but there is nothing wrong with the functionality of this site FOR ME. Received four shipments last week. If not for this forum, I wouldn't know there was a tech issue at all. (Well, without all the red ink on the Order page.)

  • I have not had any issue with the order page or either shipper. Everything working normal.

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