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    I've been listening to Ronnie James Dio today with his band Rainbow (technically Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow), as well as the Dio days with Black Sabbath, and him on his own Dio.
    This will always be one of my favorites-

  • Can't go wrong with any Tyler Childers, but Feathered Indians White House road amazing !!! I also like listening to Ray Lamontagne and Caamp.

  • It was a breath works and velvet underground kind of morning on this fine Midwestern Saturday

  • I love this on a Saturday morning, Steve Via is one of my all time favorites. ![](Watch "Steve Vai - "For The Love Of God"" on YouTube

  • Glad everyone loves this thread! Always open to listen to classic stuff! Ive been listening to so much alice in chains( layne staley) Stuff sounds so much better than the stuff they play nowadays and acfually takes talent! Does anyone know if there are going to be anymore taj mahals?! I miss them;(

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    Throw a little NOLA to the board

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    A little mo from NOLA.

    Galactic - live from Tipitina’s, Mardi Gras 2020. .

  • $uicideboy$, Bones, Ghostemane, Shakewell, Pouya, little bit of old school Eminem as well

  • @TreesPlz thanks I needed that this morning. It's going great with my mood right now. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • @TreesPlz ![](Watch "Bonnie Raitt & John Prine "Angel From Montgomery" | ACL Presents: Americana 18th Annual Honors" on YouTube
    ) I know it's different but I think you like it already. 😁💚💨🍀

  • @MNTDWLER I have eclectic tastes in music.

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    @TreesPlz ditto I like your style 👍I'm expecting a little Charlie Parker. Jamie Johnson is always a treat

  • @funkynugz I recognize the drummer in your video. I think. He's the drum teacher of my kid's drum teacher, if you'll believe that. I've watched his instructional videos on Drummerworld or one of those. Good group. Always wondered what this group sounded like.

  • @MNTDWLER maybe so, but you're not expecting the Spanish inquisition!

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    @TreesPlz LMAO thanks for the music and the laughs 🤣ps @TreesPlz I don't know any women who like Monty Python or the Stooges so you're very special or just some other guy 😁

  • @georgetirebiter they are off the hook playing live. Seen them several times, sadly not once in NOLA. Their big hit tune is Heart of Steel, the guest singer that usually performs is smoking🔥

  • Stanton Moore, @funkynugz. Drummer's name just came to me. Don't know how many other Gretsch-endorsing, funky New Orleans white cats with short hair and glasses are out there. I'll go just to see the drummer. Doesn't hurt that my girlfriend likes them, too!

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    Alright since no one's even mentioned his name this one's for everyone. ![](Watch "U.S. Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog" on YouTube
    )![](Watch "George Clinton — Dope Dog" on YouTube

  • @MNTDWLER George is King (Clinton that is).
    The original atomic dog!

    Wife gave the nod for this old man to paddywhack a new acoustic geetar. Wanted something to kick around with this summer to back up my beloved Taylor axe (that never leaves the safety of the great indoors). That stim money won’t spend itself! 😆

    Been following the Mitchell brand’s exotic wood acoustic-electrics series for a while and this one made from solid quilted ash burl wood gets insanely great reviews for its sound, playability and looks. Especially considering it cost me just a little more delivered than what a zip of premium weed costs. (And this will last longer than a month!)

    Sometimes not buying weed pays off too 😏


  • @funkynugz that's one beautiful instrument. Arthritis and finger damage won't allow me to play any longer. Ultimately, I'm going to have to part with my Fender Jaguar, Ovation Standard Balladeer, and my baby...a cherry red '77 Guild SF4 that I bought new.☹️

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    @funkynugz that's a super nice lookin guitar. not familiar with that model in particular, but it looks awesome.

    I also had to sell off all except my very most treasured acoustic guitars. I still have a Gibson Adv. Jumbo from the custom shop that i will never get rid of, and other than that, the only one i have is a $300 pawn-shop pickup that my wife surprised me with.. a Washburn from like 2006 or something, but a semi-limited run of their 'rarewood' line (koa & sitka spruce) .. not worth that much, dollar-wise, but it competed with several different guitars in the 3-5k range and went toe to toe with every one of them. one of those where the first moment i played a chord, i knew it was special & had to have it . my wife went back and bought it later that night.

    guitars are awesome. i haven't been quite as 'into' them lately; but that's one point in my life that i am extremely grateful for. i would recommend ANYONE to learn to play the guitar.

  • @TheProfessor oh man that breaks my heart to hear. All 3 most excellent pieces! The Guild in particular if you decide to keep one that’s the prize. I’m getting arthritis in my hands too. Trying to play every day to keep them going but at some point....

    @v32Finish that Washburn is a total score. That binding is fukn lovely. It really is hard to just have one.

    I’m also in selling mode, looking to find new homes for a UK Harmony 6 string semi hollow PRS style with a cool tree of life MOP inlay across the entire fretboard. Sweet instrument, gorgeous in every way, just not my groove nowadays.

    Vintage DeanZ Jammer strat clone, my first electric circa 1982. BC Rich Warlock vampire red with black widow limited headstock and red velvet lined coffin case. Washburn 6-string, nothing special but a great dreddie worth a couple hundo. Tonight gave away a vintage non-working amp that I bought with the DeanZ. Sold my first acoustic, a 1981 Martin Sigma mahogany in 2019 to go towards the Taylor.

    The new acoustic replaces a campfire beater that I’ll prolly keep for sentiment. My daily acoustic driver is a new old stock Taylor 210CE dreddie that I got for a steal on Reverb complete with its matched hardshell. Also keeping two late bitage electrics, a Fender strat and an Epiphone SG a friend gifted me.

    I’d snap some pix but I just cased everything back up today once I hit the buy button on the Mitchell.

  • nice! love guitars, man. all great stuff. you, too @TheProfessor . @funkynugz totally hard to have just one; if you think about it, they ALL have such a different voice/ personality. like different strains, in a way. :joy: I have a soft spot for Taylors, too. . i've only owned one, and it's one i regret selling some time ago, a beautiful dark cocobolo dread. no electronics, just a beautiful 710. almost black, with a hint of beautiful dark red shining thru, and with a small maple wedge in place of a backstrip, just amazing.. Taylors are just so super-playable and smooth.. they all sound good, but some of them are really great, too.

    when you start kinda.. building up a big collection , it doesn't make sense to keep everything, but definitely a couple i wish i could have back!

  • @funkynugz as someone who works with wood occasionally I know how special that geetar really is. @TheProfessor I understand having your hands betray you. So sorry to hear that your having to part with your Balladeer ☹

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    If we're sharing our axes...this is my mahogany joy.

  • Nice @georgetirebiter! All we need now is a bass player! I can’t play for sh!t anymore, but I can still sing. Let’s start a band!🤣🤪

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