Wedding Cake Strain

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Has anyone noticed that the indoor wedding Cake that loud is listing isn't the same wedding cake strain that merlin has? Isn't wedding cake usually cherry pie X GSC? Louds is not. Be careful if you are expecting the wedding cake strain that is usually listed...


  • Good catch @Mr4Sher! Both are correct, but who really knows but the grower. I know that most of the Wedding Cake I’ve had has been Cherry Pie and GSC (it’s a med dispensary strain I usually have, and everything here is tested, prepackaged and labeled). Not sure of the actual difference in effects. This seems to happen a lot, and more often in the “industry” as more states legalize and growers experiment with more crosses. It’s hard to keep up, but really important for medical use! 😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor this is the 1st time I've saw this "pink cookies" version of wedding cake... Kinda intrigued. I'm having a rough couple months(financially) or I'd be trying it for sure. If anyone does try it, that has tried the cherry pie X gsc version, I'm very interested to hear the similarities and differences!!!

  • @Mr4Sher Well I guess now I know who sent me that rude email.

    @TheProfessor is correct.

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    @medboy huh?? I'm confused man... i have not emailed you my friend... Will you please explain what you mean? Why does me being intrigued by this strain make you think I sent you a rude email? I'm sorry you think I was rude to you but I promise you are incorrect. This actually kind of hurts my feelings... Or do you mean someone else was rude?? Either way I think you got me confused with someone else..

  • I’ve been 💨 @MerlinsMagic indoor wedding cake lately. 🔥 For me this particular batch is more stoney vs some that give me energy. Enjoyable either way 😎

  • @Mr4Sher I was being sarcastic. No worries.

  • The wedding cake I received from Merlins this last week looked, smelled and tasted great but was chocked full of tiny immature seeds. I'll have at least a gram of those out of an oz of bud.

  • @philabol I got an email from another customer saying the same thing. I emailed Merlin's about it and that is why it's discounted now.

  • @medboy Not so much a complaint because I'm def still going to smoke it when it comes lol, but it might be a good idea to add the seed issue in the description. I probably would have bought something else had I known, but right now it says it's discounted just due to it being mostly smalls. I'm sure I'll be satisfied with I almost always am from this site, but I could see others having a problem.

  • @OneLove Good idea. Updated!

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