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Hey everyone. We've noticed a steady decline in orders over the last year, no doubt due to more legalization, more dispensaries etc. Yay for that! But it definitely cuts into our bottom line. If you're happy with our products and service we'd like to ask you to recommend us to your friends..anyone that you think might be interested. We appreciate it! -mm



  • Your service and product is fantastic. I recommend you wherever I can.

  • I'll try. All my hillbilly friends don't trust bitcoin...

  • I have ALWAYS told everyone I know about medicine-man! For 8 years I’ve preached the good word. I’ve only been successful a handful of times sadly. The big barrier I feel is people not thinking it’s real or it’s a scam. And then the second big thing that stops people is thinking they could get in big trouble if the cops caught the package. But the opposite is true I think, you’re more likely to get caught with it driving home from your dealers house than getting popped for it coming in the mail. Anyone else have the same issue? By the way, this hasn’t and won’t stop me from trying to spread the word. MedicineMan for LIFE!

  • I've recommended you to dozens of people. The only reason I can't order as much as I used to is the lack of being able to try before you buy big. I'd totally be up for a variety sampler that recurred monthly. Perhaps you need to offer power towers.

  • Another reason is the Bitcoin scrutiny.

  • I have been sharing medicineman with my friends for years! I found out through a mutual acquaintance that they were already using you ;)

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    I evangelize whenever wherever but often get pushback about the prices being too high. The crypto restriction shuts down the discussion too I’m afraid, many people perceive coins as evil or complicated. Definitely a learning curve.

    Tbh I’ve tried straying to other online vendors whose pricing is lower and have been disappointed every time. I figure paying more is worth the piece of mind MM offers, thanks to a track record of virtually no hassles over my 6 years buying here, and the selection is like having the Amazon of weed.

  • Economy and state of crypto market got shit more stagnant and slow than could or should be as well

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    @medman inflation has crushed my disposable income.

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    I’m medically legal, and while that has definitely affected my purchases here, I still buy here pretty regularly because of better prices and a decent selection. Just ordered a two zip split of some sleep strains: Platinum Bubba and Skywalker OG…strains I’ve never seen around here! 4/20 is just around the corner…and I’m always up for a discount!😎🧐. I’ve turned several people onto Medicineman and will continue to do so! Great service!!

  • That's a bummer. I am the only cannabis consumer in my circle of people that I know of. My daughter will take a hit or two on a doobie once in a while, and has enjoyed edibles in the past.

    I'll do my part in ordering as much as I can afford. A fixed income can suck sometimes.

  • Very pleased with the products and service offered @medman and will continue to refer you to friends. Inflation has our household tracking every dollar these days having to make more thoughtful and intentional purchases across the board. Most of the people I refer are reluctant to take the leap of faith in general. It's unfortunate as I feel they are missing out.

  • Thanks for the support! :-)

  • @galaxiegirl exactly, friends are blown away by my tellings of the ease and products but just can't take that leap. They are happy to take off me once I get stuff though haha. I think for most people it's just a step too far to have it shipped to your house and use your real name, and getting around doing that is too big of a hassle, at least that's the perception. In reality this is the safest and best way to have this done as there is no direct accountability and etc.

    Perhaps it would help if the process were explained a little bit more on the home page, just for people checking out the site @medman , of course there's hush hush to be done on certain things but being overtly open and having immediately provable evidence goes a LONG way.

    I myself eyeballed the site for almost 3 months before I pulled the trigger haha.

  • I moreso mean information such as explaining how the mail system works and why this isn't immediately detectable. A lot of people have the idea in their minds that every package is Xray'd and they can tell what's in every package.

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    @TacticGuy - Good point about the paranoia thing. I live in west Texas, and even the mention of anything cannabis generates a lot of paranoia in many people here. Maybe one day we'll get our collective heads out of our backside.

    The one topic that seems to be avoided on this site is the process of order/pay/ship/receive. I can understand. You wouldn't want "the enemy" gaining information like that.

    For anyone that may wonder, there are several layers of separation here. One part of the process doesn't interact with the other parts in a way that would lead a snoop to follow any bread crumbs, so to speak.

    I, myself, have full confidence in the process. Paranoia comes from lack of information. While I don't care about the behind the scenes part of MedMan, what info I do have gives me confidence that 'The Man' isn't going to show up at my door one day.

  • The $10 shipping fee is what has caused me to cut down on ordering as often.

  • Passed yall along to someone today. 😊

  • @Rockafire Ten bucks was your limit? As expensive as the products are, that extra $5 was the line in the sand for you?

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    I don't really understand the hesitancy with bitcoin other than it being a little more difficult. It's not like you're going to lose more than $5 at the most in the 5 minutes between purchasing it and sending it to MM. And the next time you might save $5.

  • I get it though cause if making multiple orders in a month or close together then it goes from 5-20 a month up to 10-40 so does add up but it is what it is and with prices getting trimmed really isn't that bad especially if get your crypto on the dip and order on a pump could cancel out that extra or possibly even get ya bit o discount it's all perspective and timing

  • @OzBaxter nope, no line in the sand. It just cut out my "sampling" of stuff.

  • Some folks are just better off than others...People living on fixed/reduced income try to manage/reduce their expenses as they confront STAGFLATION...For example living in Texas I could drive up to a dispensary in Trinidad CO tomorrow and load up for appx:$125/ounce BUT diesel fuel / truck expenses have doubled...I have been a MM customer for many years breaking the law every trip to the U.S. Post Office...But I keep one other very reliable online dispensary available just in case !...People develop new habits to ADAPT to changing times.. So I try to drive LESS & have recently discovered I can smoke LESS...The bottom line = NO MORE COW BELL !

  • Great snl skit

  • @medman @medboy when's the next sale/discount code drop?

  • Not sure. Wouldn't be for a while though.

  • You guys rock! I would love to have the gumdrops up more often. I'm not going to lie I use the service for edibles mostly and order a lot when I do order because they are amazing!

  • Odd, for some reason I thought there'd be one for April 20th ☹️

  • There's been a discount for 4/20 every year I've been here...since maybe 2017. @medboy?

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