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Im new to vaping, and its awesome! Now Im hearing about popcorn lung, and to be wary of counterfeit cartridges. I just got my first test shipment of 2 diesel carts, but they werent in prepackaged boxes. I hope and pray these are legit. Thank you medboy for your website and service you provide! Im just paranoid about making myself sick.


  • Not an answer, just some info.

    According to media, one of the 2 people who died bought their cart from a licensed Oregon dispensary. And not all illnesses were from cannabis carts. They don’t even know if it’s the juice ingredients or something in the physical carts, most of which come from China. Or even it could be a genetic or environmental pre-disposition some people have. They’re now thinking carts using vitamin E oil may be suspect. Some are saying it’s a federal government conspiracy to put the chill on cannabis reform 🤷‍♂️

    Too many variables right now. I’m tossing out several hundred dollars worth (NONE purchased from MM), especially ones I have that were cut with PG/VG. Including carts I made myself with shatterizer.

    These vapes fuck with my lungs hardcore anyways, always tightens them up for some reason. Still they are perfect for on the go and distance traveling.

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    I don't believe that vaping THC, as it is currently being sold here, is any more harmful than the old fashioned way of consuming by combustion. What I see is the huge clouds of vapor that comes from the e-cigarette vapes, and it is those clouds that are the problem.

    I have heard how the vape cloud is produced; how some makers would use propylene glycol in their nicotine juice to give the smoker the satisfaction that comes from seeing a "smoke cloud" after exhaling. Others have used juice from stage smoke to get the effect, which is not PG based, but is still a synthetic, long chain polymer.

    You have most likely seen stage smoke in scary movies where they produce a foggy scene with spooky music. In a stage setting, the amount of "smoke" you might inhale is very small and doesn't pose any risk as long as you don't stay in the cloud for too long. However, I have seen smokers vaping huge clouds of "smoke" and because of that I believe that is where this problem lies.

    If your THC vape cart is producing vape clouds, then you are doing it wrong. I have gone through a period of experimenting with vape carts while in Alaska. I found that when the voltage is done correctly you will not see hardly any vape cloud when you exhale, if at all.

    I am old school, and nothing beats a rolled up joint for enjoying the Kind. But I do enjoy the carts too. They are good for when you need to be discrete.

  • I've brought this up with the shippers. Our shippers only source from reliable suppliers who have clean vapes. Unfortunately we cannot prove this because of the legalities involved in getting lab testing. So ultimately we're asking you to trust the word of our shippers and their suppliers.

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    Hi- medical professional and customer of med mama’s syringes here.

    Just to clarify- the new issues being reported with vaping are different from popcorn lung. So far, they haven’t determined a definitive cause in the many illnesses and 2 deaths- but early signs are pointing to poor quality THC oil mixed with Vitamin E. The same vitamin E oil sold in drugstores- which can cause lung damage if inhaled in certain cases- is being cut with THC to sell cheaper.

    In many cities, including my own, 1 gram vape carts are sold from 35-45 a piece but we have no clue where they come from. Same buzz, but the lack of quality is obvious.

    Since becoming a customer of medicine man, I have been extremely happy with the THC oil I receive from med mama as it is much more in align with what you see in a medical dispensary versus a street dealer.

    The new issues arising with vape oils are concerning for both the user and activists, but I think the most important take away is to know where your product is coming from and that it is tested for deficiencies.

  • I have heard of and wanted to vape for years...since ‘92! Finally it’s here and I’ve only vaped THC products, and they were all legit. Then years later the Danks with the fakes came out. Finally Medman got the syringes and I’ve never bought anything else for carts. I would NEVER worry about anything here @ Medicineman! They have a safe site and safe products too. I’ve trusted him from day one and will from now on. I love you so much guys!

  • read some not so good reviews about mario carts. does anyone have experience with them?

  • I use them all the time and they work great.

    From what I've read, they have a problem with counterfeiting. Their name is copyright infringement against Nintendo, which makes it really difficult for them to police against the counterfeiters. You can't exactly prevail in court when you're the first one to break the law. That's my best guess.

  • I am somewhat new to vaping thanks to Medicineman! Run through a couple 1 gr carts a week, so Im on it pretty regular. Despite all the bad press about lungs have IMPROVED in terms of congestion, they are clearer now then say 6 months ago.
    I have has zero problems with any of the vaping products from Medicineman.
    I have Been around the block a while, this why I am thankful for Medicineman.
    Part of the vaping problem is with the YOUTH sorry to say. No common sense? Not sure.
    But I can almost guarantee that these problems are caused by counterfit cartridges being cut with vitamin e oil and only God knows what else.
    Only real issue I have with vaping is sometime a harsh hit. But I believe that is battery and or cart related. Get new cartridges once in while. (Ive been filling one for to long)
    For me Vaping is still a green lite and the only sensible (for the moment) choice for people who still want to breath in their 60's.

  • Thank you all for the comments. Im still loving the carts, and will continue to purchase. I guess I just needed some reassurance!

  • Tracker is right. Although we don't know for sure that the well-publicized illnesses and deaths were caused by vape use, even assuming that they were they are a very small slice of the total vaping population. The vast majority of vapers experience better health than their smoking counterparts, because vaping is inherently healthier than smoking.

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    Dry flower vaping is where it's at for me, although I do enjoy the cartridges too. The dry vaping is the easiest on my lungs. I even have added the herb mullein to it, which helps my lungs a lot. I suffer from asthma and this actually helps me.

  • I've heard that about mullein. Good tip!

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    If youre concerned about oil you could probably use the same battery for wax with a different attachment. Its strong, light and smokes fast and has very little sent just like the oils, the main difference being price/product ratio.

  • Good point, Weedguy! But they'll have to get the atomizer separately.

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