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  • @medboy I just sent you an email on the same issue, just FYI. I'll try to resubmit as well.
    in 420 Sale! Comment by Sheblys April 2023
  • @Liltap I need the heavy indicas for pain, and I've had Mendo Breath numerous times, including Loud's Indoor in the past. I can say all the Mendo I've gotten from here, regardless of shipper or classification, took good care of my pain, and it also …
  • @TreesPlz and @Fallguy Y'all with the carrier pigeon had me rollin! πŸ˜‚ The visual that left in my head was great!
  • I wasn't bitchin. Just playin. Life is a lot more fun with humor! And I'm glad y'all saw the humor. πŸ’¨πŸŒ³πŸ’šβœŒ
  • Some people would then just bitch about the color of the flare or the carrier pigeon shitting on the window sill.
  • @OzBaxter Yeah, this dude was desperate or in a bind at the time, and he left his number in the comments looking for advice or direction or something, if I remember correctly. Ironically, and the reason I asked, is I saw that and decided, "Screw it"…
  • @OzBaxter I've got to ask you... this article or comment thread you're talking about sounds INCREDIBLY familiar. Even the part about the old west/Native American word, "shaman", and the comments you referenced about asking where and all of that, as …
  • @MTNDWLER Lol! I think you pretty much covered it, my man. Truth be told, I actually have a bunch of questions surrounding this very subject. I don't have the time right this moment to ask them and "take notes", so to speak; however, I do know who I…
  • Awesome!! Thank you! Happy 4 2 0!
  • @LoudnCo Congratulations!! That's wonderful!!
  • Thanks for the heads up, MB!
  • @OneLove I can't wait to see this review as well. It sure sounds like fun! My immediate thought when I first saw that was, "Hmm... I do believe the Lady and I need to check this out!!" 😜 I'm glad you've volunteered to be the tester. Lol. I hope y'al…