We've noticed as you might have an increase in the amount of substitutions lately. What we just figured out was that the "assortment packs" were throwing our inventory way out of whack as they were not being processed properly by our inventory system. We are going to correct this by having weekly inventory checks and this should help considerably.

On your end you can help us out this way. Writing "no subs" is pointless unless you want your money back if the item has run out. In most cases we find people do have second choices, but we end up writing "what do you want?" further delaying your order. What you can do is instead of writing no subs write down your second choice in the comments section..second choices is even better! No one wants a sub of course but sometimes they are necessary. If we know what you want subbed in advance it will help a lot.

That said we are hoping our vigilance on inventory updates will keep subbing to a minimum!




  • couple of us were wondering if all was ok @medman, we hadn’t see you post in a bit.

  • I second that

  • Yeah I'm fine. My life just got super busy the last couple weeks.

  • Hey @medman does a member named goldennugget work.for this site

  • @moonman5 no..but I saw your comments to him and anyone can write on anyones special access needed.

  • @medman my comments werent bad lol i just told him how weird it was i asked a question to someone about some site that had something and then the member showed up its no big deal just feel like were being watched lmao it was quite weird but love yall man and the site so im ok

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    @MoonMan5 if u get worried thinking that somebody might be on to you/watching you just use a vpn. If u need a good vpn & dnt yet have 1 to mask your connection while browsing the web id recommend express vpn its pretty good or nord vpn is another.

  • @7r3vor does using duck duck go is that same as VPN, as far as for privacy?

  • @groundscreeper I believe VPNs are slightly more secure, although I'm not sure if it really makes a big difference if you already use DuckDuckGo

  • @everybody lol. Im a regular customer but I don't get on here much. I usually check the forum for recommendations and reviews and I end up getting sucked into threads and responding to one along the way. I will check that thread but If I remember someone asked about another site and I responded saying it worked out there for me. No offense I hope, none was intended. And btw, I am a girl 👧 😉

  • @GoldenNugget im the one who asked but it just was weird how u saw it out of nowhere was all like we never talked and i literally wrote on another members wall and u found ur way to it was all evidently you were able to see it when i wrote it what made you go to my wall to even see it

  • @MoonMan5 i think you need the strain that eases paranoia. Dude. Not everyone is on this site posting like a maniac. Was it on your wall or on a thread? Im pretty sure a thread,, just like this one.. regardless, you have had hundreds of wall views so apparently alot of people are looking at your wall. But Really? This is MM's thread with an important announcement and you wanna junk it up with negative, paranoid, bs. Noone wants to hear you cry. Go hit one and chill the f out. Please.

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    @groundscreeper nah its not duckduckgo simpley just doesnt allow tracking and keeps ur privacy safer nothn more id go w tor browser and a vpn.!

  • Much more secure using encryption in your emails too like @meboy does using a john doe email & phone number & using a fake names to throw someone off is good defense combined w the tor browser & vpn will make u a ghost.

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    If u come across a talented hacker theres a good chance he can still get ur real ip thats all he needs to exploit u and find out what he needs to know? Even when you use a vpn, A very strong ddos attack can be sent to take out that ip leaving ur real ip address vulunerble for him to see. Im a retired coder and qbot/botnet developer i use to take my time scripting etc but i dnt have the time for it anymore i work to much now. I use my knowlodge now for own protection and offense against others if needed.

  • @GoldenNugget im not paranoid at all and im well liked on this site so piss off and stop trying to undermine me like im just paranoid so i simply asked a question was all bc ur some not active member who trolls threads and no it was on my wall not a post thanks have a great day mam ill smoke for us both

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    @GoldenNugget and also i respect and love @medman for all they do so in all respect all peace and love i think we just misunderstood each other thanks for the advice to my question also

  • How can you tell if your well liked? I missed that poll.

  • @tdk329 lol meaning as in i get along with members interact stuff like that i get positive feedback ect no polls lol

  • @7r3vor I use the proton email. Is that any good? Not to keep bothering you all but im a lil confused, would using duck duck go and the proton email somewhat keeps me private?

  • @groundscreeper should be just fine its just not as secure if u had a vpn paired w linux os those broswers simply are good enough.

  • Right on thanks.

  • @7r3vor how about if I use TAILS, a VPN and a TOR browser? Can he get my ip then?

    Seriously though, this is just cannabis. No one is doing shit like that on this forum. There's far bigger fish to fry if in law enforcement and much easier money to steal if you're a criminal.

    Also of note, if you use Duck Duck Go as a search engine please know that your results are still google based. So you're still going to get very biased results even if your privacy isn't quite as invaded.

    I honestly don't care too much about my privacy. The main thing I do is protect my finances online. I use a randomly generated password for every single login I have, usually with close to as many characters as is allowed. Passwords are a far, far bigger deal than VPNs and trackers. If there's a password leak, it's just one thing I have to worry about.

  • @7r3vor @Sixwaychili thanks for the good info. I was more asking for general information than worried about the postman (played by kevin Costner) kicking my door in. On the other hand though, we all should be worried about "big brother" knowing what we do, in everything. Six way; im guessing you live a little farther up the river than I do. Here as it is many places, it's still the devils weed. For profit, private prisons that have too much lobbying power could very easily have laws passed that could retro date your web searches AND then come and take you away. All to make about 50 gramd a year off you. Big money in the system. And thats just the tip of the ice berg. Also be aware of whats going on in the supreme court november 4th. The elections are all a distraction. Thats only political thing ill say. Stay woke. Stay lit. 😆

  • 2 party bs keeping the country divided on purpose

  • @groundscreeper I'm in NC with the handful of dry counties in it, so not really. I really don't think they can ever double down on the war on drugs especially with all of the racial tension these days. I mean the problem isn't with racist cops as much as it is with garbage politicians writing so many absurd laws, giving cops 10 million more chances at doing the wrong thing than they should have. The only just laws are ones with victims.

    But of course in the current political climate, they will probably settle on cops being more abusive towards white people so that people are equally abused and/or killed instead of eliminating 90% of bullshit laws that have no victim, leading to far more interactions between cops and citizens than is necessary. Imagine if cops can't detain people for putting their feet on a subway seat or pulling people over for not wearing a seatbelt, how many fewer people would be beaten, killed or put in prison for no reason whatsoever. Imagine if they stopped no-knock warrants because some crackhead who didn't want to get arrested said there was cannabis in someone's house, as if cannabis is more dangerous or harmful than every single legal prescription or over the counter drug. The problem of racist cops would almost disappear if they only had to fight violent crime or crimes with victims.

    I don't live in fear, because that just makes you take away your own freedom.

  • All politicians just need to smoke bud and have quarterly shrooming sessions

  • Finally got my order yesterday thanks @LoudnCo and medboy really appreciate u guys loved the subs i got that chem gelato is 🔥

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    Mac & Mircacle Whip & Chem Galato wax

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