Vaping dry weed with Arizer Q

I can't believe how times have changed . Long time weed smoker and last night vaped weed for first time . At 57 I got so high on just a few hits on desktop Arizer Q . Just wanted to share this amazing experience. The high was longer and more intense and after so many year of smoking it's going to vaping from now on.



  • @Lyn Great post here and I felt the same way when I got my Arizer EQ about 6 months ago. What temps are you vaping at? I'd love to hear how others do this. Most of the time I feel I don't get good vapor unless I'm near 400F or higher (using normal Arizer bowl) - whip or balloon. I can tell from other postings that this temp range may be too high and I'm losing some of the benefit of vaping (versus smoking). Maybe I need to cool down a bit? Can you or anyone else comment? Thanks!!

  • well I set it at 260 celcius . I need to look into correct settings but for first time just set it at highest settings. I still can't get over how high I got after hitting only a few times. Once again 57 and long time smoker.

  • I have the extreme q also I very rarely use it as I also have the arizer solo 2 @lyn you may want to look into elbow packing as you will conserve even more I know on my solo 2 my sweet spot on temperature seems to be right around 390 I will go up to four hundred to finish it. I agree the taste is much better and the high just seems cleaner. There are charts you can google to see what temps certain cannaboids release at and kind of fine tune your buzz

  • @Neverenoughsleep glomming into your post, hope you don’t mind!
    You're motivating me to turn mine up! Maybe I’ve had it set too low, as I usually start out around 370-375 and only go up to around 385. After that I don’t enjoy the flavor so much. Something to be said about starting strong maybe? I’m going to turn my baby up and see if that’s a better place to start. Thx!
    As for elbow packing? Have no clue what that is so I’ll be checking that out too!

  • @reshi I would just suggest YouTube basically it’s just putting a small amount in the glass elbow instead of the bowl on the extreme q. I usually always start in the 390 to 392 range for me personally that’s a good temp to still taste good to me but still get me blasted but everyone is different

  • I try not to get too excited the first time I try something because I always end up getting used to it and it doesn't work nearly as well in the long run. That happens every single time I try a new strain or a new smoking device. I do go back and forth between my dry vape (Vaporbrothers desktop) and a 18" Thick Ass Glass bong every few weeks just to change it up. I can smoke two or three bowls from my bong and barely be high but then a half joint of something I never had before destroys me.

  • I have found for elbow packing works best with a silver surfer elbow for the eq you will have to get a new ss mouthpiece and some 3/8in tubing you can get it at the ss site. I always test a batch with a joint after that I use my solo 2 and the EQ 90% of the time. I usually stay between 385°&400° maybe topping off at 412° for a quick finish, that all depends on how I feel that day. The SS elbow is twice as strong as what comes in your eq , I broke my elbow and replaced it with the ss no more issues at all in over 2yr's with my EQ even less with my solo 2. Enjoy your new toy and stay with it your lungs will thank you. The Dweller🤪

  • Y'all bout got me convinced to nab an extreme Q with deals going on, see the ddave accessory is outta stock anyone got experience with using it or alternative solution?

  • @Neverenoughsleep OK, I tried the elbow pack at 450F for a quick blast. Just wanted to get one or two super hits. Worked like a charm - fireworks! - but smoother. :smiley:

  • Well y'all talked me into it, got the extreme Q ordered and the ddave adapter ordered as well since got such a decent price, anyone else using the ddave accessories with their EQ

  • LynLyn
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    I also like the fact that the smell of weed isn't in the air. Hopefully I don't get tolerance but boy was the high intense . And a healthier way to smoke ?

  • I'm looking forward to finally exploring dry herb vaporizing, eventually probably add some more accessories but wanted at least grab the ddave short adapter to play with for now and to compare the stock cause supposed the ddave is quite an upgrade

  • @Vapedad78 let me know how that adapter is I hardly ever use my extreme q but if there is a major difference I may order one for when I do

  • Will do, from what over read and seen guess it sits closer to heater and less interference so supposed to produce more dense and potent vapor 🤷‍♂️

  • @Neverenoughsleep will do. Didn't wanna spend a ton additional on accessories out the gate but after researching seems it's supposed to make a noticeable difference but I'm hoping I enjoy it out the box as well

  • Would have been nice to have this in my youth. No smell and less abuse on lungs. So far love vaping. Going to try elbow packing .

  • All this talk about the extreme q has made me decide to dig mine out I probably haven’t used it in a year since the solo 2 is what I primarily use now the tough decision will be trying to decide what strain to have

  • I have a VaporCup 2 .. I was sketched out about it looking like an actual cup, but I ended up really,.really liking it.

    I also have a Focus V Carta that I never use. I tried it ONCE with some chemdawg shatter .. and it gave off the most acrid, burnt plastic, chemical, AWFUL taste and smell.... That I never used it again. Not sure if there was old dust on the bucket, or if it just burned up the shatter, not sure what it was... But it was basically a waste of $200 . Wish I would've just got the Peak (or not bought anything) LOL

    I do like the experience of vaping .. but for me, it was definitely not a replacement for toking.. just didn't get the same satisfaction (but still really like my VaporCup lol)

  • Elbowing is the way to go

  • I love my DDave short and the concentrates bowl a very good investment in your EQ and as I mentioned I really like my silver surfer 45° elbow and mouth piece it makes my eq whip more manageable with the heavier elbow and mouthpiece. DDave is a cool dude came back joking on a simple question and had me LMAO the whole back and forth. Vaping isn't a replacement for toking but it's much cleaner, better tasting and will get you higher than a billy goat. I had to give my lungs a break, I still smoke a joint or a spoon pipe and on rare occasions my 3ft graffix but more and more I'm relying on my solo 2 and my EQ for concentrates and large sessions. 🌫😈

  • I did break out the eq last night for old times sake. I elbow packed it and while I did get really ripped and have the same effects as the solo 2 I noticed my vapor wasn’t that thick or the taste as good. This could be because I elbow packed it and need to vape at a higher temperature I had the eg set to 390. I do believe I’m going to order the ddave short and see if I notice a big difference.while they are both good units I think I’m going to have to pick the solo 2 as the better one for right now

  • My half price replacement seahorse pro tips are on the way as is my dDave adapter for the arizer EQ so hopefully the actual device ships out tomorrow, really anxious to experiment with some salmon river and apricot mimosa

  • So I recently purchased my first Vape ever, the Arizer Solo 2. As someone who has burned for 27 years, it's an odd change. It has a lot of positives going for it, and really only subjective negatives.


    1) Excellent Vape. Even never having owned one, I can tell that this is a product that you pay for what you get. Excellent, simple to understand method, sleek look, overall a 10 in that department.

    2) Vaping itself. I can immediately tell the cleaner feel to everything. The lack of the usual throat burn, the slower, smoother buzz that finds you versus slapping you in the face the moment it lands. A wonderful substitution for a smelly cloud of carbon and ash. I've been told it conserves flower, but I haven't noticed that much of a difference so far.

    3) Definitely my new "travel" tool. I'm already taking it all over town with me, just due to the normal nature of it and the idea that, unless you get around it, you cannot assume I'm vaping anything illegal.

    4) For decades I have heard of the "taste" of weed. The blueberry aftertones. The vanilla flavors. Etc. Etc. And sometimes I got what they were saying, with light wisps of flavor here and there. But, know what I mostly tasted? Burned weed. LOL! With this, though, the very first hit and I INSTANTLY tasted that wonderful Apricot Mimosa (what a legendary strain that is). It was like a blind man seeing color for the first time. I'm amazed at how flavorful (and sometimes not so great) different strains are. Definitely a new appreciation.


    1) Vaping itself. I CAN immediately tell the cleaner feel to everything, and it can be a bit disconcerting to what I'm used to feeling. The lack of the usual throat burn, the slower, smoother buzz that finds you versus slapping you in the face the moment it lands, is something that I'm having to consider. Do I want a buzz? I use the vape. Do I want to get stoned? I smoke.

    2) No matter the tutorials I've watched, I don't ever seem to be able to get a big cloud hit like I see they do. I've bumped it up to 385 F. and have seen a little improvement. But, I do miss the plume so far. I don't feel like I'm getting full hits.

    3) I feel it takes longer for me to get to the level I need to be. I imagine this will just take me getting used to something different after nearly 30 years. And like all products, the ingestion changes the buzz. Edibles hit me different than concentrates, than smoking, than vaping, etc.

    In summation: This has definitely changed my options as to what I can use and how I can approach my enjoyment, and I feel I will lean more heavily on it as the years go by. But for now, it's a good alternate, not a complete substitution.

  • @OzBaxter you may want to go up in temperature a little bit I start around 392 and always get good thick vapor with mine some people go all the way up to 410

  • @Neverenoughsleep Okay I’ll try that 👍🏼 I’m supposed to be getting some new stuff in today (Animal Mints, Golden Pineapple, Salmon River). I’ll give it a shot with that stuff

  • Got both the Animal Mints and Golden Pineapple yesterday @OzBaxter. Haven't tried the Golden Pineapple yet, but it's beautiful as is the Animal Mints (which is a heavy hitter)

  • I was just curious if anyone that vapes regularly do you save your abv for making edibles and does anyone have a good recipe

  • i bought an arizer and i never have liked it. it seems to make me cough more than just smoking a bowl

  • I use the pax 2 with budkups and the mighty now- good times

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