What is the best bud on the menu.

What is the best bud on the menu that YOU have tried since it has been on the menu. Not a strain that was up 3 months ago. I'm tired of buying less than stellar bud.



  • I have tried and like the Premium Ice Cream Cake, Jager, and the White Rhino

  • BlackBerry Octane, Sunset Sherbert and Purple Kush. H.O.G. to be tested.

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    @Derege getting a little tired of your complaining. I get it, You're a small time dealer who buys a couple of ounces here to cover your costs. Me, I am just a novice who likes sampling the goods so no big deal if a certain strain doesn't "do it" for me. That's the price of buying weed over the intranet.

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    @Rockafire suck my little white toe. And if your getting tired of it well you literally had to click on the thread and read it. glutton for self punishment i see. Gtfoh

  • @MNTDWLER medmamas premiums look great it just sketches me because they have been up so long

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  • Blackberry Octane, Mammoth Skunk

  • BlackBerry octane and absinthe

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    @Derege I clicked on the title, got your complaint. Thanks. As far as recommendations go, I take them with a grain of salt. Some person's killer weed might be another person's blah, and vice-versa. If a certain strain is up a while, might mean they have a lot of it. Good luck to you.

  • @Rockafire This can't be said enough. Everyone has different tolerance and wants for what they think is killer. Some people like to be active, some like to sleep and everything in between.

    For strains up a while, sometimes it's because they simply have a lot compared to others, sometimes they restock before it's totally out and nobody sees this change. I can say with confidence that there's no strain just sitting around for an extended period of time.

  • Ice cream cake from loud is killer.

    Sunset sherb from.mama is real good, not great, but super stanky/musky .

    If you don't wanna be disappointed I recommend Loud premiums. I can't speak for mamas most recent stuff, bc it has good reviews too, but I PERSONALLY have found ... That once I switched to ordering premiums only from loud, I was disappointed much less.

    Hope this helps!

    I can personally attest to the quality of Ice Cream Cake, the Sunset Sherbet, and that's about it for.me personally. Check other reviews.

    Good luck

  • @OzBaxter how is this current batch of White Rhino? Have you received this current one yet? Curious about this one.

    Thx 😊

  • Anyone looked at the menu lately? Whole new landscape.

  • @georgetirebiter

    The Alpha is one ill definitely be trying. It looks amazing

  • Afghani Goo for me...if it sticks around!

  • Grabbing some indoor Golden Pineapple and Dead Head OG..that premium purple punch looks 🔥 too

  • @superman38NC definitely some fire up there right now.

  • I’m waiting on the ice cream cake from loud right now @v32Finish. Ordered the wedding cake and the HOG from mama. Looking forward to trying hog

  • @v32Finish Not yet, I'm still waiting on the USPS

  • Godzilla glue and afgani goo look tempting. But I am so stocked with guava and Skywalker og. My absinthe and BlackBerry octane are going pretty fast, those two have been my "go to" jars first staying comfortably numb from my damn knee pain esp now with all this low pressure weather around. Fricken knee has it's own heartbeat. Throbs like hell nd feels as if a giant vice opens and closes tightly right on the joint.

  • @OzBaxter Oh, OK.. thought maybe you'd got it already!!

    @Rubygirl816 have you tried it yet?? that's awesome!! it's probably the hardest hitting indica i have atm. but not overpoweringly sleepy. i really love it. lots of choices!! i'm waiting for my 8th of wedding cake, and i buckled and ordered an 8th of that frosty ass purple punch too :sunglasses:

  • just realized that post was a couple days ago! hope you got it by now @Rubygirl816 !! i meant specifically, like.. whether or not you'd had the strain before or not, not necessarily this particular batch. (but heck, why not, that too) lol

    anyway here's hoping it's good medicine for ya, i think you'll really like it.

  • @907ak420 that sounds terrible.. yikes. i have knee pain sometimes , not often, but when it swells up i've gotten just a taste of how horrible it prolly is. but definitely nothing like that.

    i've had good pain relief from the ice cream cake, like i was just telling ruby.. not quite the best i've ever had for pain (premium OG kush from local , premium triple choc chip from medmama have that crown right now for me) ... but , of the current stuff i have, whenever I end up in a spot where i'm really hurting bad or feel like shit/nauseated, injured, etc.. i have been reaching for this ice cream cake for a while now.

    probably 6 strains have come and gone and haven't "de-throned" it yet. lol anyways sorry for rambling guys, hope you get some relief dude that just sounds terrible

  • @v32Finish hey there, nope never had the ice cream cake and nope still hasn’t come yet. I put in a missing mail search and nothing yet still. Frustrating, I’m completely out right now. I try and place an order every week so I know have something in hand, all the time. This order being late screwed me. Funds are tight right now. One of my dogs had to be rushed to vet. She had a seizure and her liver enzymes are through the roof and her white blood cell count is sky high. So they are not sure if it’s just a bad iinfection or cancer. She’s fourteen years old. Got a bunch of meds and a big bill. We have to go back in a month. If her blood work is not better, than we go on to sonogram and further testing. Sorry for the life story, in any case, was only able to place a small order this week. I ended up just getting the H.O.G. It was shipped today, supposed to be here Monday. I have a feeling I will probably get mamas before Louds, lol. Oh and the loud order has the wax I ordered for my in-laws which was the first time I’ve ordered for them and of course it’s late. They know it’s not my fault, but I still feel bad. Had to be their first order and this happened. Thank god they love me, lol.
    I will let you know when I get it. I’m so looking forward to it especially after seeing you and others really digging it!!

  • If the wedding cake is still up Tuesday, that’s on my list next!

  • man, that sucks!! hopefully it'll be there quick.. at least it'll really knock you for a loop. i know that's little consolation when you're actually low or totally out, tho, even if it IS true. lol

    damn . yep. always gotta happen sometimes. sucks it was when you were ordering for someone else, too.

    such is life!! i started giving my wife, like.. little gram-buds and shit (to her irritation i'm sure) bc i was running out like that. luckily i haven't had to do that in a while but i can totally relate. what does ID say? is it at least moving for you?

    anyways, hope you get it soon; and also prayers for the doggy!

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    @v32Finish No scans since it left Washington, was In transit until the dreaded “arriving late” yesterday. It will show I’m sure, just matter of when. I’ll let ya know when it shows or starts moving. Thanks for the prayers for my fur baby!

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    LOL, I got the same thing for my Blue Dream order @Rubygirl816. Was supposed to arrive today. I think this weather is screwing things up.

  • I ended up ordering the afghani goo and Godzilla glue

  • Thanks @v32Finish I will definitely try the icecream cake.

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