What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Playing hooky today 🤣 …sort of.🧐. I’m enjoying some of my last medmama order. The discounted greenhouse Gelato #41 with some MAC wax for a little extra kick! The greenhouse Gelato is really good! It’s not in the same league as the Bacio from spring and early summer, but for the price it’s nice, strong and very relaxing. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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    @TheProfessor it sounds like you had a great medicate with #41 well off the penitentiaries perimeters🔒🤣..enjoy it more as you envision the punishment delved out on your masked temporary today🤬😅 After a dr appointment today I went with sunset sherbert..also accompanied with a little something extra. But mine was black Jack wax😋. Have a great evening my flower loving family and may your humpday be smooth and level 💚💨🍀
    Dwelling Dank & Dabulous

  • Wow this week has flown by! You guys aren’t messing around with combining flower and wax 💥 I’m diving into this little beauty..nothing like fresh Sour D! https://ibb.co/CW5njK0

  • I don't remember what I just hit, but alls I know is....im fucked up! 🤣

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    @superman38NC carrot top I presume lol, what a beautiful bud. @MigraineWarrior79 I'm glad I'm not the only one lol I do that shit all the time.. I'm always grabbing a grater and have no idea what's in it..kinda like meeting a new old best friend every day 🙃

  • Hey football fans it's mom's Biscotti and some football this afternoon. I hope everyone's having a good Saturday and your all more than medicated.

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    🤪 @MNTDWLER carrot top indeed. Everything from my recent run looks like that. Man I’m a little jelly of Mama’s Biscotti..finished that up a couple months back. One of my favs for sure. Also finished my last drop of her WC last night 😕.

  • Having a few tokes of blue dream i ordered, weirdly gave me a panic attack😬 this is the first time ive ever had an attack like this from smoking bud. The buzz was short lived and then the attack started. It was like i couldnt get enough air to breath.

  • @907ak420 it sounds like you're getting a lot of the Haze strain coming through on the blue dream..usually the strong sedative effects of the Blueberry counteracts this but not always. The older I get the heavier indicas I prefer because of this spinning effect.

  • @907ak420 I can’t handle Blue Dream for exactly that reason! As my good friend @MNTDWLER said, the older I get the harder it is to handle anything that leans sativa and even some balanced hybrids. It’s gotta lean Indica for me…and the stronger the better!🙂

  • Enjoying some greenhouse Gelato 41 (Bacio) this Friday afternoon. It lacks the punch that Mama’s premium Bacio Gelato from last spring has, but still really excellent medicine!!

  • I've also avoided sativas, they had an uncomfortable/anxious effect on me. About a year ago I came across chemdawg that felt strongly sativa, and I loved it. I think now that I'm older, cancer related fatigue, and alot going on I value any energy I can get. What I'm trying to say to the old heads is you might be missing out if you made this judgement as a youngen.

  • Thanks @Fallguy I used to be able to handle sativas when I younger. I started dealing with serious anxiety and panic attacks over the past decade. I’ve found a few 50/50 hybrids that provide both mental relaxation with some physical energy. I’m sure there are sativas out there that wouldn’t trigger me, but at this point in my life I’m good with sedation!😁🧐. I’ve got a wide range of indica/hybrids from wake-n-bake to sledgehammer😴 that meet all my needs!🙂🧐

  • I never use to think I would have triggers that give me a panic attack until the last year or so. Seems like some strains, even indicas, give me some pretty alarming heart palpitations and make my heart race. Do you think a more indica leaning strain would be less inclined to give those symptoms? I had some ice cream cake last night and had to stop vaping it, was really making me not feel well. I’m still trying to sample different indica hybrids to see what I don’t have a sensitivity to. Any suggestions appreciated. I’ve been having some pretty bad insomnia lately and really need to find my go-to sleep strain so I don’t continue to suffer.
    Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is medicating and having a great day so far.

  • For me indica is a calmer more relaxing. I believe your ROA has differing effects. If I vape a sativa the effect seems to be much more sativaish then if I combust same flower. Edibles all seem to have a similar effect for me regardless of strain.

  • Happy to see the board’s back up! Enjoying some of Mama’s last batch of London Pound Cake this Thursday afternoon after work! Another strong, relaxing Sunset Sherbet cross!

  • Welcome back everyone, glad to see the forum back up. This afternoon I'm smoking some of mom's premium purple punch. A very nice relaxing smoke that's easing me into my evening.

  • @Reshi

    Grape Ape that Loud has up would be a winner for insomnia, in my opinion. If you go for greenhouse grown, I think you can't go wrong with that one. 💚
    Anxiety is such a pain in the ass. Im sorry you're dealing with that

  • I think you’re right @MigraineWarrior79 that greenhouse Grape Ape certainly should be good for sleep. Should be a really good value too! I hopefully have some Blueberry coming…I’ve got a label!😁. It wasn’t on the menu long. It should also be a good sleep inducer.😴

  • I can't remember what strain I'm high on right now

  • @TheProfessor

    Damn!! I missed the Blueberry. Major sadness on that one. ☹
    @LoudnCo hey there, can we get a refill on that? 😂
    I need to balance the ol checkbook, and figure out how much I can spend, but for sure I'm picking up something!

  • Thanks! I missed the blueberry but so thankful to grab some grape ape to try. Can’t wait!
    My fur baby isn’t doing too well, think she might pass soon. Going to be a long night I think. 🙏
    Thanks family!

  • I’m glad the forum is back too..the things we take for granted 😎
    it’s been a while since I’ve ordered and Loud’s recent drop gave me a great reason to restock. Hopefully I’ll get some Blueberry and Grape Ape amongst a few others. Thx Loud! As far as tonight I had a mix of Sour D, Mimosa, and Horchata. Hit me perfectly!

  • @Reshi

    I'm so sorry about your furrbaby! That's never easy to go through. I pray for comfort & peace for you, and your furry child. 🙏🙏💚

  • Thanks @MigraineWarrior79
    She rebounded overnight thankfully so we are very blessed to have more time with her while we can.

    Already got a shipment label created from Loud for the grape ape and was tempted to get some Blackberry kush too. Would love to hear some reviews for all the great meds just recently posted. The selection is outstanding and a wide variety for everyone it seems. Croptober fest is here!!

  • It’s a Runtz Friday afternoon!😎
    ID says that we’re expecting our Blueberry tomorrow! Ordered on Monday night, but I’ll believe it when I see it!🧐.

  • It's Saturday college football and Gelato33 for me right now after starting my day off with Runtz. I'm thinking some of my homegrown sunset sherbert or maybe some purple kush for later on this evening. Both are super relaxing and a super sweet vape 😋 Enjoy your evening my MM family 💚💨☘

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    It's a good Sunday afternoon, I found a doobtube on the porch. It had rolled behind a plant..inside to my surprise was 1/2 a doobie of @LoudnCo premium MAC 1 he sent me as a freebie "who but the loud lad's send premo freebies"👍🏼 So I'm riding the peaceful cerebral effects while getting things done around the house. Tonight's most definitely a Mars Landing night..probably with a hindu kush shatter chaser or four🤪🤤😴 Have a great night everyone

  • Thanks guys, im going indica from now on and i won't look back😎

  • Indica heavy on my end today too..been hitting a 50/50 blend of Grape Ape and Rainbow Chip..very delicious flavor..both powerful strains..gotta full body buzz. ❤️ some grape Ape!

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