What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Happy Hump Day everyone.
    I’m vaping some Querkle that is treating me just fine! Almost feels like I didn’t have a real shitty day. Almost
    Anyone else use a DynaVap and ispire wand? Oh the plumes I can get on this thing! It’s astounding! Especially great if I only have a few minutes and want a super fast and easy sesh. Great combo!

    Cheers! 😜💨 my day is amazingly more wonderful already

  • Finally got me some wedding cake and im loving it.

  • @907ak420 it is difficult to not pick up another ounce.

  • @Fallguy very difficult not to

  • Enjoying the hard hitting Runtz from Medmama this afternoon! A great way to unwind after a Monday!😎🧐

  • The Runtz cake has a nice fruity smell and taste huh..

  • @907ak420 I wonder if it's the same. I have some Runtz from summer...love it! I've seen Runtz (Zkittles x Gelato #41) listed as Runtz Cake, but I've also seen Runtz Cake = White Runtz x Wedding Cake. Similar but definitely different.

  • @TheProfessor hmmm🤔 ive never noticed the two different crosses.

  • Nice dark dense fruity bud.

  • Is it just me or does anyone else taste green from the greenhouse ice cream cake. The buds thin and kinda stringy, Not too dense either. You can see right into the thin buds.

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    Burne some of Louds Rainbow Chip after work. Hit me just right. This one is a creeper! Taste and smells delicious 😎

  • @superman38NC I was hitting Rainbow Chip as well, but an oz from my local med. disp. To be sure, after comparing, the Rainbow Chip Gushers from Loud is just that. That cross is called Tongue Splasher. I've still got over a 1/2 of Loud's RCG and it's every bit as good as the 28% Tongue Splasher I've had. I'd still like to see some real Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Choc. Chip) here. It's a phenomenal wake n bake for the indica lover.

  • @TheProfessor did you find seeds in the Rainbow Chip? Unusual for a premium imho.

  • No seeds @leaf but I always consider a bean a bonus! Over the past couple years, I’ve collected a dozen or two seeds from here.

  • This batch of RC has the most seeds per bud ratio I’ve received from here..got quite a few from the recent grape ape too..I’m with @TheProfessor they are definitely bonuses for me..they are nice looking seeds too.

  • Just burned some Animal Mints…🥴

  • @TheProfessor yes, me too. But I ask because of wondering if we got the same stuff. I’ve found a lot of seeds in this bag.

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    @leaf They may be separate batches, maybe of the same grow. I received my ounce of Rainbow Chip Gushers on 9/4. I know it dropped off the menu for a couple of weeks after that, then came back. I’m probably just under a half and haven’t seen a single seed.

    How is that Animal Mints @superman38NC? I noticed that my dispensary has some in the 32% range. I’ve never tried it.

  • I’m enjoying some Triple Scoop. Great evening strain!

  • Having a bowl of Purple Kush 💜 in celebration of a certain someone's birthday. 😉

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    @TheProfessor it’s a great buzz! Perfect for after work. Hits pretty hard..find myself extra cheery and chatty lol.
    Also both batches of Rainbow chip are quite different. The first batch almost had the appearance of MAC..was covered in kief. The current batch up now contains some seeds but the potency is still there. A big time creeper for me. Liked them both

  • Enjoying some of medmama's tasty indoor London Pound Cake from August! If you're a fan of Sunset Sherbet, don't pass this one up if it comes around again! Unfortunately, I missed out on the dispensary Animal Mints @superman38NC ...not enough points to get any quantity.🤣 I hope to try it here in a couple of weeks. It seems to be regularly available here.

  • @TheProfessor missed responding sorry by friend.The Animal Mints was superb. Maybe it will make it’s way back around 🤞🏼. I’ll keep an eye out on London Pound Cake..recent Sherbert Cake is 🔥.

  • Tonight I’m hitting up Merlins slurricane..stunning buds with a beautiful smell and grind. https://ibb.co/mGSZwBH

  • @superman38NC No worries my friend. High and low THC Animal Mints seems to come around here pretty regularly (I'd never really paid attention before) so I'll be trying it soon. I've been all over the place today...but currently enjoying some of the last batch of Purple Kush. I still have a few monster buds left!

  • Didn’t grab any purple kush but it sounds awesome..good reviews from what I remember.

  • The PK was a Merlin outdoor from October …really excellent for outdoor! I meant to grab some of the Slurricane but we were traveling and I missed out. Today is a Zookies day!

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    Just made a bowl of mammoth skunk with a bb size hunk of bubba kush wax inside. One hit and uh I can't finish this sentence..... . LUL

    I'm going to bed early! haha

  • Actually, it was kashmir kush wax. Oops!

  • That explains it @Sixwaychili!🤣 That Kashmir Kush wax lays me out every time!😴🧐

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