What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



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    One hit of that leftover bowl of mammoth skunk and kashmir kush wax and my face is melting into the couch. I needed it after my day of work.

  • 3 hours and 43 minutes later and I'm still high AF from that one hit. I don't know what the hell I've done for that long. lol

  • Lol @Sixwaychili sounds like a fun evening 🙃

  • Enjoying some of late summer’s London Pound Cake (Medmama) and bowl games while kicking back grading exams and research papers today! Great combo!😁😎🧐

  • This evening is a AAAA+ MAC1 type of night. I smoked some earlier with a novice who's also a big drinker. It knocked him on his ass and as he just state in a text "it just made it hard to function" but he hasn't had a beer since we smoked around 3:00p.m. LMAO. He did tell me he never wants to be that high again..that kinda bummed me out. We only smoked half a joint but I did put a nice layer of MAC keif in the middle 🤔 maybe that's the difference. I just got a nice buzz that made the long drive home enjoyable. If there is such a thing on new year's eve. Love ya all my MM family I hope that the new year brings love and prosperity to you all. Much love the Dweller 💚💨🍀

  • I have off tomorrow, so it's Sour Willie now and possibly some Lodi Dodi later! I'm going to try to stay awake until 10pm. lol (I normally get up at 4am) Party time!

  • Made it until 8pm. haha

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    Lol @Sixwaychili. I wish I could find the bed by 8, but I’m also not up a 4am. Unfortunately I’ve never been an early riser. Also thx for bringing this thread back. The only flower I’ve tried from CC is the GSC and it’s excellent. Never tried Sour Willie, but I like Lodi. Has a really unique aroma/flavor to it.

  • @superman38NC I'm getting the GSC next. Probably split with durban poison.

  • Its been pink certs today, I just can't get enough of the flavor.

  • Sherbet Cake…so relaxing after a long day!🤤😎🧐

  • @Sixwaychili is the Lodi Dodi you mentioned before from Loud’s latest premium batch? I had some of the indoor Lodi Dodi from Loud about a year ago and really liked it as a wake and bake. How’s this batch?

  • I’ll probably puff on some plain old Gelato a little later. Helps me sleep better on weeknights.

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    @posternugbag it was indoor lodi dodi from before the premium. Still really good and I wouldn't have been upset if I paid the premium price for it.

    Lodi dodi, we's like to partay. We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody!

  • Lol @Sixwaychili the Lodi party 🎉..I’m having some delicious Rose Gold..like a slightly citrus sweet ChemDawg flav..big fan of this one. Strong but not couch lock. Merlin be jamming man

  • @superman38NC I was eyeing that Rose Gold and wondered how it was.

    Ended up ordering the platinum kush. Need another solid sleep strain and this one’s has been on my short list for a while. Hoping it’s 🔥 🥴

  • @Reshi that’s about all I find Platinum good for!😴 I haven’t ordered this batch as I still have about a half from my local med. dispensary. I generally always have Platinum in the cabinet because it works! It just makes us sleepy whether smoked or vaped. It’s one of my night time “go-to”s! Hope it works for you!🤤😴🧐

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    That platinum Kush does look good. Never had that before. But I believe I’ve found my sleep strain..Hot Rod has me dozing..gotta have more purple OG to get me going again 🥴🤪. Both not the most appealing for outdoor..but effects deliver! Hot Rod has a nice pine edge to it..one of my fav terps besides citrus.

  • That’s great to hear Professor! I can’t wait to try it. Scheduled for Monday. Picked up some other goodies too!

    SMan Oh damn! So tempting!

  • Nothing cuz it's Sunday=no work for me. Still will be smoking Jager and GMO today. With Bear OG shatter and runtz diamonds being dabbed regularly too.

  • Been hitting the purple OG today. Allows me to have a productive day when I don’t throw Hot Rod in the mix. 🤪

  • @funkynugz which strain are you recommending?

  • Ummm, hmm. Not sure if you tagged me by mistake 😆 tbh @baggy I haven’t purchased in a minute so don’t have opinions on the current offerings. My last grab of ice cream cake and runts was solid. if I bought something new right now I’d try that caramel layer cake. Intriguing lineage and photo looks fire,hope it’s still around for 4/20. plus my go-tos right now are dessert-inspired Indy strains. Anything oriented in name to food items I guess lol.

  • The premium Rose Gold from Merlin is really good. One of my fav’s for right after work. Reminds me of a pink champagne.

  • @funkynugz Haha, I may well have tagged you by accident. (Sorry for the noise.) When I'm in this forum, I'm often baked out of my mind. With any luck, that is.

  • Brought out some Fruit Loops to celebrate Friday evening. One of the first strains I bought here. So good! Hope it makes a return soon!

  • Some of merlins watermelon Zkittles.

  • Waiting on peanutbutter zkittlez and platinum mac. Cannot wait! Last orders were funky hoping these get here in better shape.

  • @Spudnick Area 51 and caramel layer

  • Hopefully, I’ll be trying that King Sherbet this afternoon! ID now says my Merlin order of Big Block and King Sherbet is out for delivery today! Ordered Saturday evening!😎🧐

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