What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎

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Really like the Wake nBake thread. Thought I would start one for after work. I’m enjoying a nice J of Amherst Sour D from Mama..awesome after work chill strain. ❤️ It!



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    Vaping God's Gift right now.

  • Breath works now and forever the perfect compliment for an after work treat

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    @TreesPlz never had God’s gift before...sounds great! So does the Breath Works @icdeadpeople how’s the effects?

  • Loud's wedding cake gets stronger smelling every time i open the jar.. really happy my purple punch showed up from mama today, and it's also good, but MAN i really hope i can squeeze in another order for this WC. definitely a special batch. i smoked a bowl of the purple punch and backdoored it with a bowl of the WC and really, really happy with the effects .. that's been a couple hours ago now so i'm bout to take another green hit or 2 of the wedding cake. dank!!

    @superman38NC great idea for this thread, i also like that wake n bake thread alot. this is cool too! i will def. check in here after work. lol.

    @icdeadpeople i definitely am interested in the breathworks now bc of several stellar reviews i've seen

  • @superman38NC very relaxing great after work strain calming and pain relieving not an activate strain more couch locking!

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    Great idea @superman38NC, especially for those of us who only get to wake n bake on the weekends! Afternoons are generally for all things GSC related...leaning indica of course.😆 How far indica leaning generally depends on how the day was. Currently in my after work rotation are Rainbow Chip, Dolato, Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, Ice Cream Cake, and Biscotti. It’s not unheard of for Sundae Driver or Blueberry Muffins to find it’s way into a bowl in the afternoon either. The heavier strains don’t usually come out until dark.😎

  • Loving the Deadhead OG


  • Makes Gorilla Glue seem like elmers glue. Lol

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    Thx everyone! I’ll be excited to check in too..love my evening strains! just about as much as my wake n bakes.. @ChunksEggo8187 that Deadhead OG is excellent huh?! Like a dank Wedding Cake!..speaking of that I’m really trying to hold back from ordering more but the current menu has so many of my fav’s. Had to grab some of that ChemDawg..one of my top 3 strains. @TheProfessor I hope Rainbow Chip finds its way on here. Sounds like an excellent strain!

  • @superman38NC Absolutely! The aroma, taste, and high...amazing. Funny that you mentioned Wedding Cake. Managed to grab an 1/8th. I did put Chemdawg as my sub just in case. Watch mama drop some fire this weekend too. 🤣

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    @ChunksEggo8187 from your mouth to the green Gods ears. I'm waiting for that special something to drop for a late birthday gift for myself. I be looking for that special OZ🙏🏽🐾👣Dweller @superman38NC don't you know WORK is a four letter word??lol. Luckily right now is after work for me . Ahhhhhh the pleasures of getting old. I do 4:20 twice a day and then adjust "every 4 to 6 hours " as needed for pain and minor inconveniences. For major inconveniences add tequila.

  • Lol ! @MNTDWLER indeed WORK is a four letter word..and it’s Friday! 🎉 hey if your retired very well deserved!! I hope to partake all day when I reach that point too..probably gonnal need it!

  • One guess at the strain this afternoon 😆

  • @superman38NC I thought about you as soon as I saw that premium Chem! can't recommend the wedding cake enough; but I'm definitely going to try to get an 8th of that chem when I re-up with more WC. I feel like I haven't got that real banger Chem yet. I've had several decent ones, but one was like.. pre-seeded, and the indoor version I had was really good... But not like "WHOA!" .. SO w. that being said I definitely want to get that real deal Chemdawg . Definitely some dank!

    My after work strains are similar to @TheProfessor . Lots of GSC family. Currently rotating between Dolato, ICC, GSC , gelato33, Sunset, and ... Most recently, once I picked up that wedding cake, I almost didn't touch anything else! Will come back here to edit/ post again when I'm ... Actually off work. Can't wait to make it home today! (New purple.punch from Mama waiting + last .5g nug of WC is what's on my list today)

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    Well so much for TCC @v32Finish. Looked this afternoon and my preferred dispensary had a new batch of Rainbow Chip...30.4%. What else could I do? I went and picked up a 1/2, a Sundae Driver cart, and some Blueberry gummies. All out of points, but I can’t wait to hit some 30% Rainbow Chip. I’m patiently waiting for some new strains to drop here. The premium Sweeties looks sweet, but I’d like to find something to go with it...it’s just not on the menu at the moment. Update: wowser!

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    @v32Finish thx for that Wedding Cake recommendation! I’m always up for a known fire batch..last one I really liked was Mama’s premium WC from over a yr ago..the buds were perfect and the high was intense in a good way 😎. One of Loud’s ChemDawg must have been a rare pheno because it reminded of that 💣 WC. Other ChemDawgs have hit more indica/heavy. Hopefully we’ll know soon!

    On Friday nights I like my brain to be rebooted..Big J of Sunset Sherbert followed by another of 🦍 glue. Feeling real nice. Thx Medman/crew for making this possible!

    @TheProfessor I bet that rainbow chip is going to be 🔥!! @medboy @LoudnCo @medmama can we request some premium Rainbow Chip?? (In case you come across it)

  • @funkynugz is that Purple Kush? Or BlackBerry OG? Could even be that mystery purple strain? 😎

  • @funkynugz @superman38NC I'd recognize that batch of PK anywhere. I'm down to my last 1/8th still waiting on that premium batch of sticky icky pk.

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    @superman38NC the Rainbow Chip is just amazing! It’s my perfect wake n bake! This is the third or fourth time I’ve had it, and by far the strongest batch. It would definitely be a big hit here if they could find it. Naturally, I find my favorite strain and it’s $45 for a 1/10th (prepackaged). Yes, that means $450 an oz or $225 a half. 😳. I’d really love to see it here!

  • @superman38NC @MNTDWLER
    I pulled a fast one on y’all. It’s roach weed 😆 So a mashup of probably 15-20 strains based on the roach count in the ashtray. My roach tin filled up, so wtf? Tell ya though w/e was in there messed me up 100%. Gotta do what you gotta do 😎

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    @funkynugz I swear the purple kush is just as black lol. I'm on glue today and forgetting every moment of it. Vaping at 370° has me leaning 45° what a stupendous way to burn a Saturday.

  • just got off work early.. and came straight for a fat bowl of Dolato, followed by a couple green hits of the Purple Punch. feeling ... very good!! awesome Saturday combo.. very psychoactive, too.. lol. looking forward to chilling out all day. watching the call of duty major #1 probably for a while..

    @funkynugz that explains it!! my mind went to the same place theirs did; i thought that has to be a dark purp strain like PK or Forbidden Fruit or something.. but even then, i left the thread still feeling "not right"

    haha.. bet it was strong af. tho.

    @TheProfessor nice!! definitely a great pickup. also waiting for it to eventually come here.

    @superman38NC i think i remember that same premium batch of WC from back around that same time, the really good one.. i feel like this batch is right up there, but a little more 'dank-leaning' i.e. more gas/diesel tones.. almost like a chem or OG might have.. but also with the cookies influence too.. that's another reason i thought specifically you'd like this batch bc it hits a little harder and more gas than any pheno of WC i've had previously. but, at the same time- it's obv. hard to go wrong when we are lucky to have the great selection that we do

    have a great weekend all!

  • I got my premium wedding cake, Jupiter og and premium icecream cake! I am loving these strains!

  • @v32Finish now I’m very excited to get WC!..I feel like the Dead Head OG mama had is very close with similar dank aroma..I’m a sucker for anything WC through so anxiously awaiting for that and ChemDawg 😎

    @TheProfessor 🤞🏼 Rainbow Chip makes a presence here this yr!

  • This afternoon it's gonna be royal kush, not too heavy not too light

  • My Sundae Driver morning is giving way to a Sunset Sherbet afternoon as I settle in to get some work done before tomorrow.

  • @TheProfessor we're on the same wave length. My ROYAL KUSH gave way to sunset sherbert this afternoon. My grinders already full of BlackBerry Octane for this evening. 💚🍀💤

  • @TheProfessor hey have u tried the Layer Cake? 31.36% Look up its parents. Its nice. Blueberry was also in. Its funny that several strains on the menu are at the disp currently. Its the tenth thing that kills me. And having days. But it is better now than wen I first went a year ago. I still wud b in bad shape if not for this site. This site is the ish

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