What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Has anyone tried the discount indoor zookies?

  • Appreciate the update! @TheProfessor I think it’s awesome you and your wife can share your love of herb together! I was considering ordering more Sherbert or Sweeties but then Frank hit the board 🧟‍♂️. I did receive some of the latest Wedding Cake. Textbook 🔥 WC!

  • @superman38NC haha! i wasn't sure if you ended up grabbing some. glad you got to try the WC. like you said, classic. i haven't had, like.. millions of batches or anything, but i've probably had WC maybe.. 10-12 times in my life? maybe not quite that many? and either way, i'm pretty sure this one is definitely up there in the top 2-3.

    i was also interested in the sweeties and more SS.. great minds.. but i went ahead and went with the WC/Fire Cookies split. i was kinda bummed i only got an 8th of that WC in the beginning (and went thru it quickly), so.. i had already decided to pair that with 1 other strain, and i had to give it to the fire cookies this time around.

    either way, just grateful to have access to great medicine.

    @907ak420 the discount zookies are very well-received around here. pretty sure many ppl have ordered & DO like em. @Rubygirl816 were you one of the zookies? (or the ones who liked it rather? lol)

    i took note of those also...

  • ( i just read the description of Fire Cookies again and yeah.. the combination of GSC and OG kush is just something to behold. lol i will update for sure when receiving this one!)

  • @v32Finish thanks, I think ima stick with the BlackBerry octane while it is on the board. The Icecream cake and wedding cake are very nice dense bud. I have deadhead og, golden pineapple, more wedding cake, orange kush cake and lava cake on the way. I am trying very hard not to go and try some of these many, many strains medmama has.

  • lol... sometimes i go thru phases.. it's hard not to, sometimes.

    my self-control fluctuates.. but even tho i splurge often, i have also reached a place where i try to 'make it count'. ya know? i try to at least wait for something that i think is really special. they... make it hard at times, with the menu as crazy as it gets sometimes. hey, let me know about the BBO if you don't mind. i am really interested in the octane and the GMO but i'm too hesitant to order after being on the menu so long.

    def curious how the quality is and if it's dried out or anything.. but yeah that's one strain that looked pretty ridiculous in the earlier reviews.

  • @v32Finish same here. Ive probably had 6-7 batches off this site. The premium mama had is still #1 imo, but this batch is very close to perfection too. I have some WC beans I can’t wait to pop. Definitely a strain I’ll enjoy until I can’t anymore 😎

  • Today after work will be a heavy hitter with some added concentrate kick. It’s not even 10:30 yet...ugh!

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    @TheProfessor having the same day. Ton's of rain..spring behind my shop is now a river and so's the pain I'm currently trying BB octane and Bear OG shatter. I hope you can skip out a little early and get the meds you need. PS I had to deal with an inept driveway company until late last night I understand that..ugh all too well 🤯

  • @MNTDWLER Let me know how that Bear OG works for you

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    @LifeLong14 it's everything that it's said to be. @MigraineWarrior79 was oh so right with her recommendation. It hits fast adding a pretty much instantaneous mellowing effect that got my attention 🤪. I like it beyond a da doo of a shout lol. The high is super..it's got me lulled into a peaceful mindset and it hits the body strong relaxing the muscles and easing pain . I recommend this as a late afternoon or early evening indulgence.

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    Switched to Wedding Cake and Dark Star terp sauce, it's exactly the combination I was looking for. The balanced WC is toned down by DS leaving me super stoned with no worries, no stress and with pretty nice pain relief ☺️. The difference between DS and BOG are very subtle and the only way I can describe it is that the DS is a little more mental than the BOG . Between the combination of the four different strains I've vaped, something's worked I forgot to take another hit 🤪 "It's a Good Thing" I don't think or at least I hope not to see the end of the "first four" tonight 😴. @TheProfessor good luck on your afternoon endeavors your only one day away from the weekend 👍

  • That is true my friend, @MNTDWLER. It was a day...but it's getting better. Got home and brought out the bong! Filled the octobowl with Skywalker OG and a nice layer of Bear OG shatter...I am well on my way to being baked! Just one more day!

  • @TheProfessor let me know how the Bear OG treats you. It's exactly what I needed around 11.00 laid me back for almost 3 hours. Then i switched to DS as I was making room in my c/vault for my BOG. It set the mood for for my afternoon. The Bear OG is a night time player in my lineup for sure.

  • Oh I like the Bear OG shatter @MNTDWLER! This is from late '19 maybe, but still hits hard! It's never made the "sleep" cut for me, but it's sure a great couch-locker for watching TV or snuggling with the Mrs.! I generally mix it with flower, which I think tempers the "high" so to speak. And yet, I'm incredibly stoned!

  • @TheProfessor I don't see much sleep in anything now days but just as you said a nice cuddle up couch locker..yeah I do the very same thing with flower. it keeps my lil receptors a bit happier with room for more the next time. Just a dab in a elbow pack is like doing 3 sessions of the strongest flower in one hit....Soothing to say the least.

  • I got my deadhead og, orange kush, golden pineapple, and wedding cake today. I'm loving these strains. But tempted to order the ice cream cake and BlackBerry octane while they're on the board.

  • @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor

    I typically will dab this or the Prem HK from Medma in the afternoon after a day of doing domestic chores, lol. Then, I kick back and watch some TV, find myself snorin. Lol

  • @MigraineWarrior79 it most assuredly has hy hillbilly hippie butt locked into a little college basketball right now. "Go Shockers" I hope to be doing some snoring by the middle of the UCLA Michigan State game myself.

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    Been one of those weeks..it's Fri afternoon and I'm burning down the house 🔥..already vaped a few bowls each of Citrus Haze..Biscotti..and lastly Strawberry Diesel..feeling good and the night is young. Happy Friday folks😎

  • i just got started myself @superman38NC . had one of the worst weeks @ work that i can remember in literally years. but hey, it's over, right?? :mrgreen:

    the wedding cake cut thru the first few layers pretty damn quick tho. :joy: i probably will move on to the blue dream x tangie after this for a bit of a sativa pop. happy friday all!!!!

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    Purple Kush for a late afternoon treat, I feel the plethora of purple pulling me..purple kush..purple punch and maybe even the sunset sherbert in the bottom of my grinder. @TheProfessor I hope your 🐢's drain'em all night long and your women's teams follow suit. 😁

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    We’re enjoying Sunset Sherbet and getting ready for tip-off! @MNTDWLER, hope you had a great day with your youngsters...we sure did!😊. Thank you sir, Go Terps!!😁. The ladies play Monday afternoon!

  • Broke open some outdoor OG from MedMama. Got it as a sub. It's really good. Nothing fancy, but really welcome the simplicity of it.

  • Got bored after dinner tonight.
    Kosher Dog trapped in a
    Sprite Pow’rHitter 🥤💨

    Stay lifted folks ♨️

  • Just hit a little HK shatter for a pain free night night time

  • What I've been doing lately...

    Morning: XJ-13, Jack Herer, or Space Queen
    Mid Afternoon: Gelato, MAC, Sundae Driver, or Sherbert
    Night: Bubba, Blackberry, NL, or Frankenstein

  • Nice, I gotta try that out with my next freebie doobie.

  • You learn something new every day, @funkynugz!

  • @NOLA504 sounds like a perfect lineup. mine usually looks something like that as well.

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