What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • What a day! I went straight for the Sunset Sherbet for a mood adjustment!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 girl I've been working on getting low all day. Thanks for the direction in my concentrate consumption. I don't have any BOG or OC but you've steered me into my forbidden fruit diamonds with a pudc chaser. I'll be a different man in 10 minutes.


    I smoked half a j of Jager, then followed 10 minutes later some Bear OG.
    I'm in clouds!

    That BOG is something awesome! 😁💨💚

    @Rubygirl816 @MoonMan5
    Get that Bear OG!

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    @MigraineWarrior79 now I’m excited to get my ChemDawg order! Snuck a .5 g addon of the Bear OG shatter..saving up for a sampler which I’ll probably include more of that if it’s available.

    I’ve been building an outdoor play set for 3 straight days 🤪. Back is killing me and my dogs are barking..trying to decide what I’m going to smoke tonight..haven’t had any all day by choice..hmmm Ice Cream Cake..BlackBerry OG..White Rhino..Goriila Glue..Sunset Sherbert..and bunch more options for pain relief ..🤷🏼

  • @superman38NC

    It doesn't disappoint! Now, I understand why the flower goes so quickly when it's on the board. 🤪

  • I’ll be honest when I saw the Bear OG Shatter drop I immediately checked the flower anticipating it too drop.Sometimes the flower and shatter go hand in hand with the shippers. I’m sure it will return hopefully soon.

  • definitely on my list, that Bear OG.. i missed it the last couple times. but def wanna try it. Salmon River OG was really actually amazing also . would be real happy to see either of those return!

  • @MoonMan5

    You won't be disappointed! I took one hit yesterday and my eyes just about shut!

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    Me currently

  • I'm going to be hitting the indoor flower Slurricane, also known by its Spanish name "Slurricana." You know how sometimes you can tell something, just by looking? Yeah, it's that good looking.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 oh so many memories. My girl ya got me bobbin & weavin while I post. I've got a little of the Chronic on my bt speakers on my wheelchair lol.

  • Smoking my spoon this afternoon and sticking with my Sunset Sherbet (got more on the way!) but with a little kick. Threw in a layer of med. disp. Sherbhead ice hash....wow!

  • Today it will be the Sweeties for the first time. I just saw the postman drop a little white box in my mailbox, so I ran home to get it inside. Medmama honored my 2 ounce split of Sweeties and Sunset Sherbet. Both look great! The SS looks just like her last batch (same grower?) and the Sweeties we’re pretty loud upon opening the package smelling strongly of berries and honey. Looking forward to the end of the day...can’t wait to try some Sweeties!

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    @TheProfessor Fantastic catch, have a great Friday evening with both of your sweeties. Today's after work fair is Biscotti the smell is as sweet as the name. I just decided to get a headstart on my weekend by eating 150mg of gummies.

  • @TheProfessor that sweeties sounds great! As does the sunset sherbet. I’m with @MNTDWLER hitting that biscotti! Props to the grower @medmama. Hope that returns next season.

  • @superman38NC I just finished a zip & a half of sunset sherbert and still have another oz . Great stuff as for the Biscotti dead on too. As I posted I have no patience so I'm trying the purple punch. Beautiful flower I can't put my finger on the aroma but "yee doggies it's sweet" the high in a lullaby you might want to try. 😁

  • One can NEVER have enough Sunset Sherbet!😁

  • So, I just hit my long awaited HOG, followed by Hindu Kush shatter.
    Let's just say I could just slllllide outta my chair, lol!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 y'er HOG wild girl. I'm glad your on the floor on a Friday lol. I haven't been on the floor since I stopped drinking 20yr's ago, well only on certain occasions I'll hoist a dozen.

  • @TheProfessor which do you favor between what batches are on the board now..Sunset Sherbert or Sweeties?

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    Hey @superman38NC I just got home a little bit ago and got out the new toys to play with! I had to do a little rearranging of strains and jars to make room, got them filled, labeled and put away! The Sunset Sherbet looks and smells virtually identical to the last batch. I haven't had time to enjoy any as I've been excited to try the Sweeties.

    First bowl and first impression is why has Sweeties been on the board for over two weeks ...and it took me a week to pull the trigger? Sweeties is fantabulous and I will not hesitate on The Sweeties again! It's different than Sunset Sherbet for sure, but you can taste and feel the GSC genetics. That said, it hits more like the Rainbow Chip I have. A similar mental euphoria and relaxation, but with more physical energy. I'm stoned and happily writing...then I think I'll clean up around here a little bit before the wife gets home. This is my first time with Sweeties...and at the moment I'm definitely favoring it. Note: this could very possibly change when I try the new Sunset Sherbet!😁😎😉

  • Jack Herrer

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    Having my second taste of Better Than Yours, which came today along with Violet Vixen. My first thought: remember Willie's Wonder, from Loud last year? That's what it reminds me of. With all this great outdoor, it's impossible for me to sort and classify like I want to. Which one is the best? Answer: All of them, it seems. Whichever one I'm using at the moment? (Ok, not Mystery Outdoor or Mystery Premium. Those are not very good.)

    At any rate, BTY is another big-time hit. Recommended re-order for sure. Incredibly smooth. One of the most pleasant vaping experiences I've had and yet I cannot discern any of the terpenes. Maybe it's a COVID-19 thing. The fruity strains, like Guava, and more medicinal/floral strains, like Violet Vixen, are clear and obvious to me. This one draws a blank but I can feel the effects in my muscles...the fist unclenches. Aah. Relief. I get the sense I'll sleep well.

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    @TheProfessor great review as always our dear Professor. I've had my eyes on sweeties as well. I love gsc and the rbc from all I have read is a succulent ride,so sweeties is right up my alley. I will order some if it hangs around for a few more days. Thanks again. 💚💨🍀

  • Appreciate hearing about the Sweeties @TheProfessor. It's on my list for sure!

  • Thx! @TheProfessor for the review on Sweeties! Very enticing for sure. I love anything GSC so I’ll keep an eye on this one. If it’s anything like the GMO or BlackBerry Octane maybe it will stick around for a while.

    Also thx @georgetirebiter for the Better Than Yours review..I remember the Willies Wonder but I didn’t grab any. These outdoor flowers from Mama have been crushing it lately.

  • Sweeties is definitely a winner! It's our wake-n-bake this Saturday morning and it's doing a fine job. A solid and strong stoniness in the head and behind the eyes...so very mentally relaxing and calming, but without the desire to stretch out. I won't be driving or operating heavy equipment today...but I'll get much done! Sweeties seems to be an awesome wake-n-bake for us indica enthusiasts @MNTDWLER! The wife and I discussed it's possible THC content (with my med. card here in OH we've gotten to sample some 35-38% GSC genetics) and she thinks it's up in the mid to upper 20s%. She pointed out that it hits every bit as hard as the 27% Rainbow Chip we have, but maybe not as hard as the 30% batch we have.😳 She a discerning woman that knows her cannabis...I should hang on to this one.😁 @superman38NC, if it hangs around too much longer, I may reorder some.

    But....@georgetirebiter now you have me very interested in that BTY. I've been eyeing that as well (very little chatter about it...could see it hang around for a little bit longer) and was hoping see a decent review...and yours are unequaled. The outdoor selection has been incredible...now you got me talking the wife into making another order...:"Honey, it's just outdoor...it's not that much...." That BTY sounds essential...curse you GTB! J/K

    Have a great Saturday everybody!

  • @superman38NC After over 24 hours with each, both smoked and vaped, I must honestly report that while I’ve found a new top “couple” wake-n-bakes with Sweeties, I do indeed favor the new batch of Sunset Sherbet. In fact, we’ve been watching movies all afternoon switching between the new batch of Sunset Sherbet and last month’s Sunset Sherbet. While very similar, if last months was a 8.5-9/10, this batch is a 9-9.5 in terms of strength/effects. The Wife agrees. Good stuff this Sunset Sherbet!😎😉

  • @TheProfessor good to know I put back this weeks order of sunset sherbert. While I work my way through the last batch. It's nice to know that it only gets better 😊 My wife and I have switched to Wedding Cake, I understand everyone's enthusiasm about this one With its fast onset, a seductress that's lulling us into a welcomed complacency. Thanks to everyone who recommended this..you weren't wrong 😁

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    That’s what we’ll be doing as well @MNTDWLER, we still have at least an 1/8th of the last batch we’ll finish up first...but just had to take it for a ride today! Enjoy the Wedding Cake...heard nothing but raves about this premium batch! We ran out of an older batch of WC a couple of weeks ago...always good medicine!

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