What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



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    definitely gelato is a worthy strain to be hoarded. lol. i am nursing the very last 2-3g of my own homegrown gelato 33. it was pretty amazing.. didn't have the structure i wouldve liked, due to a couple different factors .. (having too weak of a light, as well as other factors like stress or an excess of nitrogen in flower, can cause buds to be 'airy' or lose their compactness/density. this is in addition to their genetic predisposition) -- but it was the LOUDEST, terpiest, greasiest one of the bunch . . (lol salivating here talking about gelato)

    either which way, i think this is a perfect example of how the GSC genetics have a very wide-reaching diversity, in the profiles and effects and flavors that can be achieved. i can bet that bacio gelato from mama is better than my auto .. and i have never had Bacio before.

    interesting page:

  • @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor @v32Finish

    I have the perfect "hiding" spot where I'm going to keep this wonderful Gelato and the other half I ordered today of Frankenstein da Dankenstien.

    I'm going to try to not touch unless it's desperation. 😋💚💨

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    @MigraineWarrior79 nice!! hehe. i have basically done the same; i have about 3-4 different strains kinda vaulted so to speak, bc i only have a few g's to maybe a quarter left, of each.. so i kinda do the same! don't hide them technically speaking, but i put them in my other place further away, in the back, harder to reach, etc etc

    glad you got something special to tuck away!! .. hehe

    @TheProfessor i have noticed that the higher the quality of the flower, sometimes it will literally last for ages with little to no decline. sounds like that's the case w. your Grape Ape. the first flower that popped into my head which was like that, for me, was that AFK . . i had a couple small nugs in a large jar, which would have crumbled any other flower i had at the time.. and that stuff just seemed to continue to cure away.. unbelievable . ( @LoudnCo any chance? hit up the old hippy guy :sunglasses: tell him to pop a few of those beans, get the cut, whatever he gotta do we need more of that AFK !! heheh )

    hope everyone has a great evening!


  • Got some papaya sorbet today, the stuffs nice and dense like BlackBerry octane but alot more harsh. More layer cake too, boy this is the best strain I've come across for my darn knee joint degeneration pain. Certain days the pain level is off the scale! It's my barometric pressure reader, when storms are coming the dang knee starts it's own heart beat and shoots pain.

  • Yeah, I'm trying to numb my aches and pains with a King Louis--Jack Herrer combo

  • I needed a truly sweet indica this afternoon so I chose purple kush. It's body numbing effects and spacey high have me medicated just enough to seek further treatment 🙃

  • Good choice @MNTDWLER...Purple Kush sounds perfect for the rainy Saturday afternoon here!🙂

  • A bowl of Papaya Cake followed by a dab of La Confidential topped with Ice cream cake diamonds...
    It feels like I'm laying on a fluffy cloud!

  • Checked the mail late last night "not expecting anything yet" found papaya cake. 😁 @MigraineWarrior79 you were right on target, what a perfect recipe for my sunday morning..ptsd calming, pain subsiding and sweet to boot. The high let me slow down and enjoy the fact that Spring has sprung!! Watching bear deer raccoons woodpeckers along with a passel of perturbed mountain mongrels so far today . Hope all my MM family are having a great day. Dwelling content 😊


    That's what I'm smoking this morning as well! It's a great chill strain. It's all green out here with hummingbirds, doves, cardinals, blue jays, and ducks!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 the dogwoods the dogwoods are showing their first signs of life up here. Trying louds Biscotti for a night time treat, eyes are red and heavy and I am plesanly stoned..my wife got a case of the giggles what more can you ask for from a simple flower. I was subbed for Frank my fault I should've ordered sooner so far I'm happy, happy,happy but still looking for that knock you on your keister indica .

  • Another indica afternoon chilling with my last bud of jahgoo. It's one of my favorites and I hope it hits the board again soon. 🤪

  • Probably going to check out the package that was just delivered. It should be my second Sunset Sherbet/Bacio split. They’d both dropped off the menu for about a week then popped back up...same grower?? I hope so!

    Also hoping that all these great indica hybrids stay on the menu through the weekend. There are several strains I’ll be picking up on 420 if they stick around: Cherry Pie, Slurricane, Forbidden Fruit, Layer Cake...so many awesome choices.

  • The mail gods have blessed me, unfortunately no danky frankie in my foreseeable future. my fault Frank didn't make the cut. No problems with my order at all..so now I'm enjoying this sweet smack ya in da mouth premo biscotti from @LoudnCo. Now I'm a cookie monster in any form..cross that with g#25 and it makes my brain smile nuff said. BTW papaya cake replaced frank in the batting order with no complaints from me. @TheProfessor I love this board and would like to wait until 4/20 but I pulled the trigger on forbidden fruit, what's 10% right ? Thinking about how @LoudnCo has several flower vacancies to be filled hopefully at least one is a pass out in your cornflakes indica. 😁 Add a couple of the same in concentrates from each shipper and what a holiday indeed.

  • I’m with you @MNTDWLER...I love this board...missed out on the FF...trying to be patient. I couldn’t agree more, we need some “pass out in your cornflakes” indica on the menu! 🤣. We’ll have to see what’s on the menu when the code drops. 😎
    Wish I could help you out with some of the Blueberry and Platinum OG I have from the dispensary. Not super high percentages but boy do they close the eyelids!😴 They’re always the last bowl at night and for any wake-ups! Consistency!

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    @TheProfessor there's no doubt I missed out on forbidden fruit, I ordered around 2 or 3 and hadn't noticed it has dropped off the board. Maybe just maybe I'll get lucky. 🤞 My luck always runs the other way through lol. I also ordered a 4g split of Runtz and ice cream cake terp sauce..not much confidence on them staying on the board. But then again "luck", they will probably stay up until July 4th lol. Talk about consistency I fired the pax up with bacio after doctors this afternoon.. I did quite the turn around after a sh../ crappy day, I navigated many miles with with many smiles . Oh I did finally break down and splurge on the budkups humidor tin..🙂

  • @MNTDWLER it's a Bacio afternoon here...it does have a way of turning things around after a sh!tty day! I've been having way too many of those lately...but there's always cannabis when I get home!😎😁. Enjoy the budkups humidor...it's pretty cool idea...and very functional!

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    @TheProfessor I dug deep down into last year crops and pulled out two wonderful 3g specimens of jager. Put one back and a piece of one under the grinder for tonight. I'd forgotten how big and uniform the bud's are.

  • That sounds amazing @MNTDWLER! It's been a long time since I've had Jager...the infamous outdoor batch of long long ago. When it came back around I just didn't want to ruin the magic (and I still had a couple of big buds left).😁 But that even seems long ago now. Enjoy my friend! We're hitting some of what's left of our Purple Kush...a yummy bedtime warm-up.😎

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    @TheProfessor your right the magic wasn't nearly as dazzling on this batch. What it lacks in the potency department it more than makes up in flavor. The taste of fennel comes through at the very end of the exhale.. fruity, woody, floral and spicy, sounds like a girl " I'll call her lola granola" I dated in college. 😉 I still have 3 or 4 med sized nuggets of pk and I anticipate it's arrival with every new board. Here's to jager my friend. 💚💨🍀

  • Open the mailbox today to find a miraculous 3 day delivery from @medmama unfortunately no Forbidden Fruit "damn that went fast" but the Cherry Pie stinks so wonderfully when I opened the 2nd mylar bag. Just on a quick inspection the bud's are small and dark green with little brownish orange hairs peaking about not a lot of crystals but some. The smell is that of sweet berries with a following rush of pinene and skunky hash at the very end. Caryophyllene and myrcene floral notes blend well with the sweet berrie on the inhale with a satisfying skunky, hashy exhale. It's a creeper and as it washes over my body I'm relaxed but not locked into one place in my wheelchair. "yep it works that way" All in all a very satisfying and sedating afternoon vape session.

  • Thx for the feedback on that Cherry pie! @MNTDWLER been wondering about it. I’m planning to pick something up for the 420 sale..right now trying to burn through my existing stock..the Larry OG, Frank, Purple OG Kush, and Mama’s outdoor Biscotti have been my evening picks as of late.

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    Opened up the chest and found Donkey Butter staring at me. We looked at each other really hard...it had been awhile so I decided to take this a$$ for a ride! Hee Haw!

    It's not FF, but nice score on the Cherry Pie @MNTDWLER! That's one of my wife's favorites...and I like it too!😎 Was also thinking about the "Blu Magoo." In all my searching, I can't find anything on "Blu" Magoo. There is, however a Blue Magoo, which is a sleepy 85/15 cross of DJ Short's Blueberry and William's Wonder (a landrace Afghani Indica descendent)...which does not match the menu description of "happy and energizing." Hmmm. If it is in fact, Blue Magoo, it might be the heaviest flower on the menu. If it's still up when the code drops, I'm grabbing some.

  • G33 FTW 🙌🏽
    A new top10!

  • @funkynugz Always gotta love a new Top 10! I've yet to meet a Gelato strain that I haven't loved!

  • @TheProfessor I have searched and searched myself and no info on blu magoo, I found the same thing as you with DJ Shorts Blueberry and I'm all for happy but the simple word energizing is holding me back. I've been amped up enough lately without any help. @medmama please clarifying lineage

  • @funkynugz i assume you're referring to the current batch of gelato 33? has to be ... lemme guess, you ordered some after hearing the hype bout it being good, and now received yours!! lol

    (and i'm STILL bout to order some but i KNOW DAMN WELL if i order anything rn, there will immediately be a restock and 420 code drop :D ) but yeah damn man. i do love gelato. there's a reason it got so popular. it's got it all.. the looks, the FLAVOR goddamn.. but especially, the effect. it's got that complex, powerful, bad-ass effect. such nuance thru-out the range

  • That worries me too @MNTDWLER...that’s a major issue for me as well...maybe we can get some clarification. It does say that it’s indica dominant on the menu. Wonder what this “Blu Magoo” really is?? Is it Blue Magoo?? 🧐. @medboy any info for sativa sensitive patients like myself?

  • I was so stoned that’s all I could manage to type without having to retype it 10x 🤣 it’s Good shit Maynard! Grab you some before it slides under the barn door.

    I figure a 10% savings shouldn’t stop my mail carrier from making their appointed rounds 😉 Stuff showed up in less than 6 days too (Fri PM - Thurs AM). Made my day being ahead of ID’s “In Transit” notification for a change. Ymmv.

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    Blu Magoo has been my wake n bake . Expect more energy than "DJ Short's Blueberry". 60/40 indica I'd say. @TheProfessor

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