What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Dang @Moochy sorry your having these issues. Sometimes you get multiples of the confirmation email and payment received emails.. but I’ve never not received an order. I’ve had a couple fall threw the cracks but they were legit mistakes that were rectified.

  • @moochy did you check the block chain explorer?
    If you didnt send the right amount you would still see the transaction unless it possibly was sent to the wrong wallet.

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  • Received 🧟‍♂️ this morning and been burning it all day..such a pleasant tasting strain!..❤️ the exhale especially. Some really gorgeous buds. Thx @LoudnCo for grabbing that again! Hope it stays on rotation. Big props to the grower!

  • This afternoon's fair is pointing towards a Gelato tip-off treat. Enjoy your day everyone and to all you roundball fans, I hope your team wins 😎

  • It’s been a Sundae Driver (cart) day as I’m copiloting a brief trip to SW PA to check on my old man...I haven’t been able get here since COVID and he’s pushing 90.🙂. Carts and budkups only on this trip. I’m an awesome navigator @MNTDWLER, especially when I’m well medicated!😜 The lady Terps play tonight!🏀🐢

  • @TheProfessor Have a great day with dad my friend, I took care of my mother until she passed at the age of 95 it was trying at times,but the the memories fill my heart every day. I drive my wife nuts..i like to get "lost" exploring lol. Over the years I've found some of the coolest people and out of the way places by taking a compass point and letting things play out. You know I'm rooting for the Terps since my ladies dropped.🐢🏀

  • I got my lava cake, and zookies smalls. The Z.S. not a bad high, lava cakes a good heavy hitter that makes pain in ma knee melt away. I cannot wait to get the layer cake too. I read that the layer cake is very sedative.

  • Well as we all know works a four letter word 😎 so I'm having a wedding cake and pudc shatter sandwich in my dd's concentrate adapter. That first hits a game changer 🤪

  • @MNTDWLER not even a year retired and I’m almost wishing I was workin some. Almost. Or maybe I’m just wishing the wife would get a job so she’d get out of whatever few fukin hairs I have left on my head 🤪

    Still stoned from todays WnB session. Will need reinforcement soon, a slice of Layer Cake is imminent.

  • @funkynugz the secret is having a place to go before words start to fly lol. I know my marriage wouldn't have lasted if I hadn't put a couch t.v. and stereo in my shop 😊. Hey sometimes I'm such an ass🕳 I can't even stand myself . Working with the wedding cake and this beautiful orange colored PUDC shatter. This is about 3x more than I need lol.

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    @MNTDWLER reading some of your posts, we seem to be two peas in a pod my brother (passes MntDwler a cone ——>)

    Yeah this scene is definitely feelin kinda cramped atm. TBH think I may need my own house at this point 😆 But Cheeto Breath makes it all better for now.
    Stay lifted ♨️

  • @MNTDWLER did you see the diamonds and terp sauce loud put up? I really want to try the runtz. I just placed an order yesterday so I’m going wait a couple days.

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    @Rubygirl816 I haven't seen the new terp sauces. I just received 4g's of dark star one of my favorites. I'll have to check it out and see what new offerings are up for my little mind lol. WOW the Runtz sauce does look enticing I may have to make room in my concentrate vault. When DS hits the board again you gotta give it a try it really is a spacey..head in the clouds high 🤪

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    As long as no one has demon horns coming out of their heads, I'm a happy man.

    Also: I have a drumset and I'm not afraid to retreat to it and bang loudly.

  • My afternoon headey high is Afghan goo with a forbidden fruit diamonds topper. @TheProfessor "flying upside down" is really working for me my friend. I hope the navigator seat treats you well on your journey back to reality 🙂

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    We’re happy and safe at home @MNTDWLER, thank you, sir! It was a gorgeous day for a road trip and I was an amazing navigator!😎 It was a quick trip, but it went pretty well...I survived my father and even talked him into coming here this summer..of course we’ll go get him and take him back. He hasn’t come here in over 20 years. I haven’t told my siblings yet...they’re going to sh!t! What was I thinking???!?!😳😊

    Stopped at the med. dispensary on the way into town and picked up some Sunset Sherbet (27%) to compare with the latest Medmama premium. After a couple bowls of each (it was a long three days!) @medmama ‘s stacks up very well... it’s got to be close to that 27%. Funny thing, the grower in Ohio is Woodward, which has gained such a reputation that my dispensary puts a daily limit on Woodward flower. @georgetirebiter have you had an opportunity to check out any Woodward products? They got a batch of maybe 8 strains all packaged in 1/5ths (yep, only in Ohio). I was limited to two total 1/5ths...and it had to be two different strains...what a way to run a dispensary....😒. I ended up with Sunset Sherbet and Apple Fritter (a new one for us). What a shame...they wouldn’t sell me more and it will be gone tomorrow.☹️ Quality cannabis though. Also picked up some THC infused hand cream for my arthritis...wonderful stuff for aches and pains!

  • A fifth of cannabis please.

    Ohio liquor control must’ve had a hand in that one 😉
    Be nice to walk in some place in Ohio one day and buy something. though I’ve been inside enough dispensaries elsewhere that the novelty of legal purchasing isn’t as strong nowadays ... with MM around.

  • @funkynugz yeah, I’m not crazy about the system, but it is nice to be legal. 😎 Because of the cost alone, I still buy the majority of medicine here! I’ve only had my card about a year, but finding @medicineman three years ago changed my life!🙂

  • @TheProfessor ditto man, ditto. Relying on or even trying to find a local plug when you’re a geezer is a bitch 😢 An admin of a group on fb told me to road trip to Michigan. Guess their red gear has gotten “rea$onable” and apparently you can buy full zips.

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    Deadhead og, not a bad high. I'll maybe mix it up with some BlackBerry octane kief and bud

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    Chilling with some of last year's white rhino this afternoon. Enjoying the super stoned buzz that has most definitely helped beat down this mornings problematic beginnings. @MigraineWarrior79 was thinking of you when I pulled out some hog for later on..I still have a couple of buds that go over 3g's. It's a hard one to start vaping because it's probably my favorite terp profile and once I start I don't want to stop until it's gone.

  • Back to work...so looking forward to getting home and hitting something strong...to shake this day off! Maybe Sunset Sherbet, or maybe I’ll go all in with the Bacio and hit the couch.😎


    That's such a great indica! I'm chilling out with @LoudnCo Gelato. It's so great!

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    @MigraineWarrior79 been enjoying some of medmammas Bacio Gelato myself lately. That one's a beautiful evening smoke just like all Gelatos I still have a bit of #33 Gelato I dip into occasionally but it's down to nothing..just like my white rhino 😕


    This is the 1st time I have Gelato flower of any kind; before I've only had carts & concentrates.
    This is SO good!

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    @MigraineWarrior79 wow then you are having a treat. I keep at least one Gelato in my medicine vault not to be confused with my medicine cabinet I usually have several different strains but only a few in the vault "open only in case of emergency" and there's always room for Gelato 😊 I do remember my first time though 😁

  • Oh, this is going to be hoarded! Haha! 😜 @MNTDWLER

  • @MigraineWarrior79 hoard away baby girl I know it works for me lol. The hardest part is knowing it's there..waiting for you.

  • ...always waiting @MNTDWLER @MigraineWarrior79...well hidden...but I do try to check on the boveda's with them at least monthly.😁 Got to at least check them, look at them, drool over them, even if I have the willpower to only smoke them in case of emergency. I still have some of the finest Grape Ape I've ever had...some of the finest relaxation/sleep I've ever had. It's well over a year old and looks and seems to hit the same as always.

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