What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • @PCT90 how is it? My order should be here tomorrow and I ordered purple agave. Is it nice???

  • @Mr4Sher Honestly, I'm not sure, yet. My tolerance could be high or my allergies are acting up, subtracting from the high.

    I'll give you a more in depth answer once my tolerance drops or my allergies clear up. Cannabis never seems to work well for me when I'm congested. My apartment has no furnace so no furnace filter, just baseboard heaters & I'm apparently not getting enough when I dust or there's mold in the walls, I mean this building was constructed originally back in the early 1900's originally so that probably isn't too far outside the realm of possibility.

  • @PCT90 mine just came in. I haven't tried it yet. Going to try to give it a week with a boveda but my curiosity will probably get the best of me...

  • Haha, probably.

  • @Mr4Sher I think that Private in the beginning of Pineapple Express said it best, "like a warm butter pat melting over a large pile of flapjacks". That's what Purple Agave feels like to me super relaxed but not so debilitating that it affects my ability to get things done.

  • @Mr4Sher As for the palette, my taste buds have never really been all that well refined when it comes to tasting the subtle notes of something that I'm smoking so, I can't really tell. However, I wouldn't mind getting your opinion then I can try to realize that with my next hit.

  • @PCT90 OK buddy I will tonight. I got purple og funk with my agave and I tried it last night. Honestly the purple funk is a strange strain. The buds(if you can call them that) are tiny little pieces smaller than a pea. It doesn't have much of a smell or flavor. Pretty dry too. I'm sure all this is why it was discounted.... But the effects are solid. Very long lasting high. Relaxing but not couch locking. Very happy with it for the price. Imma try the agave around 420... Will let ya know.

  • @PCT90 OK, I finally got to smoke today and went with the purple agave. It came like my Purple og funk. Tiny buds or pieces the size of a pea or smaller. The agave smells nice. Kinda Skunky with a hint of flower. It's grinded up nice and seemed moist. Taste wasn't real strong but definitely had a floral taste. Idk like lavender or something. The buzz is nice and relaxing. Im pretty high but I smoked like 6 bowls out of the beaker. I'm really happy with the Purple agave and purple og funk for being discounted. Super stoned and satisfied!

  • I liked the purple agave. I got some with a split of the Bacio before they discounted the last of the Purple Agave. So my buds were small to medium but not popcorn or anything. I only smoked one bowl of it the other night real late but the high hit pretty instantly and the taste was just fine. Nothing mind blowing from the smell and taste department but got a nice instant fairly heavy buzz.
    Will be able to give a better review after I puff it a few more times throughout this week.

  • @posternugbag Yeah it's a solid strain. The high hits fast and hard but doesn't last long. Still nice. Purple OG Funk(outdoor)>Purple Agave(indoor) imo.

  • Caramel Cake is top notch. Stoned.

  • Northern Lights is hitting just right for a Sunday afternoon...

  • NL is a great choice @Mr4Sher I’m testing out the GMO from Merlin and it’s 🔥..always try to grab some when it hits the board

  • @superman38NC Yeah I love GMO. I'm currently working through a half zip of that too. Not from this site tho... I have had GMO from Loud before but never Merlin. Great strain for the PM...

  • Broke out the Dosi dosi jar and I'm bout to load the beaker bong... Was just reading a thread where we all recommended someone dosi dosi and I thought "Yeah, that sounds right for a Saturday afternoon".

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    I decided to go the gummy route today

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    The wife left for the weekend so I’m hitting a little Jealousy this afternoon. Not Merlin’s, but some med. dispensary flower I’ve had for awhile. It’s really good. I’m interested in reviews of the new greenhouse dep here. This strain is absolutely a good “stress alleviator.”😎🧐

  • Couple bowls of black mamba (not from this site but a very nice strain). And couple bowls of purple urkle and then I tried to watch Yellowstone. All I ended up watching was the back of my eyelids...

  • Finished off my last gram of Dosi Dosi! Really good outdoor. Thinking about ordering more. I always run into this dilemma when I order. Should I buy a strain I know I love or try a new one? Ugh... I'm partial to classics like Northern Lights, GSC, GDP, Jack Herer. These newer highbreds look fire but the effects just aren't there for me. Got some Greenhouse Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch arriving later today... Fingers 🤞 they're bangers!!!

  • Just broke into the new zip of Dosi Dosi yesterday afternoon @Mr4Sher (we’ve had it for two weeks), having just finished up the last oz from summer. One of my favorite outdoor strains. We just love how it smacks us in the face every time! I think this is oz #3…but could be 4.😁😎🧐

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    @Mr4Sher thx for sharing! I tried the outdoor Dosi few months back and ❤️ It too..must have been a big harvest! I’m like you I appreciate the classics..I would love to see some Strawberry Cough flower here…also Frankenstein last couple yrs has been 🔥. As far as tonight I started out with Loud’s peanut butter breath and then Pink Runtz..great combo and heavy hitters too. Let me know how the Trop Cookies is..been eyeing that one!
    @TheProfessor whats up friend!? We made it to the weekend 😎 wow ounce #4 that’s impressive! You know it’s 🥴

  • @superman38NC The Tropicana Cookies is 🔥!! Classic "cookies" smell with a hint of citrus. The citrus comes through more after grinding... The smoke is very smooth. I was snapping pretty big bowls out a 14" bong with no coughing at all. I usually prefer indica but like a good speed weed too. And that's what this one is. Very racy "in your head" high. Great for a pick me up. Not great for before bed. If you like sativas then you will love Tropicana Cookies!!!

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    Wasn’t planning on this last ounce of Dosi @superman38NC, but I can’t complain as a sub, it’s good stuff! 🥴 Oh, some Frankenstein! Seems like forever since we’ve seen some Frank. Other classics I’d love to see back would be some Grape Ape and Tahoe OG. They seemed to be staples a couple years ago. @Mr4Sher thanks for the Tropicana Cookies review. I’m not sure I could handle it though. I’m a solid indica guy with anxiety issues and generally look for mental sedation. But, I’ve been experimenting lately with some less racey sativas. Locally, Lemon Slushy and Super Sour Orange have been great…energy, focus, but with mental relaxation and no racing thoughts, anxiety, or paranoia.😎🧐. There’s a few new strains I want to try.

  • Dug out the hot rod this evening

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    @Mr4Sher thx again for the review of Trop Cookies..sounds excellent! @TheProfessor I wouldn’t mind seeing some grape ape again either..I really savored the last batch on here few yrs back..I’ve never tried Tahoe OG..is that a 💤?

    @TreesPlz the Hot Rod was nice..although i seem to remember my throat not feeling so happy. Outside of that 🔥..I have a nice seed I collected from that batch

  • @superman38NC no problem buddy. I enjoy leaving and reading reviews... I'd love some grape Ape myself! Got some off a dealer like 12 years ago. Was 🔥! I love purp bud! That greenhouse purple urkle loud had was magnificent! I have some purple punch from merlin now. It looks, smells and tastes amazing but the high is a bit underwhelming... From the research I've done on this strain, that is how purple punch is... But yeah I'd jump all over some grape ape... Like to see that Northern Lights merlin had back up too....

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    Tahoe OG has also been a really sleepy strain for me @superman38NC! @TreesPlz it was a Hot Rod night for me as well. Hit a bowl right before bedtime, then hit another one when I was up around 2:00. Puts me out! Although I totally agree with @superman38NC that it tends to be a bit harsh. I’m lacking in the purple department right now @Mr4Sher, but I’ve got a couple large buds of Grape Ape that I’ve been hoarding since 2019? It’s my “in case of emergency, break glass” strain!😎🧐

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    I smoked some of the Premium Rose Gold I still have left from 4/20. It has been in a jar with a boveda 62% and to this day, I cannot grind it because it's so sticky. It's like moonrocks. If I try to grind it, it just sticks to the teeth in the grinder and never falls through the holes. I have to scrape it out with a pick tool and even then, it's just a mashed compressed mess. If I try to pinch a small nug off, it gets too compressed. Even using scissors or a knife compresses it. It's quite frustrating, but a very good sativa leaning hybrid.

    I'm ready for a re-up. Any suggestions from the current menu? I haven't ordered in forever because I'm smoking a lot less and had about 4 ounces. I'm down to about an 1/4 now. I'm big into the cookies genome and also love sativas or maybe even something completely different. I don't have trouble sleeping, I have trouble staying awake, so I don't need the super heavy indicas, even though I do still really like the cookies indicas.

  • Tzunami is the wave of the evening and I've gone over the fall's...but in a glossy, glazed, giddy, giggly sort of buzz. Later I'll join you @Sixwaychili watching the N,L🌌 that's been a. Favorite since I used to court😘 a girl in the U.P and in grand Rapids . That was my first experience with this strain and peyote buttons with the lights 🌌🌌🔥

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