I hate ID...

Just a venting topic lol. My last package sat “in transit - arriving late” for just about the full two week mark but ID finally updated and it magically arrived one morning.

I ordered a bunch of stuff around X-mas and one of the orders just magically went undeliverable (even though it was all part of the SAME order); however MB came through with the assist - thanks again for that!

Now I just ordered a package from Loud yesterday at around 3:30 (CST - Midwest) and not even a label has shown up in ID yet -_- I know I’m probably jumping the gun a bit on this one now (package may not have even gone out yet) but it honestly ID just makes me more anxious than anything.. I have to use all my mental strength not to email MB early asking what he sees on the tracking number side especially because of that random undelivered package from December lol.

Anyway. Rant over. At ease ladies & gents ;)



  • Yeah give it a day or 2 it'll show, always does

  • Yeah I hear ya. Just f’ing USPS... Do you know if Loud generally takes more than a day to create a label? I ask because I’ve been ordering from MM lately and usually get a label same day so just curious!

  • Louds shows up a day or 2 after maybe even 3

  • Yep don’t panic yet about a label.

  • it takes loud 2-3 days usually to create a label for me.

  • Just a word from us little people who don't have informed delivery. Relax even though ID isn't available to us ,some how we still get our order's lol. We hope to some day join the ranks of the informed,but for now we're at the mercy of the postal procrastinators. A.L.M. "All labels matter " seems to be a continuing thread. Maybe one day all mail will be created equal. 😎

  • oh, the saga continues i have one that's been in preship for a week and I try to stay a week ahead, and seems no matter how I order I still have to deal with the usps never being on their shit!!!!

  • Mines been in pre-ship since 25th. I ordered the 22nd. 😔

  • I miss the good ole days 3 to 5 days and bam.never failed. They have to get rid of that dejoy character he is a joke.He would kill a wet dream! Lol Trump didnt want them ballots delivered see what he has caused now.people cant even get their medication on time or at all. I'm glad for direct deposit or SSI recipients probably wouldn't get their checks on time

  • I just got my non tracking medmama package and found that there is a strip down thru label in the tracking so it can not be used to track.looks like the printer being used needs to be cleaned so i will bet all labels made with mine have a strip and do not track.

  • @cmweems1964 Thanks for the info. What's the date on that?

  • Labled created march 1st

  • Well thank god my hubby just ran into a connection for local bud. Every single package is arriving later and later. No matter how many packages I have coming here, they are all late. And it’s not just mm, all packages. I’m tired of this crap. Maybe mm can look into fed ex or some other shipper. Eleven days and no order

  • I'm on day 11, & my order had today as the delivery date. Now it's "in transit, arriving late".
    Hopefully tomorrow or Monday, cause the pain is horrible.

  • I guess I had to start cursing for my package to appear. It just got to the regional facility. Hopefully Tomorrow delivery now! Can’t wait foe my zookies

  • @Rubygirl816

    I have my cursing fit ready to commence so mine will show up too!

  • Rubygirl816 I think your down south of me a bit and I know right now all my packages from the west coast take 2 extra days past what they say was the original delivery date they say late for a couple of days then they make it.

  • I just had the same thing happen. A package arrived from @medmama that never went past shipping label created. label created March 2 arrives March 5 woo hoo!!!! Informed delivery just gives me anxiety now LOL still waiting on a package from loud, but I’m sure that will appear miraculously just like this one did.

  • @Maxxx yea I feel your pain bro. I ordered from LoudnCo some Lodi Dodi on February 28th and it is now March 6th! No shipping label or nothing has been created! I definitely think something went wrong, because I usually get some type of label by now. I’m waiting approximately 4 more days, then I’m writing to Medboy. This happend to me twice already, first time USPS lost my package and the second time Medicineman missed my order. I hate when this happens, I just want my stuff.

  • I'm on the look for a label to be created or something 3 or 4 days is long enough to get it out the door

  • My package is now lost for 2 weeks "In Transit Arriving Late". Local USPS couldn't find so they closed the case last week. Case now reopen with USPS Consumer Affairs looking for it now. No word from them 5 days now. Do I contact medman now, order on 18th. I know he was swamped with delayed orders so I no bother but I waited 2 weeks from delayed now. I'm a little desperate, think I will make another order and see if it arrives? Trying to be patient -_-

  • @theunleet I would definitely contact medboy if it's been 14 days since you placed your order. I wouldn't screw around with USPS at this point Medman will take care of you.

  • I just sent a message. I am tired of waiting 🤬

  • @theunleet I just did the same thing 18 days out I had no choice. I was praying for the mail today but nothing. 😫

  • If you had a order on the 1st my order thw label was messed up it never tracked printer had issues that day

  • I can say with absolute certainty that the USPS is a disaster. I see packages go from "In Transit - Arriving Late" where it sit for 10 days to "Delivered" out of nowhere, usually right after I ask the shipper for tracking. Shipments from the Loud part of the country seems particularly bad, don't know if there's a hub there that's acting up or what.

    As always, everyone's patience is appreciated and definitely contact me if it's longer than 14 days, I'll always take a look and try to help.


  • @cmweems1964 I made a couple of orders on the 18th with weekends I was hoping it would show today but no luck. I got the other order over a week ago.

  • Thanks @medboy , I waited longer than I wanted to make sure they actually lost it. Thanks for the help!

  • 😲#%#&##* such a pisser,but what can you do.

  • Oh well hopefully the Deadhead I order someone finds package and smokes it 🤣, 2 years from now haha

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