420 sale?

Does anyone recall when there was a sale last year? I checked the old boards and couldn't find mention.



  • Yes there was!!! I scored last year! Keep a look out I’m sure @medboy will post something soon.

  • Yes we did and we'll be having another!

  • What he said!

  • You tha man😁👍

  • That’s nice. I’m in!

  • wooooo hoooooo

  • stands at @medman door face pressed against glass

    open, open, open

    I need to place an order but I’m waiting on this sale!!! 😫 may have to make smallish order till the sale.

  • @cancerwarrior I'm in the same boat brotha.. Not to impose but if u see any mention of the 420 sale hmu on here if u will and I'll do the same for u..

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    I've never come across any kind of sale from here before so I'm with you fellers! Like kids anxiously waiting for the corner grocery store to open the giant fresh tin cans of hard candy that just got in.

  • It's probably 10% off again like last year

  • I'm pretty sure it was 10% if I'm not mistaken @MoonMan5 @TheProfessor @MigraineWarrior79

  • I honestly don't remember. Lol!

  • Yep it was 10% i bought a oz which i never can do!!!!

  • Just buying the necessaries until the sale. Plan on stocking up on flower and concentrates.

  • Same here @MNTDWLER. My little brother’s in town from out west, but was too nervous to bring any with him, so I’m his dispensary.🤣 He’ll be here for a couple more weeks so I ordered another round of Sherbet and Bacio (which he helped pay for). Let’s hope we have a nice selection on the menu when they drop the code.😎.

  • Looking forward to that sale💯

  • Waiting for the sale as well! Want to be sure I got goods for 4/20 so may have to place a smaller order soon 😬

  • Wife’s out of my hair for 10 days starting on the 30th 🥳 so I didn’t want to wait for the sale to get some fresh party favors. Probably will pick up something else once the code drops too. Don’t tell anybody 😬

  • Ready for the code drop. Looking for a few O’s

  • Commenting to keep this post in the top listing! Open, open, open....

  • I haven't saved any money while "waiting" for the sale. Favorites are falling off the board(Frankenstein😢Afgooey😢Sour Diesel etc.) already so I've been ordering. 10% off hasn't been worth missing out. Plus medman has already given us an all-year discount compared to old prices. I will try to shop during sale but won't be holding back.

  • I only got the Frankenstein because of the movie Grand Ma's boy... have any of you guys tried that deer shit that grows antlers?

  • 9 days away!
    Stoner holiday!!
    It’s that time a year, to jump and cheer
    Cause the 420 holiday is almost here!!

    ‘‘Twas the night before four twenty and all was calm.
    Each little stoner hoping to have a fat sack of flower in their palm!
    As they dreamed of Herer and Upside Down Pineapple Cake all they really wanted was to wake and bake!
    Each little stoner waiting so patiently. Can’t wait to see what to buy during this shopping spree!
    As the holiday approaches go ahead and finish all those roaches.
    Cause @medman is coming through with a 420 sale just for YOU!!


  • @MigraineWarrior79
    LOL. Thanks. Got freaking diagnosed with Covid a few days ago and have been bored AF.

    Yes, it’s terrible. But glad you enjoyed it. LOL.

  • @Bambino21

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

  • @Bambino21 well that blows the “cannabis smokers don’t get the vid” argument out of the water 😔

  • @cancerwarrior I KNOW!! My wife’s mom smokes as well and she got it at church. Gave it to me Easter. And I’m finally starting to come through the fog. It’s not been fun at all. No one wants this. I promise. I stayed so damn safe. Masks, disinfectant, washing hands like a psycho. I’m a germaphobe to begin with. So knowing that some nasty ass people 20,000 miles away were eating bats and being gross and now the virus that started there has entered my body!! Fucking bizarro world if you think about it.

    My wife and 2 year old both negative!! Thank god. But so weird I was making out with my wife a day before diagnosis. She’s still negative!!

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