Med Mama Helper Here!

Greetings to you all , thank you for your continuous support and loyalty to the Med mama Team! I'll do my best to be present here and answer any questions or concerns.

Have a great day,




  • Sweet! That's awesome and great to know...nice to meet you MZ! You all do great work...I'm a long time customer! Thanks!

  • Hello! That's awesome! Much appreciated.

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    @MedmamaHelper - I don't want to seem unfriendly, or disrespectful, but...

    @medmama @medman @medboy - Who is this?

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    What's in the lime gum drops that taste like robotussin? These were ordered the sale before 4/20. No other gumdrops (7 others) have this strong taste either.

  • @mikeyc I will ask our crew in manufacturing and get back to you with an aswer

  • @justaguy I am Medmama's assistant, I will be taking care of answering and being present in the forums

  • Hey MM Helper. Any indoor or premium Sour Diesel coming soon? Thanks!

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    Fantastic you have just answered a lot of prayers, do you know what you're getting yourself into ? lol. Nice to meet you MZ looking forward to corresponding with you and the crew😁

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    @Med Mama Helper I know it's impossible to get the perfect cure all of the time and keeping flower perfect in larger quantities can't be done. So you think there's a possibility of bovedas in our orders ? This would go a long way in getting the freshest flower to our doors. What do ya say..I know others would appreciate this too. 😁Thanks a bunch MZ

  • @posternugbag Medmama just dropped some sativa dominant strains.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 hell yeah. Saw that a few mins ago and I just grabbed a zip of that premium Sour Joker. Thanks for the heads up though. The sour skittles looks good too. Love the names of some of those new indoors too. Wookiegirl sounds like someone I’d like to meet!

  • @posternugbag no doubt! I remembered your post when the new strains dropped. 🤣
    They all look amazing. I'm eyeing that Wookie Girl too!

  • @MNTDWLER lol, I was thinking same thing, @Med Mama Helper do you know what you got yourself into. Seriously though welcome @Med Mama Helper

  • @Med Mama Helper welcome to the family

  • @justaguy - They are legit, but I appreciate your concern!

  • Why were splits not honored during the sale?

  • @MikeyC - This is not quite true. YOUR split may not have been, in which case you should reach out to me. Generally, splits are honored, including shipments on 4/20.

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    I particularly enjoy the a1 yola and you take exceptional care of me so this is a non-issue. I was more curious if this was a thing and if it's not then NBD. I was asking if it was so that I would then would change my order strategy for sales. I'm just fomoing on Caesar and yet it's in stock. Thank you for the quick reply though!

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    Thanks, @medboy and @Med Mama Helper

    I was just remembering back to when we had to fight the spammers, and how anyone can come onto a forum and begin acting "official".

    Thanks, y'all. I will move back into the shadows. :blush:

  • Did anyone get the split they requested from medmama on 4/20 because I didn't. It wasn't a big deal for me because I only ordered a half a zip but I did notice several people mentioned that they did not receive their split. No biggie because what I received was fire! Thanks for your service!

  • @Med Mama Helper is the purple punch moonrocks a pricing error 👀👀👀👀

    Don't want to work the system but I'd be happy to buy at that price

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    @Skholla I didn’t get my split either. I’d requested a 2oz split of Cherry Pie and Blu Magoo, but received all Cherry Pie. No problems with it at’s fantastic! And...the Blu Magoo came back so I was able to order another split of Blu Magoo and Blue Zkittles. Don’t know if we’ll get our requested split...had a label created early yesterday so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the package Monday.

    Edit: ID says in transit with delivery Monday.

  • @Skholla right there with ya pal, I requested a blu magoo cherry pie split, didn't happen. No biggie the blu magoo is good medicine 😁 @TheProfessor mirror image right lol. Looking for a label on Rain Maker and Bear OG anytime now. I should get it by Wednesday at the earliest. I'm hoping after 420..the split issue won't be a issue anymore.. @Med Mama Helper there seems to have been a thread there too. Like I said before no harm no foul.✌

  • Good looking out @justaguy. I’m not gonna lie I was wondering the same thing. Awesome that Medmama has a helper and someone to help respond to the many ?’s from us all.

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    hey @Med Mama Helper, my pet peeve with MedMamma is they never label their freebie joints that come with my order. They are a nice touch, but I wish they did like Loud and let you know what strain it is. That's it. Thanks.

  • @Rockafire I agree, I give my freebies from medmamma away, just not a chance I'm willing to take. Sativa's spin me outta control.

  • @MNTDWLER oh, I smoke mine. But if one in particular happens to really appeal to me, I just wish I knew what it was. :smile:

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    @Rockafire I like it 😂 man I just don't enjoy sativa's they really affect my ptsd, then the old anxiety monster creeps up and kicks me in the ass. I keep 'em for a contractor buddy of mine, I guess that's why he's been working on my spare bathroom for 2 years 🤫.

  • @TheProfessor @MNTDWLER i just saw a post from @Med Mama Helper saying they would honor splits 1/2 oz and more and also saw a post from medman saying especially on the 420 sale, splits should have been honored

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