All 3 vendors: Shipping, Round II

I placed another order from each vendor on Friday 10/29. It was dark outside so I'm sure it would have been after business hours.

This time, the first label was printed by Loud; again around 3 am Monday 11/1. This time it was accepted about 12 hours later the same day and it's already hit Jacksonville on 11/3. Based on experience, it looks like I might be able to get Friday, but informed delivery days ETA is Saturday.

Next was Merlin. The label was created on Monday 11/1 around 5 pm. The package was accepted around 3 pm on Tuesday 11/2. As of last night (11/2) around 7 pm, it was still in CA and not showing in transit yet.

CC uses a different shipping system with different wording, but on 11/2 the postal service was "expecting" the package. It was accepted at one facility and moved to a distribution center by 5 pm.

I'm glad to see Loud moving first. Great job by everyone on getting the product out quickly.

I have my fingers crossed that I get what I ordered.



  • Way to go loud!

  • I made a loud order on the 26th and it is still pending pickup..mine looks lost in space

  • I ordered from Loud on 10/29, and also on 11/1; both are out for delivery today in Southern La. Pretty fast for good old Loud!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Damn that is good. My order from Loud could be able to make it tomorrow. It was in Jacksonville last night and that is maybe a 3-hour drive so it is possible.

    I'm optimistic. 😁

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    Yea I wish I had a lot of money and not live month to month ..I would buy QPs and stay ahead of the game .I love Louds bud!

  • @phantom_shitter

    I have my fingers crossed for you that it arrives for ya!

  • @Steeldude I hear ya.
    My finances were a lot different 2 years ago and I would get an ounce every week, sometimes more.
    Now it's just whenever I can.
    I guess I'm kind of a binge smoker too so I go through it pretty quick.
    I can easily burn up a quarter a day if I'm sitting at home.

  • @Steeldude I hear ya, but the kids can get a few more years out of them shoes, and college is overrated.

  • Yea I agree @Fallguy I am trying to stay on the right end of my wife's frying pan. those things dent your head up pretty good .it's been 10 days on this order today .I had some good strains picked that will be gone now ..we all go through this once in awhile .it sucks big time but medicineman always delivers

  • Ordered late afternoon 11-1.....Now 11-4. No label yet from Cannabis Club.

  • I got the package from Loud in WA today. So I'm calling that 4 business days.
    Ordered Friday evening, shipped on Monday WA, received in ga on Thursday.

  • Merlin came out swinging with my order!
    Placed the order on Wed 3rd. Package arrives today Sat 6th. Three days from order to my mailbox on the East Coast. Well DONE Merlin! Watch out CC, they're gunning for that shipping brag πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Me as well @OzBaxter ordered Tuesday, feom Merlin, in my mailbox Friday, on the east coast. Loud is picking up the time though! I ordered Wednesday and it was shipped yesterday. Should be here Monday. Got some wedding cake and bodega bubble gum, on the way. Never tried the BB. Looking forward to trying something new.

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    @Good2Go it took a few extra days this time, for CC, for me as well. Matter of fact, I ordered it with the Merlin order, and I already have Merlins! I don’t mind though, cc worth the wait a couple days.

  • Label made early 11-5. Hit P.O. late on 11-5

  • Ordered from MMM on the 2nd, label made next day and delivered to the heart of it all today the 6th. What more could you ask for. Came in white bubble mailer envelope rather than regular postal box. Nicely packaged...

  • I got the other packages the next day.
    Including the weekend, that was 6 total days from Loud, and 7 total days from Merlin and CC.
    4 business days and 5 business days.

  • I see that CC has slowed down lol I placed an order Tuesday, not even a label yet. Guess Merlin has stepped up

  • @OzBaxter - Same here. I'm on day 4 with no label from CC. It's my first order with them. I am so ready to try their Durban Poison!

  • @justaguy It's surprising since their bud is no great achievement compared to Loud's, and it is their freebie joints and speed everyone seemed to be impressed with. I got an order from them in three days once. I choose them if I need it fast and I choose Loud if I need premo weed. So I hope this is not indicative of how CC is going to operate because those joints are not enough to be worth waiting like I do with Loud. IMO of course.

  • CC made a label today, informed delivery thinks it will take 4 days to get to me.

    I can drive to Colorado in about 12 hours. If only that trip back home with "groceries" wasn't so stressful...

  • @justaguy talking about driving...
    Keep your vehicle as plain as possible. No stickers or anything to make it stand out. No tint, no giant wheels.

    Get a small thin blue line sticker, and if your state has one get a license plate that supports law enforcement or the military. This works!

    I accidentally went through a roadblock on purpose a couple of weeks ago with a joint in my hand. I thought it was an accident about a half-mile past my road, so I passed my turn pulled up, and thought he was going to wave me through.
    He walks up and asked for my license and I just dropped the joint on the floor with my left hand. He takes my id and walks to the back to look at the plate, comes back, and starts asking if there is anything in the vehicle he should know about and if I'm smoking anything. I'm like "NOPE!" He says it's no big deal if there is anything we can just throw it away. I'm like "NOPE!"
    He hands me my ID back and he says "okay, well maybe it's coming from another vehicle. Have a nice day sir". As I drive away I pick it up and it's still burning!

    I have had too many close calls like that in my life and I've always had a tremendous amount of luck with the cop sticker and the cop plate.

  • Yea. And put a Grateful Dead sticker on your car.

  • @leaf I used to have all that shit on my car. Weed stickers, band stickers crap hanging off the mirror.
    My favorite was in the middle of my rear window at the top. It said, "It's 4:19, got a minute?"
    I got hassled constantly. I couldn't drive through town. 90% of the time when I bought gas I would get pulled over and searched.
    It was like every time I drove through town I would get followed.
    Lucky for me cops in my town were complete morons. Most of the time I did have something on me they were just dumb and didn't know what they were doing. I learned a lot and got very comfortable standing up to them.

  • Meanwhile, Merlin just delivered my themselves! πŸ˜‚ The ID says the package was delivered to their own PO Box. I assume someone got stoned and put the wrong label on there LOL I opened a Postal Inquiry either way. Now, we begin the 10 day wait to contact @medboy πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • @OzBaxter You got a notification for mail delivered to someone else's address? How?

    I would think that for it to be in your informed delivery it would have to have your address.

  • I think that this may be an exception to the 10-day rule because if it's delivered it's delivered. Right?

  • It shows Delivered but only says "to a PO Box" in the CA town it's coming from (I won't post it here).

    I am going to see what the USPS says first, before I claim it's lost and request a new order. It was just a 1/4 of Purple Punch so not a huge amount.

  • Maybe it got lost and was returned to sender. I would go ahead hit up MB.

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