Merlin's menu!

I just went through the flower menu and Merlin has an amazing collection of strains up, it literally left my mouth watering and I'm unable to decide on what to get. Its like choosing between your kids.



  • 😂 @Fallguy agreed! I remember last yr or so when there was hardly no flower on the menu..not anymore 😎.I’ve got 2 orders from Merlin should arrive next week..Platinum MAC, PKM, and Duct Tape. Will let you know on those.

  • @superman38NC That Duct Tape was was very good, had a sample joint. Had a nice buzz, don't remember the couch lock part.

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    Just want to brag about how quickly I got my order from Merlin. Payment confirmed from Medboy on 2/18 received on 2/21 and I live in Georgia. Got Platinum Mac w/a Platinum OG freebie jay. Already tried the Platinum Mac its fire. Thanks Medman, Medboy, and Merlin. Keep up the good work.

  • Good to hear, I have platinum mac on the way.

  • I’m lovin the Hotrod. Def a heavy hitter, especially for the price!

  • @Johnnyblue42 I'll keep that in mind definitely looking for getting more bang for my buck. Like the profile pick You know they have a remastered version of Europe 72. I went to quit a few dead shows in the 90's

  • @Johnnyblue42 l looked at the Hot Rod, but the wife wanted to go a different direction (she has a thing for Cherry Pie)! I’ve got Big Block OG and they have a common parent and sounds like similar effects. I’ve heard good things about Hot Rod, and you can’t beat the outdoor value. Enjoy!😎🧐

  • @fish_headstew thanks! I just recently acquired an original vinyl! @TheProfessor the big block sounds like a win also! I do love some solid outdoor, all the recent batches have been really great quality

  • I've been buying here since late '17 and I've never had a poor batch of outdoor @Johnnyblue42. Some of the best medicine I've ever had from here was outdoor (Sunset Sherbet...'19??). I like great medicine, but I also like a great value and the outdoor has always been great for me! Maybe I've been lucky (and picky), but I've only had one "meh" zip of indoor Blackberry Kush of all the strains I've ordered! We should have our outdoor Cherry Pie and Dosi by early next week!

  • Yes I def agree! I’ve had a couple batches last year I wasn’t super impressed with I think one was anOG variant, but always great medicine regardless. The Dosi looked great! Let me know how it is!!

  • @TheProfessor @Johnnyblue42

    Big Block OG is grrrreat as Tony the tiger would say! I got through a 1/4th of a jay of it last night, put on Mom's vinyl of Black Sabbath's Sabotage, and just became one with Ozzy. 😆

    Great stuff!! I'll probably pick up more before it's gone!

    I'm considering the Dosi Dosi since Dosidos is in my Top 10 favs! So, definitely interested in your impressions Professor. 💚

  • I knew you’d love it @MigraineWarrior79 😊! Our Cherry Pie and “Dosi Dosi” will be here Monday!😁. I can’t find any reference anywhere to a Dosi Dosi…wonder if it’s just a typo and they added an “i”.🤣. That’s what I’m going with!😁. I love Dosi Dos too and will add this to the med. dispensary Lemon Dosidos and Cherry Dosidos that I currently have!🙂😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Those two sound amazing as well! 😁

  • I should have gotten the Cherry Pie.

  • I love Cherry Pie almost as much as the wife does.🤣. When it gets here Monday I’ll have three Cherry Pie strains: Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake, and some local Cherry Dosidos! GSC genetics still dominate my medicine cabinet though.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 you’d love both for sure!💚. We really like the Lemon Dosidos and would love to see it here. There aren’t that many citrusy hybrid strains that lean this hard indica. It’s delicious and unique!😎🤤🧐

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    @TheProfessor yep, love the GSC! I have GSC from CC right now and have Runtz on the way to go with the last of my Wedding Cake. I also have Rose Gold coming and I think that's a relative as well. I can't find info on it if anyone remembers, I'd appreciate the info.

    At a friend's house on 4/20, I broke out the Wedding Cake and a few of the guys couldn't comprehend how good it was (it wasn't even premium, it was indoor!). And the funny thing is that one of them rolled a Wedding Cake joint (his stash) that we were passing around.

    Love all the cannabis I get from here.

  • Come Monday, I think I’ll have 10 GSC based strains. Five from here (outdoor, greenhouse and indoor) and five high THC % from my local med. dispensaries. Love them all!!😁😎🧐. Agreed, the cannabis here is awesome!

  • Dang all this talk about Cherry Pie got me penciling it in for my next order. Thanks for the info on this strain and it's variants

  • @fish_headstew if you’ve never tried it, Cherry Pie is a great indica. We’ve had it several times from Loud and Medmama in the past and even found it once at the dispensary. We’ll see how this outdoor batch is on Monday, but it’s always been great!🤤😎🧐. We might go back for seconds, depending….😁

  • Second helpings are always nice to have.

  • @medboy

    Is there a reason the Rude Boi is the only one of the discounted smalls with a different pricing, or should they all be this way? Not complaining, just a heads-up. 😊

  • @MigraineWarrior79 That product is out of stock and should not even be on the site. I just took it down. Also, thanks for the heads up, I must have missed changing the price!

  • "And that was the day Migraine Warrior became MED GIRL!" (dramatic superhero music)


    Speaking of menu, I'm trying them discount Blueberry Skittles and a sample of Strawberry Mac. Should be a fruity combination... 😇

  • @OzBaxter How do you get a sample bud from merlin? I don't see it available for merlin only loud...

  • @OzBaxter I've got Platinum Mac I let it a Boveda pack babysit it for a week. Turned out perfect but my tolerance is low so only takes a bowl or two to get where I need to be. I use it to control arthritis pain in my knees and relax b4 bed highly recommend.

  • @OzBaxter

    🤣 That made my morning!! 💚

  • @Mr4Sher

    You ask for it in the comments section on the order form, sugar. 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 OK thanks. What do you check off on the order page?? Or is this for a freebie?

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