Prices increases

Noticing the shrooms and bud prices went up. Was this accidental?



  • For flowers at least, everything seems to have increased by ~10% except for super premiums. I’m just looking at the per-zip pricing but the decreases from a short while ago are now apparently gone. With no notice? :neutral:

  • From a business standpoint, I get it...but as a customer, this sucks. Basically only 6 months of decreased prices. I feel the same @funkynugz 🫤

  • Shrug @ChunksEggo8187 we’re all used to inflation at this point. It’s been fuckin nuts. I didn’t worry about finances for decades. But I’m really worried now.

    Thing is though I keep seeing videos about the weed market pricing bottoming out big time on the left coast, particularly (and typically) in Oregon. Unit pricing (wholesale) from what I’m seeing seems crazy low, but the entire supply chain is still making money at every stop along the way. The only one’s feeling any real pain is as always the end-consumer.

    Don’t get me wrong. This site has helped me greatly and I will continue to shop here. Not calling foul or sour grapes. But when you’ve been a dedicated customer for years and a forum lurker (anymore), it would be great to hear prices are up when they go up. Fwiw, Admin asked “Help Us” here in a post recently and many responded. I mentioned the feedback I heard from my referrals is the prices are too high. This is the result?

  • I'm not aware of any price changes, I'm not sure what your talking about. I checked the order form and they are the same from what they have been since we decreased pricing.

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    @medboy appreciate the clarification!

    Edit: just checked & they have increased. So hopefully yall change it.

  • Placed an order today and they did increase a little

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    Check again @medboy. Prices are all over the place. Some outdoor ounces are $180, some $195. Some indoor ounces are $195, some $230. That's on the order form.

    On the strain pages, all of the outdoor, greenhouse and indoor prices are higher.

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    If the site runs SQL in the backend or a backend database management system of some sort, older rules related to grade pricing may have overwritten the more recent ones. I dunno. But if multiple people noticed changes….

    I saw the change in prices on the flowers page days ago, didn’t look at other pages cuz I don’t buy anything but flower, then waited to see what others had to say.

    Fwiw, I keep phone screencaps from the site of every strain I buy here as reference, some include prices but I usually crop the pricing off. My last image with a price shows a price for indoor, Apex @ $210/z ordered in late January from HT. Prices are today $230 for any indoor I see listed whether it’s HT or otherwise. Thank you.

  • Yeah I noticed 20 increase on indoor

  • @funkynugz is right. The SQL might be syncing old data for some reason. It would explain the changes and Medboy not noticing.

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    Yeah I was hoping to get some kind of discount for 420 as I haven't been round long enough for last time, if it's just gonna increase like this right before the sale that's just :/

  • @medboy prices definitely seem to have went up $10 on flower. Haven't checked concentrates or edibles yet. Really hope it's a mistake and is fixed really soon.

  • I have no problem with price increase as long as the quality increases. This is 2023 you can find fire weed any place

  • @Tac agreed! I ordered Grape ape strain a couple weeks ago from Merlin. I was super excited since i hadn't ever gotten it off this site and only 1 other time over a decade
    ago. Supposed to be indoor quality. When received it was completely smalls. Biggest nug was less than .35 grams. It was not labeled smalls. I was beyond dissatisfied cuz i was looking forward to it so much. After touchdown I was beyond pissed. If Merlins product is smalls it should be labeled as so and NOT be full price. I've been a MM customer for years now and Almost exclusive to Merlin.... I think I'm done with merlin now. I don't like feeling deceived. Why sell some flower as smalls and cheaper, but other flower obviously smalls at a discount. I buy smalls from time to time cuz they're cheaper and bag appeal doesn't matter to me. But they are labeled as such! Now I paid more cuz prices went up for an unexplained reason... I've found a few other options to get my meds, besides MM. There are other legit sites l Just like MM. Love MM and don't want to switch but I'm not happy. Especially all the business I've sent MMs way! If you are s r llong smalls label it as such and lower the price!?!?. I swear every bud in my half zip of Grsoe Ape was pea size or smaller. I feel like I spend too much $ on here for this to happen. I'd really like my order of Grape Ape to look like any other order of flower on here! Incase looking forward to that Grspe Ape special much then when I saw it, I literally almost flushed it! Hope MMs quality isn't going downhill like this or they lost a loyal customer. @MerlinsMagic @medboy @medman

  • All of the indoor was priced at $130 for the past few months if I'm not mistaken. Not complaining with $140 but I didn't notice the change a few days ago

  • My split of bubble bath & grape Ape I got for 210 +10 shipping was 220. So definitely an increase. Now it's 240.

  • I was pay 195 an ounce for @MerlisMagic light asst. Green house now it is 210 an oz on order form, @MerlinsMajic is this a mistake?

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    When browsing the menu a couple of weeks ago, I noticed an ounce of Indoor flower from Merlin was $210. Now it's $230/oz. for all of their Indoor. The Greenhouse pricing seems to have increased as well because it went from $195/oz. to $210.

    The prices most certainly have gone up for flower in the last few days, and not just for a select few items but across the board for Indoor and Greenhouse. This is not a complaint and I'm quite thankful for this service. Just wanted to point out my experience in the interest of transparency.

  • Medboy I just checked the order form the light asset GH from MerlinsMagic was 195 an ounce on the 6 th of this April A few days later all bud on light house GH is priced at 210 on the order form on @MerlinsMagic . So it has went up. So that means the sale won't reallocate be a sale if this is not fixed if it's a mistake. Please let us know if it went up or is a mistake. Thanks man

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    As of late January. And this purchase was not discounted or on sale 🤷‍♀️ Actually purchased this strain twice, both zips were priced as shown.

  • Medway maybe you need to check on the order form instead of the menu because that's where I see the problem. Just trying to help. Thanks all

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    @medboy prices for happy trees outdoor were 180 an ounce a couple days ago, was looking to order a bit during the sale but now it's all raised to 195.

  • Prices of shrooms went up from 195 to 210 per zip.

  • @funkynugz

    That ethos was superb 🤌

  • I'm not sure why they won't just admit the price increases or just fix them.

    If you need someone to do work for you, I'll make sure none of the strains are ever mispriced.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 smoking a cone now 😉 and have a zip vac sealed for down the road.

  • Medboy it's the prices on the order form not the menu that I noticed where prices for the light assisted green house was 195 on the sixth of April now it's 210 so the 420 sale really won't be a sale cause prices are mistakes @MerlinsMagic help with this price issue please clarify if they went up or is mistakes? Than'm s in advance @MerlinsMagic

  • @funkynugz

    I have green envy right now, lol 😜💚💨

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