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  • Crypto.com is really good!!

  • With the present government,I'm not worried, they'll mismanaged and fuck it up anyway

  • If you look at the BTC daily price graph sideways right now it looks like monty burns

  • Yes Coinbase cooperating with the feds is very troublesome for those wishing anonymity. I dont deal with large sums of bitcoin and dont do any trading that aquires large profits, so I figure they will leave the little guys alone. One can only hope. The odd thing is that the feds always poo poo crypto but they sure do want a slice of the profits.

  • Usually use litecoin for purchases as CB has their own large supply, so there is no waiting to use them once they are bought.

  • Yes @bluedreamer. This should not be taken lightly.

  • i really enjoy cashapp, i was doin paxful an coinbase but cash app charges no fees an instant buying options. i def would suggest cashapp,not to mention being able to scan the payment strt to ya

  • I need to figure this out. Any advice/help appreciated.
    Right now I use cash app to buy bitcoins. But for privacy, I want to transfer from there to a personal wallet, then make purchases from there.
    I see many of you being stonewalled by big brother stopping you from spending your stuff as you wish.
    I mistakenly opened a coin-base account and threw $20.00 in there.
    They nailed me for almost $2.00 for this tiny transaction.
    So, I opened a wallet with free wallet.
    No fees.
    How do I get my cash out of coin-base?
    Once they free it, that is. I see no wallet number and cant figure out how to find them from free wallet.

  • @BuddyBoy You mighy have to contact customer service.

    So, a few questions for everyone.

    1. What is the best site or company to buy bitcoin through?

    2. I have mycelium wallet but have never used it, is it easy to transfer bitcoins to the mycelium wallet?

    3. What is the best path to go from beginning to end with the least traceability?

    I usually see everyone talk about the problems with certain coin companies especially coinbase lately, but not many have offered solutions. I used to use coinbase but don't really want to now. Especially since it's not as private...and actually, this isn't the first time coinbase has folded for the government, the first time was when they released the identities of all users with $20k+ to the irs.

  • Go to your local Coinflip Bitcoin ATM and scan your software wallet's code. Purchase Bitcoin with cash at the ATM. Bitcoin will show up in your wallet within an hour. The only identification you provide is your phone number to which they will SMS a code to be entered into the ATM and your transaction can be completed. I use Coinomi as my wallet (app on my phone) and every transaction has been successful.

  • @Jdtokes I'm having a hard time gleaning any good info here too. Replies to others will say, I use 'it' yada yada, and I have no clue what 'it' is. So many wallets and services are being mentioned. Then I see a couple comments saying, 'the fees are huge or something else negative' and then they say they love it. :-)
    For now, until I find something better, I will stick with cash app to remove funds, and figure out how to transfer funds to free wallet or another share ware type wallet with no fees. I think by taking the effort to use an independent from the bank wallet, it stops my bank from knowing where it went and at least helps slow down big brother from knowing. I'm seeing too many here say their coin was frozen because the bank didn't like where the money they somehow think is theirs was going. I think I'd be tempted to take the bank to small claims court if they did that to me. Especially if the stock dropped causing me to lose money. Who the heck is some bank to tell us how or where we can spend our investments. In this case, invisible money.

    Hey, we are freezing your funds cuz you tried to buy whole milk. We approve the purchase of 2% ONLY!! It's for your own good!

  • Cashapp really doesnt charge a fee for buying BTC?

  • It does. 1.75%

  • I have been using coinflip ATM they charge 7% and like a $3 fee. It's very easy to use and no verification needed, scans the bitcoins right to your wallet within a few minutes fast and easy

  • @Ken_K Really Ken? $10.00 added to a hundred and your happy? Personally, I'd shit a brick paying that. 10 times and there's a half ounce ya could'a torched. personally, I don't mind spending money, but I can't stand throwing it away. :-1:

  • Oops. Quarter OZ, but still. In fact, that's three tiawaneeze hookers and a midget named homer. :smiley:

  • @Jdtokes
    Contact their customer service to figure out how to transfer? I never thought of calling. Thank you.

    I hear ya about no one offering any solutions.
    So, I took a few minutes to look some up.
    Here are two website that give what they claim are the best coin wallets with the lowest transaction fees.


    Now, here is one called freewallet


    Right off the bat, I like the .org instead of .com. They claim, and I'll C&P,

    Instant and fee-free transactions within Freewallet.
    So, no wait and no fee. That would be fantastic for everyone involved, ey?

    Now, granted, it would only be free of fees, in this case if @medman, likes it and chose to use it for himself. Only he would know if it is something that would work for him.

    I'm sure he has more experience with this than all of us put together.
    I know I would if it were one of my business tools.

    I saw another one that said it was a shareware thing.
    Shareware is cool beans!!!
    The Linux operating system is shareware.
    Anyone who knows about PC's can contribute to it as technology advances and together people update it.
    I'll give you an example of why this is so cool.
    Back around 1997, I bought my first PC, printer, scanner and a few other hardware toys. It had windows 98.

    When they went to the next version of windows, after a while, many things won't work that were made to work with 98 or earlier. The software was not compatible.

    They also stop updating older versions of windows to go along with new tech on the web. They do this basically because they, Gates and other companies are greedy.

    So, when I went to millennium, or 2000, whichever, my cool software for my printer,scanner, camera, etc, no longer worked.
    They (HP) made drivers for the hardware, so the basics worked, but my newish toys were no longer versatile and cool.
    By the time they updated windows to XP, which in my opinion, was the first good version since 2000, they stopped offering drivers for my hardware.
    Now, my printer, scanner, camera, etc, which were in perfect condition, were now worthless. Paperweights. I had to throw away perfectly good hardware.

    This never happens with Linux.
    While Americans buy new PC's and related hardware, (which goes up in tech, but down in quality), every few years whether they really need to or not, to be able to keep using things like utube, Netflix, bluetooth and whatnot, most of the rest of the world does not need to.
    They use Linux.
    Unfortunately, one must be a little more computer savvy to use Linux.
    It's less pushing buttons and more typing.
    It's also virus free.
    Them middle easterners love creating virus' to kill computers owned by us who live in Big Satan.

    What was I talkin but before I went on my rant? Oh yeah. crypto wallet.

    It would be nice if we could find one with little or no fee that's not going to hold our 'currency' for days while the value drops, ey?

    Another advantage would be if someone is more PC illiterate than the rest of us, we would know how to help them since we use the same service.

    Would ya help us do that @medman, and @madboy?

    As the lil kid in the movie Shane said, Ya gotta, mister, ya just gotta! :blush: :smiley:

  • Hey @bluedreamer. Do you use litcoin here, or do they take only bitcoin?

  • Anyone know if there's a way to buy btc without all the bs uploading pictures of your license etc? Cashapp, xcoins, and another one so far are asking for all the details.

    I usually use coinbase with no issues but they changed the limits so I need to find another place.

  • At the bottom of the order form says they take bitcoin, litecoin and monero. No particular reason just like to use litecoin.

  • @bluedreamer
    I asked cuz you mentioned no waiting. I didnt have to wait using cash app for bitcoin, but with coinbase, only $20.00 worth and it said I had to wait. That's bs, ya ask me. I'm gonna take what I have left, hopefully it went back up, and never use them again. Personal wallet as soon as I figure out how to use it.

  • I signed up with the cash app this morning and I'm still waiting for verification.

    What I don't get is why every single place wants to know everything except blood type.

  • @jdtokes : What is the best site or company to buy bitcoin through?

    Since i never have to buy bitcoin (lol) I am reliant on what other people say. From what I can tell cashapp gets the best reviews overall. For people who have used coinbase for a while and are established there it is good but getting established can be bumpy.

    I have mycelium wallet but have never used it, is it easy to transfer bitcoins to the mycelium wallet?

    Yes mycelium is a fine wallet to use. just be sure to write down your key!

    What is the best path to go from beginning to end with the least traceability?

    Honestly as just someone buying weed online I wouldn't sweat this one too much. No one has any possible access to the bitcoin wallet we generate and send you. Without that there is nothing to trace even if they were so inclined to put in a ton of effort into tracing it which they wouldn't be. There's darkmarkets out there selling meth and heroin by the pound!

  • I have my wife purchase Bitcoin through the Coinstar change machine at the local supermarket, you need to give your phone #
    then insert cash .No ID no photographs.Then
    I transfer the Bitcoins to my Mycelium wallet
    it couldn't be easier .
    Those Coinstar machines are everywhere just waiting for you to deposit your hard (or easy)earned cash to buy Bitcoins to send to our Paladins Med Man & Medboy.In exchange they will send the worlds most exotic strains available .30

  • edited June 2020

    @medman I use coinbase and the weekly limits were reduced from $1500/wk to $300/wk without notice, not sure why they did that. I never received a notice or email. Oh yeah, the limits don't make sense either because they do increase over time. Say I purchase the $300 max on Monday 8am, by 12pm the amount I'm able to purchase increases to maybe $5 and so on.

    I use mycelium wallet and transfer to it from cb. I tried to go to other apps, they all want ID and photos. Cashapp denied my verification lol. A few others wouldn't let me use my card either after being verified. Also, most want a shit ton of information.

    I'll stick with CB and maybe build up a stock and then move it to mycelium afterwards.

    I think they're making it a hassle on purpose.

  • No it's in their best interest to make it easy, however they have a lot of government eyes on them. Here's a site I just recently found that is peer-to-peer so requires no kyc documentation: https://localcryptos.com

  • @medman Thanks! I'll check it out

  • I just got a friend request on facebook.
    Nothing strange about that.
    Or is it.
    It's from a woman who lives in S Africa.
    Still nothing strange about that.
    Ever since I published a book and advertised it on FB during Christmas, I made some friends in Africa.

    Now, check out this part.
    Her background pic and two of her posts are about bitcoin. One is, 'How to buy bitcoin in S Africa.'
    I use duck duck go for my search engine. It's supposed to be private searching. No distributing my searches to advertisers and such. For the most part, it works. I don't get all kinds of ads for products I recently looked at.
    But to have purchased bit coin and a wallet recently and seeing this friend request, which I will decline and block, confirms to me there is no such thing as privacy on the internet.

  • @BuddyBoy Nothing is private anymore. The only way is to go 100% off grid, no electronics, use cash only, and if you must work it would need to be completely under the table.

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