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  • Also try emailing him

  • I have recently been experiencing OUTRAGEOUS blockchain NETWORK FEES when trying to send a BTC payment.....amounts like $12 are common even during nights/off peak hours....Not one comment from anyone on this Blog so I guess ALL IS WELL !

  • @Katy With the price jumping all over the place (literally going up and down $1,000 in 30 minutes sometimes), the blockchain is cuckoo lately. I've noticed, believe me.

  • @Katy ya, I just bought and moved coin twice (to wallet then to vendor) and each network fee (3) was nuts. In September my last coin move was under a couple bucks total. This morning it was $15…but for only 25% of the amount of coin I bought in September! Doesn’t include the cashapp coin purchase fee either. Damn coin transactions have gotten expensive 😳

  • I quit smoking cannabis about a week ago (11/18 )....It has been quite easy considering I started smoking back in 1970.... More energy/vivid dreams...Give credit to Jimmy Dore (a podcast) & not being held hostage to stupid network fees...Hasta Luego!

  • I'm proud of you for tackling your addiction @Katy

  • Buy low sell high and fees cover themselves 🤷‍♂️

  • @medboy Hey just tried to make an order and the Bitcoin amount asked for $80 extra dollars over my order. I checked out bitcoin and the rates are normal, so I'm assuming something is wrong with the calculation on your end? Obviously I cannot pay $80 over the order. Should I send what amounts to the order amount in Bitcoin instead?

  • Thank you for your order! Your order total is $203.5. If you think this is incorrect please resubmit your order.

    To complete your order please send 0.00753065 BTC to wallet ($280)

  • Yes, we are looking into this. It's not 100% of the time, placing a new order is generally sending out the correct amount. DO NOT try to calculate your own price and sending BTC that doesn't match the order, it will NOT process properly.

  • Word. Let me know when this clears and I will replace the order. 👍🏼

  • @funkynugz I hadn't seen your comment but I'm guessing it might have been during high volatility market round when btc was really pumping recently. I usually try to time things when it's not busy and btc is running sideways or on decline cause anytime it's noticeably increasing value, my total ends up costing more than originally expected

  • Yeah. I could’ve waited. The recent order put in here, the fees were thankfully back down to tolerable amounts as I caught a down swing.

  • Is ordering still halted?

  • I placed an order and the conversion looked right so I went ahead and submitted it 👍🏼

  • @medboy I emailed you concerning the order I made last night, never received confirmation so I wanted to make sure you received it. Thank you!

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    I’m in same boat right now. I only see one transaction and haven’t gotten confirmation @medboy

  • Look like there’s an extra 12 cents added to it

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    The block chain has the right amount though,

  • Any orders that were submitted have been processed. If you haven't gotten an email from me today about an issue then you are all set.

    BTC conversion has been fixed!

  • Okay appreciate it @medboy. Just wanted to confirm because I know everything goes dry by Christmas and it won't be until Jan we start seeing orders again. 👍🏼

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