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  • Cash app is the simplest in the world ! period ! Download the Cash App App from the Google play store ,and all you need then is an ID and a bank account ! It takes 1 day to get verified and then you can buy and send Bitcoins ASAP . A thousand in Bitcoins if you wanted ! No waiting like Coinbase. I useta use Coinbase but never again ! Cash App ! and their fees are the cheapest of any !

  • I won't ever understand many of the complaints about Coinbase. I buy my bitcoin with my debit card and send it in about 3 minutes with pretty low fees. My last order was $185 and I paid about $192 to Coinbase.

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    Alright, coinbase sucks balls now. I've been using them for years and now they are holding my payment for 3 days to verify it's me. Now I'm trying to upload my drivers license to verify AGAIN and get it expedited. MF'ers are going to make me miss premium FL!

    OK, payment is sending now after frustrating verification. They already had my drivers license! Grrr.

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    I always order them through my bank account. It’s always 5 business days for me. I was glad the Greenhouse JH held out but it certainly wasn’t in that great of demand. At least not until I ordered my QP that is.

  • It’s a higher fee though too. So I opt to save a little money.

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    Yeah I get that. But my issue is that I've lost way more money by the price of bitcoin going down in the days I'm waiting than the fees are. So I've given that up for more certainty. The price can also go up, but my timing seems to always be horrible. I think I lost $100 on one buy.

  • I tend to average out on that. Maybe down a little one time. Up the next.

  • Y’all look at Crypto.com

  • Hi all! First time shopper trying to link my existing CashApp account to buy bit coin for my order. Are there any user friendly instructions to help me do this? Many thanks in advanced!!

  • I liked cash app but they started limiting the size of transactions all the way down to one dollar. Eventually I couldn't transfer any money at all.

  • I might be the only one here who likes coinbase. Once you get familiar with one site, I suppose you should stay there.
    I get immediate results when using coinbase.

  • I’m still a little confused about the whole wallet thing. Can I keep my currency in the Cashapp wallet or do I need to transfer it out? Is it safe to keep it in Cashapp wallet until I use it?

  • @Reshi that’s entirely up to you. I always buy a few extra dollars in bitcoin to make sure I have enough. After I send payment to mm, I just leave the rest for next time.

  • The wallet protects you from changes in the crypto price. I don’t use it.

  • Any idea how long CashApp takes to verify your wallet? Been waiting 2 days but already placed order with MM. Anxious to pay for my order and have it on the way hopefully soon! Guess I’m stuck until they confirm it? Or is there a quicker/easier way to pay? Bought my coin! 🤗

  • Got my first order successfully submitted and paid for! I’ve also gotten ripped off countless times and am truly hoping MM works out for me. The struggles are real people! MM is providing a valuable service for those of us in non-bud friendly states like NY! Kudos for you helping us!

  • @Reshi I too was ripped off quite a few times. This site is legit and you will be thrilled when you get your package! Finding this site was a godsend for me and many others. I’m originally from NY, been down in NC a long time now. Happy you got it all worked out!

  • @reshi i know some here dont like coinbase. But its the easiest. Can place order buy bitcoin and then send it all in under 5 minutes for under 5 bucks.

  • The view from my desk is that plenty of people use Coinbase successfully with no problem. The issue with them, as far as I can see, is that their tech support is non-existent so if anything at all goes wrong, you're stuck eating it.

  • I was getting annoyed with CashApp but considering it was a holiday weekend I really can’t complain, it was pretty quick overall. They replied to my email very quickly and the fees don’t seem to be too bad. Now I just sit and wait for mail call...🤗

  • @Rubygirl816 thanks! Love North Carolina!

  • I've dabbled with the bc mining apps but not much so was kinda intimated with ordering process but downloaded CA and was able to place order and recieved confirmation email all that night, now fingers crossed I didn't fuck something and play the waiting game like a crack head stalking the mail box lol

  • Was running low on my main account that I can't make deposits into so had to get resourceful and located a coinflip machine which I've never used, but got my btc, transferred to my wallet I've already made purchases from and submitted payment, kinda lil hassle with extra step but got what I was tryna do accomplished

  • Cash app is the easiest period !!

  • I’ve been using Cashapp with medman and it’s quick and easy and you don’t have to wait a day I just order Friday morning 4oz of GMO cookies

  • Cash app is the easiest but PayPal just started with crypto. I’ve tried 4 diff ones and yes cash app to me, is by far the best and easiest

  • Thanks @WDEgkj. I just bought some bitcoin on Paypal. But do you or does anyone know how to transfer the bitcoin from Paypal to another BTC wallet or does anyone know how to send the BTC to Medicineman? Oh well. If no one helps I believe I can figure it out eventually but any advice would be appreciated.

  • @TheStonedOne no I’ve not tried them yet. I’ve been reading where they was bout to do it and saw today where they now are. I’m probably gonna stick with cash app

  • @TheStonedOne i haven’t used PayPal, but the ones i have used require you to upload a photo to verify identity before you can access your wallet. Maybe check that

  • Was just reading and says paypal you can only buy bitcoin at the moment, they haven't added the send and recieve actions yet

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