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    Oof, terrible experience with cashapp so far.
    Linked bank, debit, and cc, cleared all security for that and for bitcoin transactions. Now everything gets blocked and interacting with their support has been ABSURD.
    They keep telling me that they are blocking transactions because they look suspicious or out of the ordinary. How is that even possible?!? Its your app! You control everything! Now they are just repeatedly sending a stock response saying i need to only link my debit card and build trust by paying and receiving via my debit card directly.
    Um... no. Thats not how this app is supposed to work at all. What a load of crap.

  • And now i feel like a giant stoner because uphold, the service I already use amd enjou, has offered instant transactions via debit and cc for a while now, which i did not realize! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    U have to wait 24 hours to spend, but much better than waiting a week using my bank acct which I didn’t like to do anyways! Yipee!

  • Only ever used Coinbase. Never waited for transactions. They do hold it when you give them bank data, but don't if you use a debit card number. MB, do outfits like that give you, as recipients, some grief? I'd rather keep you guys happy than the money laundering app. Just sayin'...

  • Coinbase is fine for us, it's the 3-day holds for our customers that gets on my nerves...

  • Waiting for my money to be available on Coinbase...thank God I am patient!! Hoping the selection is still good by then...lol!!

  • Wow coin base wont let me send nomore ? Just to an email address ! I'm lost on that 1

  • I was wrong ? I just can't from the phone app nomore ? They changed it all ! I had to Google it up and down load to front page becase it dont come up under profile on the app ? It does but dont let you send ? Took me an hour to figure it out !

  • My bad ! They still do let you send ! They just updated their app ! So be extra careful !! when buying Bitcoins, because it's real easy to make a mistake ! and do it the wrong way ! So before you do, be wise and study their new app and how it works.

  • Coinbase got me to on the new app too and then they caught me off guard with the 3 day hold! Medboy, Thank’s for understanding! You guys are the best. I have Coinbase figured out now.

  • I been useing Coinbase for 4 years and never a problem, till I made a mistake last Friday on their new site ! I accidentally bought 5 different times without knowing I was useing my bank account ! (Not debit Card) And I didnt have the funds in my bank and they cldnt stop the transaction ? So they locked me out, unless I deposited the 5 charges I made in 5 days to my Coinbase account ! My fault ! So I decided to looked at (Cash App) and wow ! their so much easyer then Coinbase ! and so simple !! I mean I was ready to buy and send asap all done from 0 in 15 minutes not know a thing ! I'm thinking their my new Bitcoin supplier ! But yeah Coinbase is alot harder and stressful ! Try Cash App and leave me some feed ! Hopefully I could help someone ! Be safe !

  • And Cash App is way Cheaper ! Wow !

  • Anybody out there using Cash App ?

  • Get a $1,000 worth of bitcoins for just $18 !

  • "Get a $1,000 worth of bitcoins for just $18 !"

    I assume you meant $1018. hehe I knew what you meant.

  • No that's not what I meant , sorry ! I meant for $18 in fees you can purchase $1,000 worth of Bitcoins ! That's a really low fee for that amount of Bitcoins and its quick !

  • To be exact it would be $982.26 in Bitcoins for $17.74 in fees. Hope's that explained what I meant , have a nice day to all !

  • BTC keeps going up every morning but always sea to drop between Sunday and Monday morning... That halving is making playing the discount impossible these days.

  • Whoever finished their order between 8 and 809pm last night- what luck!

  • I use coinbase pro because thats what I already was familiar with and the fees are super low. Like pennies. If you already have fiat in coinbase everything is instant. Seems most people run into an issue when they essentially buy BTC with an ACH transfer. I have used my debit card a couple times on the regular coinbase site but my cheap ass does not like the fees lol. Anyway, just placed my first order I am excited to try some of yalls shatter!

  • i use coinmama and have had no problem. it would be great to find lower fees

  • @nefgreen, is there a waiting period with Coinbase?

    Why would Uphold want my login info for my bank? Are they fucking kidding?

  • Now Coinbase wants it too. Is this a thing now, giving up your username and password (through Plaid) to your online banking??? If someone intercepted that, they could wipe me out and ruin me financially! I did not do that with Coinmama. I won't do that with anybody.

  • Never had to provide bank login with coinbase but I have had to do it to link accounts with apps like venmo or cashapp.ibhave had my coinbase account for awhile though. I think its a new thing and it is faster than doing the method where they deposit a few cents and you then tell them those amounts to verify. It is kinda sketch when you think about it you are totally right, but if it is a legit company there should be no worries.
    As far as coinbase and buying waiting period not sure about setting up the account but once it is and you are verified the buying with debit is instant. I dont like there fees and slightly inflated price so I use coinbase pro when I am not in a hurry; if you make a coinbase account you should also have a PRO account I believe. With pro you have to send money via a normal ACH bank transfer but once its there the transactions are instant and my fees have all been under a dollar they are cents. Coinbase pro is an exchange and can look confusing but it isnt very hard to figure out I promise.

  • Cash app. Simplicity.

  • Coinbase made me use plaid to withdrawl cash. It's stupid. I don't like having much connected to my name so I wasn't happy at all about that.

    The best things about bitcoin was anonymity and that no government in the world had control over it. All these "verifications" and logging into an account to access another part of your account seems like bullshit to me. It's just another tool to connect dots where they shouldn't be connected (well, for those of who don't want those dots connected).

  • @Jdtokes Its ridiculous. When I signed up for coinmama they make you take a pic of your id and a pic of your face and id next to it... Whats the point of bitcoin if its no longer anonymous.

  • No matter what exchange you use to buy bitcoin, you should still transfer it to your own personal local bitcoin wallet. It is then anonymous.

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    My journey is now complete. 48 hours without the ability to buy cannabis. They'll probably make a movie out of it...

    If you're wondering...1/8s of Master Kush and Bubba, big bags of Lavender Haze and Dream Queen!!! Love these new strains!!! "We have received your payment" has never sounded so good...

    EDIT: Xcoins was my salvation, for what it's worth.

  • Cash app as well for me.

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    I love uphold. Ive used it for years. They do everything right.

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