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    I use an online bank - Chime. The only thing I had to do was go into the app and unblock international transactions which is enabled by default in order to buy bitcoin on Coinbase. You can deposit cash into your Chime accounts at a Walmart with no fees if you only want to use it for this purpose. There are no fees for anything. I can buy up to $7500 a week if I wanted now. I think it started at a $1500 limit to start with. You have to use the debit card and not the bank transfer default in order to have instant access to the bitcoin. Otherwise, there is a 7 day hold.

    I can invite anyone and we'd both get $50 if anyone is interested in opening an account and you setup direct deposit. (you can delete this if it's not cool)

    BTW, I also have a Wells Fargo account and their app is 1/10th as good as Chime's.

  • Coinbase will let you ask for an upgrade to your limits I did after
    my first purchase and now I have 1000 wk for debit

  • i use a visa debit card and i have to call and the fraud line to get my transactions to go through. i was told i need to create an account with visa security

  • Cash App is the simplest and lowest fees IMO. Verification took 24hours. 10 minutes to complete entire transaction afterwards.

  • Need advice!! I do not have a smart phone. I only have a regular table top computer. I have opened a paypal account with a wallet set-up. Years ago I used 'Circle' for my purchases with no problem but that is no longer an option. I am a disabled Vietnam vet with numerous health issues and really need medication from MM. Any replies to help are deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • @1Vietwarrior I wound up using coinmama because it's simple and you can use a debit card and a laptop. Transaction takes only a few minutes and you can send it directly to medman. Good luck my friend and thank you for your service!

  • @1Vietwarrior I agree with @coldstone and in addition I would refer you to this page, which has additional online options which will work with a desktop or laptop:


  • Errrrrr.....I started a chime account and coinbase wont let freakin chime visa debit link up, guess Ill try to deposit cash at a wally world and use chime chard @ coinmama. Jeez this used to be a lot simpler, circle was so easy, then initially coinbase was, now its just a friggin PITA. sorry for the venting. Anybody know what info you give them / say at a walmart or whatever to deposit cash into a chime account via yet another entity thats new to me "green dot". all for a plant that should be legal!!! thanks for any help

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    @Landrace on the chime app, enable international transactions. It's off by default. I use it all the time. You can't purchase bitcoin on Coinbase unless you enable it.

  • I use libertyx to get mine....yes the fees are pricey (8.75%) but it's very quick and convieniant. I usually place my order from parking lot...walk inside and hand them cash. If I select fast miner fee the transaction usually goes through in an hour or so.
    The biggest drawback is that you have to do the math to figure out how much BC to buy. I don't use a wallet so I have to send a couple extra bucks worth to insure I have sent enough Bitcoin for my order (I just think of it as a tip :-). I have had to go back in once in the past and add on another 10 bucks when I didn't buy enough but the amount that they actually send them is printed on your receipt when you pay for it.

  • Glad I chose to use a software wallet and not an exchange. Easy to purchase Bitcoin at the local smoke shop's ATM and the funds show up within an hour in my Coinomi wallet. Send the exact amount in Bitcoin and my orders always arrive in 5 or 6 days. Enjoying my supply I received around New Year's. Thanks Medman!!

  • Uphold has been awesome for years. Super easy app or site. Super low fees. Just solid. There’s about a week wait for fund authorization but if you plan ahead its no issue.

    -Put $$ in the bank
    -Use app to buy and store bitcoin in one step using $$ from ur bank acct.
    -wait for authorization. About 1 week.
    -make purchase
    -pay in bitcoin from wallet in app.
    -Use qr code making it easy as possible.
    - fees so small u just ignore them.

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    I have been using Coinbase from the beginning. If you use a debit card, you will get your bitcoin funds instantly. New users to Coinbase can be placed on hold for several weeks. Customer service is terrible if you ever need it. Normally, I have not had any issues. I have gained and lost money using Coinbase especially when waiting to make a purchase. I don't wait anymore, I use my debit card when I am ready to order.

    I am considering a change to CoinMama. For some reason, randomly my bank started charging me an international fee because Coinbase is not a US company. Then again, my bank may do this randomly with any purchase of bitcoin. A friend said they really like CoinMama for ease of use except I think you need to get a wallet to store your extra bitcoin which is not a big deal. With Coinbase, the wallet is included.

  • @Gen Coinbase is in San Fransico. I would ask for the fees back

  • My banking app has the option to turn international transactions on and off. It must be on to buy bitcoin on Coinbase. So you won't get your fees back. But you should get a new bank, preferably a credit union. Big commercial banks are a scourge on humanity.

  • Wow really. coinbase debits from new jersey with my bank. Not international. Strange guess it depends on bank

  • Coinmama tried to charge me twice, only one payment went through, hopefully the other one does not.

  • Wells fargo closed my bank account without warning or options a few years ago over my bitcoin dealings. They are, or at least were notorious for this. This was around the time they stopped allowing direct deposits into other peoples accounts. Had to switch banks and bitcoin acquisition methods but it worked out for the best.

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    Pardon my French, but I fucking hate big corporate banks. With this Bitcoin fiasco, they're showing their true colors: they sincerely believe that they can be trusted with your money, but that you can't be trusted to know how to spend it.

    Fuck them! What's actually going on is that they only care about one group of people: their shareholders. That's why they're throwing up every kind of roadblock they can think of to try to make Bitcoin as difficult to get as possible. But the more they treat their customers like shit, the more will those customers will simply give them the finger and move over to crypto.

    But ask me tomorrow, I'll tell you how I really feel. :)

  • amen @medboy! One of the reasons I won't even discuss politics is because not a single politician does anything but take banking donations. When they want to debate monetary policy and the creation of money, I'll begin to listen again. Counting down the days until the next taxpayer funded bank bailout while not a single person goes to prison AGAIN.

  • @SpongePail Well SOB, I will go to BOA and rip them a new one, thanks for the information. @Medboy, I agree, fuck the big banks especially BOA for feeding me a line of bullshit.

  • I seem to use coinbase without issue you just have to have a debit/visa on file for funds to be available instantly, if you use bank acct they hold funds for 72hrs

  • Crap....the local place I bought my Bitcoin at no longer sells it. Stuck trying coinbase again so wish me luck. I have used libertyx the last year or two and hate having to find a new company.... or drive 45 miles each way to get them :-(

  • Well....coinbase worked. Only about an hour and a half to go through so not a bad an experience this time around. Hopefully this will be the norm for them as last time I tried them it was an unsuccessful nightmare due to bank issues.

  • OMG bitcoin sure is tanking... just as I re-upped to make a purchase.... oof! Huge loss. 🤦‍♂️

  • @Joha Ouch, you are right. So sorry. That happened to me once just as I was ready to make a purchase. I was saving up my bitcoin for several weeks and just as I was ready to order, it tanked. After that, I only buy bitcoin when I am ready to make a purchase.

  • Unfortunately im using uphold which means waiting a week for the funds to clear while watching them disappear. 💩

  • Ok so im switching to cashapp. Seems i missed the boat on that one! Thanks for this thread!!

  • Cashapp Question. why are some of you transferring to a different wallet? Why not just keep it in the apps wallet? Especially if you’re going to spend most it immediately? Is using the app wallet really that dangerous or problematic for some reason?

  • Wow i feel like a moron. Cashapp seems extremely easy so far and is instant. SO much better than waiting a week for uphold.

    Good news is i can use cashapp while i wait for the value of bitcoin to go back up and hopefully recover my uphold loss! Win win!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🤦‍♂️

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