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  • @Jdtokes
    You sure got that right.
    !6 years ago, give or take, a large family, 3 generations, of Gypsies liked in the same apt complex. Very nice people. They have a very little know language, besides English. They work under the table. They don't have their children in hospitals and they home school.

    That's definitely the way to do it. Keep their kids totally off the grid. The only thing I didn't like about it was that they themselves weren't educated well and they weren't doing a very good job homeschooling.

    I forget their heritage, but they looked middle eastern and it was not long after 9/11. We got a new apt manager, a real bossy know it all bitch and she evicted them. No, No. She kept harassing them so they moved. A few years ago, I was a nomad, living in a motor-home. I met several couples that home-schooled. They would take their kids to what-ever library was near where they were staying at the time and use their books and internet to teach.

    I've got to get back to that life if it's not too late for me to save for another rig. I have a bad feeling that the chem-trails we kept hearing about were to kill wild life to prevent us from living off the land. I've seen lots of pics with wild animals covered in tumors.
    Monsanto invented a bee killer that actually attracts the bees from miles away.

    Who'd a thought having serious health problems and not too long to live would be a good thing. :neutral:

  • At this rate everything on the menu will be gone by the time cashapp will get around to my inquiry. I don't know why they're not verifying my account. My pic is high quality but they keep denying me.

    I was going to use the site that was recommended but I don't trust the seller I was going to use.

  • Cashapp denied me the first time but on the second it worked but it was because my photos were crap and taken in a hurry. I hope you get verified without issues soon @Jdtokes . I have used cashapp the past 2 orders and I like it. No more coinbase for me!

  • @nefgreen How long does it normally take them? I tried using another app then my card was blocked by the bank. I then got cash app, which takes almost 24 hours to find out if I was verified or not, so far 2 days of not being verified. I made absolutely sure that my pics were not blurry, and still denied. Their customer service is lacking as well, no response so far to my inquiry on why I wasn't verified.

    I hope it works this time, I have the coin ready foe my order just need verified so I can spend it lol.

  • Both attempts they got back to me in 24 hrs from what I remember. This may be a silly question but is your ID expired by chance? No crazy glare either right. It sucks having no one respond to tell you why either I hate waiting on these kind of things.

  • No, it's not expired. That was an ordeal with the courthouse too lol but that's a story for another time.

    I've had to take pics to verify my identity before and it has never been a problem. I make sure that there's no blurryness and that the pictures are. Clear and legible. I don't know why they're denying me unless I look like a troublemaker or something lmao.

  • Yeah thats crap. When I did it the first time the picture sucked because I was in a hurry but no problems on the second try.

  • Hopefully third time is a charm lol. If not, I'm not sure what I'll do. I really didn't expect to get denied again lol.

  • @BuddyBoy you're talking about privacy while using Facebook?!?!

  • Crypto wallet is the best 1 I’ve used. U can transfer from crypto.com to ur wallet in minutes. Buy the BTC and then transfer and no fees

  • @WDEgkj whats the approval process like? Similar hoops to jump thru? I like cash app, was a member before they offered bitcoins so didn’t need to verify. But always looking around.

  • @funkynugz yep basically same hoops. U can dl crypto app and let the BTC sit on the market. Kinda fun.

  • @WDEgkj been using BRD as my wallet and am not thrilled with it, may try crypto. Thx.

  • Be careful today- the only thing trading is Bitcoin

  • Hey @medboy could I get some help? I just sent the bitcoin to the wallet you provided me and then I just got another email saying to send it to a different one?

  • @N1ck_4 theres a glitch where if you revisit the page it will trigger another order. The thing is if you got the payment confirmation email you are set! If not write. (look in spam folder if you dont see it)

  • I'd like to suggest a site i just found https://localcryptos.com. No KYC so no need for ID and all that!

  • I use Coinbase.

    My first purchase was held up for 6 days.

    My Checking AND debit card are linked.

    After the first purchase, I get my BTC funds IMMEDIATELY and can send IMMEDIATELY.

    $200 BTC purchase has a approx. a $3 fee I believe.

    Coinmama is my next preferred option, the fee is higher with them.

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    So, I'm using CashApp also. Already had the app, bought the bitcoin, placed the order and paid. All within about 10min. CashApp didnt ask me for any ID or anything....I'm not going to fool with wallets etc. The only time I'll buy BTC is just before placing the order and sending.

  • ^forgot how he set up BTC in cashapp in the first place^.

  • @MrMuffinMan I never verified identity with cash app either 👍 BTC feature were added after I was already a user for a while. Hopefully the don’t find the need to one day change status on us. I just use a wallet to capture coin sometimes leftover after a purchase.

  • anyone ever had problem with mycelium wallet, I placed an order today sent the bitcoins and its been stuck on sending for over 6 hours now I have used it many times before and never had any troubles like this

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    I use it ,never a problem.You might need to update also how many confirmations do you have for this transaction ? 30

  • it finally went through took over 8 hours, usually goes right through within a few minutes but this time it didn't , just happy I got my order confirmation

  • scary @Ken_K i woulda been anxious the whole time lol o_O mine always goes thru within a minute or so. i use cash app. . it took like 20 mins to figure everything out the first time but def wasnt difficult at all. i would recommend this to anyone starting out as a beginner

  • Hi everyone, I’m new here. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this site! I’m a cancer patient and have been ripped off too many times. Anyway, I m new to bitcoin. I have cash app. Can I send bitcoin, from cash app, directly to medman, or do I have to transfer, first to a wallet then to madman? Thanks

  • I personally only use cash app. I’m fairly new to so others may have better info on pros/cons of your own wallet. But you don’t necessarily have to have a wallet you can absolutely just send via cash app.

  • Thanks so much!

  • That makes it much easier!

  • I just placed my first order and cash app was easy as hell! Thanks!

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