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  • Might hit $60k this week😱

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  • I was fortunate enough to have invested on a whim when I had some change to play with in 2016. Bought 1.5 coins to start after finding this site. Unfortunately my first order was .3 btc. I think of that now and it makes my head boggle. Bought another .5 in 2018 and needless to say am very happy with the state of happenings in cryptoworld. The .95 I have left should hold me for awhile.

  • I spoke too soon😥

  • Yeah had a feeling was gonna dip again before Elon said anything

  • I just got a message that cash app has locked my account! WTH?

    What do I need to do to unlock it?

  • Crisis averted. Cash app has confirmed that it was a phishing attack. Passwords have been changed and all is well.

  • Coinbase is the only one I'm smart enough to use! lol I have money in other sites but can't figure how to use CEX.IO is one an Cashapp my bank said is not a legit or safe !!!!

  • Bitcoin just passed $1 Trillion in valuation, again, and it looks to stay there. I think BC will double by summer. But that's just me, I am not a financial type. :wink:

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    Kind of unrelated, but I started ethereum mining on my gaming laptop and made about $75 in a month. Once I get to .05 mined, I'll finally get paid (current value $92.50). Enough to get me an extra treat once converted to BTC.

  • Crypto in free fall😟

  • I've only used bitcoin. With the transaction fees so high I'm wondering If using a different crypto will save money. If anyone has experience please share. Including approximate transaction fees.

  • @TreesPlz I find it's best to ignore prices on days like these so my hair doesn't go more gray.

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    Buy the dip and HODL.

    Of course we cannot HODL because we need to spend it on cannabis. Good luck trying.

  • Coinbase went public today

  • Yes it did, I was just checking out xrp, I bought in at $0.21 it's trading at $1.96 right now. It's a brave new world .

  • Just dropped some coin on COIN. Already losing money after an hour 😄 but it’s going to be a volatile ride for a while and I’m in for the long hold anyway. Wondering how my dollars spent will perform compared to the same amount in BTC?

    Rollin dem bones 🎲

  • Im in the process of closing my coinbase account....2-3years of dealing with crappy app that only works occasionally. I have had to try order multiple times on multiple days more often than having it work correctly. They have zero customer service and I got so fed up I will never use them again. Finally using cash app and so far so good. If your a fan of coinbase than go ahead and get some stock.....if you have been using a different app for purchases than you might want to hold off on their stock and try using it first. I haven't looked at their numbers yet, but If I go by my experience with them I would be more likely to short them through puts then buy their stock...garbage company, garbage app, and 2FA that hardly ever works

  • From a user perspective I totally agree @Thatguy, I abandoned CB for cashapp as well due to tech glitches (still have my account though). With that said I’ve had issues with other crypto vendors too though over the last few years playing in the land of BTC.

    From an investment perspective, an infusion of public cash should go a long way to help smooth out what amounts to technical issues. They need to upgrade their developer and customer service. Money can fix that.

    Crypto is the fresh buzz again, this time it’s different. Much more mainstream interest now. When the local news talks about it people go hmmmmmm. IMO CB is sitting pretty to teach newbies how to potentially grow their nest eggs and to buy illicit substances on the www 😄

    What CB needs to do most is simplify the buy/sell process, and streamline the validation process, to eliminate the still too high intimidation factor. Two big tasks for sure. The inherent risks and costs of crypto investing will need to somehow be softened on a more global basis too for it to take off. Not a task CB can take up on its own but one that will take time and multiple players.

    I figure there’s shady places to buy coin out there, this place is listed on the America’s stock exchange. And it was listed first in its environment. That credential alone sets them apart from competition that might try to IPO in the future. Don’t think the big banks aren’t watching closely though. CB also will have greater clout to lobby and influence corporate, big retail and the government. The banks want that too and they also realize crypto is here to stay.

    I’m prepared to take loss on this in the near term, like I said I’m in for the long hold anyway. Didn’t bet the farm, just a few 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

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    For fun, go look at your bitcoin transactions and see how much you paid for previous orders in today's dollars.

    My first purchase was .1025 BTC. Oooooof

    The $5500 probably would have paid for all orders placed since.

  • For a bonus aha, tally up all your (actual dollar) coin buys over one year. For me $3,500 in 2019 and $4,100 in 2020. So a 2-year rolling average of $316/mo. for my herbal medicine. Interesting.

  • nefgreenm, I have used Coinbase for years even before they split. I wish I had more than $60 in coinbase bitcoin account at that time. Normally, I only buy enough bitcoin to purchase here. What is the difference between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro?

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    Coinbase pro has lower trading fees, and the app is more " technical ?" Or for serious trading. Anyone can use it though.

  • i use coinbase too....if i use the bank account on file, the charge is less, but you have to wait like 7 days...if i use my debit card i can have access to the funds in like 5 mins..but they charge about $18 on 475....so it depends if you want the funds right away...i want them right now, so i pay extra, but don't have to worry if bitcoin loses price and i come up short....which has happened when i waited once...

  • Bitcoin tanked. Made another order just because. Lost $$$.🙄😒

  • What goes up, must come down

  • Yeah its because of the tax announcement. S and p500 is down too

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    Meanwhile, the tax increase will barely increase tax revenues whatsoever. Only behavior to avoid the taxes will change. But they will definitely spend 5 times as much as the ridiculously overblown revenue estimates and then say that they "paid" for everything by increasing taxes on the rich.

    Here's a way to increase taxes on the rich. Make everyone pay the same percentage after a $25,000 personal deduction and no other deductions.

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    Or, simply eliminate the income tax and replace it with a federal sales tax. Everyone pays the same ten cents on a loaf of bread, ending the political class warfare rhetoric. Fairness achieved.

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