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  • Has anyone used binance.us as an exchange? They have quite low fees.

  • @Sixwaychili binance is fine, doesn't work in ny or tx though... A few other states too

  • Well I setup an account and am already verified and bank account added. My state allows it. The fees are incredibly low compared to Coinbase. No 7 day waiting for incoming bank transfers, but a 10 day hold on transfers out. Won't be an issue for me because I'm starting to build up my account and will just replace what I spend here. Thanks @Syz

  • I had a TON of problems with CoinBase when I first started using them (holding money for up to 7 days!!!).....after the first 3-4 transactions, not a problem since!

  • Fallguy, when you say serious traiders, you mean those with the funds to invest. Wish that was me. I would still love to learn. Being more technical is not a problem.

  • Im confused about my 1st order. I bought bitcoin bc it asks how you're paying on the order screen. I've not smoked in 20 years & hate smoking CBD so tried to add the 1g $5 sample from Med Mama & the 1/4g shatter sample from Loud incase i can't tolerate bud. The order said my total was $5 but should be $15+ shipping. Then it timed out & it was lost .. I also lost the discount code and the site tells me my zip is wrong though it's not when i try to request it to my email.
    I used cashapp for buying bitcoin and can't figure out if i need a wallet before ordering product.. What do I do next?

  • Bitcoin won't allow any withdrawals under $56, so I can't try the 1gram first order. What does everyone else do? I've jumped through hoops for 2 hours.. PLEASE just take PayPal friends and family or zell, xoom, etc.!!

  • @Dez411 what platform you using because I've never heard of this

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    @Dez411 I'm a bit confused myself, I'm not sure but it sounds like you tried to order just the add on's. If I'm not mistaken you have to place an order for at least the minimum amount of flower, concentrates or edibles. Then you can get your $5 and $15 samples. If you have a checking or savings account just use coinbase , you will pay a little bit higher fees but I haven't had any problems. I just linked my checking account so there's no holding of funds, if you use a savings account I think they hold your funds for 7 days? Try to order again, sometimes the system feels a little glitchy but unless you submit your order twice you can't lose your coins or your code. I also don't understand the whole wrong zip code thing and requesting it to your email ? I'm a grey god lol 😉 and it took me a couple of tries but eventually everything went fine. Bitcoin is a pain in the ass at first but after a couple of transactions you'll master it. Don't get discouraged , your in a great place and I'm sure if you have questions about the order process medboy would be happy to help you on the contact form..Best of luck

  • @Syz I used cashapp and bought bitcoin and got an order in but cashapp (& square, etc.) apparently changed the minimum spending limit to $56 on 4/22.

    The error msg said samples can only be bought alone. I got the money into cashapp and figured out how to pay but several companies like square and cashapp etc. raised the minimum spending limit per purchase to over $56 on 4/22. I only have $35 in my account..
    The zip thing was weird bc it asks if you forgot your coupon code when ordering and if yes you enter your email (and zip, idk why) to get a code emailed, but it kept saying my zip was wrong. I remembered my order was small so didn't keep trying.

  • If you're talking about the $5 bud sample, then yes, it can only be ordered alone. That's to get people to try the service before placing bigger orders. I'm not sure about the other issues.

  • @Sixwaychili Yeah, the $5 gram isn't an option with bitcoin for a lot of ppl now, nor is ordering anything less than $56.

    It's pretty shitty that I had to give tons of personal information, upload my license, a real time pic, etc. just for bitcoin (who I'm paying) to tell me how I should/can't spend my money.

  • @Sixwaychili I never ordered a $5 sample, just jumped right in with both feet and I've never looked back 😁 @Dez411 I hope you find an answer to your problem, it sounds to complicated.

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    Same here @MNTDWLER. I was told about this site by someone I "knew" online for years so I trusted him. It took me about 4 years of looking before jumping in. Bitcoin was $200 when I first started considering buying. I also had to convince my gf that the cops weren't going to show up delivering the package. It really was life changing to be able to buy whatever I like instead of whatever is available.

  • @Sixwaychili I just happened across the site in desperation, my first order was for cart's. After seeing the lengths that were taken to insure discreet delivery I was sold. My wife was freaked until about the third order and now she pays no more attention to it than anything from Amazon. As for a life changer no doubt my friend.. even my doctors are thrilled I found this site. It's taken a little of the hole outta my ass😄.

  • Coinbase is easy to use and don’t think they have a minimum on amounts to send to another wallet

  • I kind of am making a bit of coin with mining Etherium.

  • Yeah and at the rate bit coin keeps reaching all time highs, you're honestly better off leaving a good chunk in there for passive gains imho

  • Speaking of crypto, does anyone have experience with pancake swap? Accidentally unsynced part my wallet and being lazy

  • @Vapedad78 that's the plan. The $80 I earned last month is up to $140. About to get another payout of $140ish.

  • Having to get btc indirectly got me into crypto lol

  • That's awesome congrats @Sixwaychili

  • I’ve been waiting on the block chain for two hours, that’s unusual for me. Is anybody else having trouble?

  • Just got confirmation now from 1230. That’s a long time. Anyway, just thought I’d post in case anybody else is waiting and wondering.

  • That's going to be more common with BTC since it does not scale the way it needs to for it to be used as a type of currency. Bitcoin isn't going to be the dominant crypto in the long run. It's more of a store of value than it is a currency.

  • @Gen Gemini active trader has a lot more bells and whistles than the regular site. No you don't need more money to use it , it also has much lower trading fees 0.35% and if you trade a lot you can qualify for 0.25%. Same thing with coinbase/coinbase pro. Gemini does have a subreddit.

  • @Sixwaychili I concur, most btc I get is when it's on sale and wait for the elevator up to swap for something more appealing for mid and long term game

  • Im using coinbase pro for my orders, and to trade as well the fees are really low. im talking like just about 1$ for my 400$ order.

  • can't spend our coinbase earnings!!!

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