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    Cash App is the simplest way period ! And you already have a wallet with Cash App so you don't need another 1, trying eny other way your just wasting your time, all you need is a bank debit card, ID or driver's license. It takes 1 day to verify its you, then you can buy and send Bitcoins the next day and as many as you want ! All transactions take less then 3 minutes at most ! So simple !

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    I had the same problem with Cash App, it said I can't buy bitcoins rite now, and I was like huh ? I think it's just a bug in the system or if you try more then 2 or 3 times to buy like I did and don't do it correctly, it locks you out from buying for a few hours then works so make sure you buy the rite amount the 1st time.

  • Okay I placed an order days ago and bought the Bitcoin on Cashapp. Lost 30$ in a couple days time waiting on them to verify my account first night it went up 15$ so I left it and still couldn't send it to the wallet address I was given when I placed the order, now med mamas down to a hand full of goodies and I'm heartbroken, I need this to go through. I sold the BTC last night cause I couldn't lose any more then I replaced my order today when my account was verified, I go in buy back some BTC and sent exact amount requested to the wallet address I was given it took the cash out but then said I'd initiated a withdrawal (prority) but the BTC amount is still there. What do I do, I should've tried a reloadable vanilla card or bank deposit. Im hoping it went through. How can I find out for sure? Will I get my confirmation email when it's excepted? Thanks all!!!

  • Nevermind! Got it taken care of! Thanks so much for this service and this amazing forum. I love how helpful and understanding ppl are here and lots of solid info to help making decision on what to order!

  • Good luck and enjoy

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    My Fidelity debit card was just blocked at Coinbase for no reason?..

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    My Fidelity debit card was blocked at COINBASE for no reason?...I had previously set up a CHIME account last year and it took 20 minutes to activate the debit card and fund the account with CASH at WALGREENS...MY QUESTION = If my Chime bank account and debit card are BOTH LINKED will COINBASE automatically DRAFT funds from the debit card or should I just REMOVE the linked Bank account ?

  • Hey y’all. I love Cash App. It’s so easy.

  • Lil over 30gs

  • Ive been freaking out about this damn tax season and what im going to tell my tax preparer what i spent THIS MUCH ON BITCOIN FOR EXACTLY WHAT!? Does it count as medicinal? Recreational?

  • Ill just tell em the damn truth, I LOVE TO SMOKE BUD🥴

  • On Cashapp, anyone happen to know if there's a cap on the amount of bitcoin you can send if you have an unverified account?

  • @Trippy they didnt ask so i didnt say anything.

  • Out of what i spent in the year i always bought extra for the fastest option to mm the btc payment. Whatevers left over i sold back and put it into my acct. I think those are what was "supposed" to be reported as whatever it is

  • I am unable to use Coinmama and Coinbase will not allow me to puchase, too low an amount. Is there any other options to continue to do business with you? Coin mama is asking for 2nd Tier and a commitment.

  • @Ipk2a1 I have gotten similar emails. I wonder if they changed their policies. You can buy, sell, and send BTC via Cash App. However, when sending BTC via Cash App do not use the wallet address as a cash tag. When sending BTC via Cash App, go to the following site:


    Scroll down to the header "On-Chain Transactions" and follow the steps. You should be all set from there!

  • Coinmama has tier limits on how much bitcoin you can buy. I was on tier 1, but just recently I was informed that I had "reached my limit" and had to resubmit ID, etc. in order to continue on using tier 2.

    The max limit at tier 1 is $7500. Until now, I thought that was the limit of a single purchase, but it appears that this limit is a total accumulation of your account, not a per purchase amount.

    According to them, I've bought over $7500 worth of product from here as this is the only place where I use bitcoin to buy anything.

    Onward and upward!

  • @justaguy Hmm, I'm wondering if it's for tax purposes, as for asking for the I.D. I know the limit for no taxation is 8,000 and heard they were going to start cracking down and pushing for more regulation of BTC.

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    I am using a debit card to buy the BTC. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. They recently changed their EULA, and you know I didn't read the thing. Ha! There was a notice about money laundering is illegal, don't send scammers coin, etc.

    When I first started, I went round and round with my bank before I could buy what I needed without going through a major hassle of security checks. If this gets to be a hassle again, I'll try CashApp.

    *added - Here is a copy/paste of the notifications:

    You have reached your purchase limit for Credit or Debit Card, You have reached your purchase limit for SEPA Bank Transfer (EU Banks only), You have reached your purchase limit for GBP Bank Transfer (SWIFT), You have reached your purchase limit for Skrill, You have reached your purchase limit for Bank transfer (ACH), You have reached your purchase limit for Bank Transfer (SWIFT), You have reached your purchase limit for Wire Transfer (US Domestic), You have reached your purchase limit for Webpay, You have reached your purchase limit for Banco De Chile, You have reached your purchase limit for Bancolombia, You have reached your purchase limit for PSE, You have reached your purchase limit for Neteller, You have reached your purchase limit for Rapid Transfer, You have reached your purchase limit for Open Banking

  • I just received an email from Coinbase stating I have to UPGRADE my ID PHOTO by Feb 2nd
    2023 to be able to continue SENDING BTC or my services will be SUSPENDED on that date....Have any Coinbase users received this notification....I have received a lot of SPAM /FAKE EMAILS from Coinbase (Hackers I guess) and normally just DELETE when they look suspicious....Can any Coinbase users tell me if they have received this notification or is it just another SPAM attempt to hack my account ?...Any ADVICE is appreciated ?

  • @Katy Coinbase does require a form of identification, for taxes.

  • @medboy ....Thank you

  • CashApp is super easy. I’m not tech savvy and I easily navigate cashApp.

  • @medboy I placed an order last night, but the confirmation page seemed to give me a different bitcoin addr after refreshing. So not sure if you received my order/payment, or not. Please see email.

  • @baggy I have responded to your email.

  • Perfect. Thanks for the fast response!

  • @baggy I try, I try :blush:

  • Hello, hope you’re well. I made a order. Paid with bitcoin. No confirmation email. I checked the blockchain. 2 transactions were completed. Sorry to bother. Thank you.

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    He won't normally see it unless you add ---> @medboy

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