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  • I've been ordering the vapes for a couple of years now, and have never been disappointed. I have been having trouble with my equipment lately though. The carts get clogged often, and I end up sucking some of the material into my mouth. Am I doing something wrong? It really only began when I started refilling them instead of buying new ones each time. Also, what is the expected life of the battery/pen? I haven't found a suitable replacement for Old Reliable, it was inexpensive and simple to use.
    Again, thanks MM! You're a lifesaver!

  • Afgoo. This time, next time, and probably next time.

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    I went through a similar learning experience with vape pens. They would sometimes clog up even at the half way point of usage, sometimes not so much. I learned that different carts will vaporize best at different voltage settings. Look for a variable voltage pen to solve the clogging problems. Some juice needs a little more heat than others.

    As for life expectancy, I don't know. I would imagine whatever number you get will include the disclaimer "your mileage will vary."

  • Got some Mimosa a few weeks back that was in place of something they ran out of. It’s really nice stuff. Tasty with big nugs. Would never have ordered it so was a nice surprise.

  • I recently ordered the holiday tin “medible edibles.” What a fun assortment. I made the jello, and I have to say that is a lot of fun to make and very potent. I’m a long time customer and have never been disappointed.

  • Product reviews of all ive tried so far with more to come
    outdoor NY diesel- great smoke, dank smell, personally love the effects good energized feel and body relaxation at the same time. my order of this had small nugs
    Premium mimosa- Great smoke, smell was citrusy, had a energy feel to it and a really good buzz, nugs are very nice looking, what i had was medium-large in size.
    sour diesel 1/2G vapes from L&C- great for while i was working and all day use, only dis-advantage was the carts ended up clogging up and id have to figure out ways to unclog them. a potent sour diesel feel, euphoric/energetic at the same time relaxing
    Blue dream 1g Distillates from MM- Very potent have been smoking these in 510 ceramic carts out of a adjustable battery mod. good cerebral effects and loss energy then diesel but still could be an all day smoke.
    Super Lemon Haze 1g distillates from MM- Personally loved these for what im looking for, energy throughout my day while maintaining a nice buzz that only takes 2-3 good hits to get. Taste is hard to say for all these distillates might be the device im using but this gave me a nice boost of energy and less of body relaxation unless i chiefed on my pen.
    Gummy Bears/Gum drops from MM- Me and my wife absolutely loved these. We were eating 3-4 a day between the two of us on top of smoking. The high for us felt more sativa and taste/texture of the gummies is pretty good.
    My next order when the site is back will be atleast a zip of more flower spilt 2 ways and either 1g Vape carts or another strain of distillate x4. Will post review when im fully medicated off the new goodies! thanks MM and L&C

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    Chemscout Fresh Frozen Shatter from Loud is very tasty and hits you fast. High didn’t last very long..maybe 45-hr..but it was a nice paranoia and clear headed..My fav shatter from Loud is the Starkiller..amazing flavor with intense body buzz and euphoria..provides a great nights sleep too!

    Flower- hands down fave is the Wedding Cake. Unique flavor, enjoyable high, great comedown, leaving me with a relaxing nights sleep. Beautiful green trich covered sticky stinky buds! Very potent..I have to open it outside or cracking the lid stinks up my house..:-)

    So pleased with the high quality products and service of MM! Customer for life..the site down had me concerned. But glad it’s a server issue. Would be a sad day otherwise.

  • Would have to concur with superman got the wedding cake before holiday and is 1 of my favorites. the flavor is not like any other.
    the Chocolope was pretty good as well

  • LOVED the Chocolope from Med Momma

  • Outdoor jaeger is so good. Tasty, smooth smoke. It does couchlock me if I'm already tired. One thing it did do that no other strain ever has...made me sexually aroused. It was very pronounced. I smoked it a dozen times to make sure. I love it. I ordered some more.

  • From L&C
    starkilller kush is very good. 2nd time ordering this it is perfect for evening or if you dont have anything to do. Has a great taste

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    The outdoor Jager seem to creep up slowly. But once it finally hit it was amazing, and I forgot my name for a minute. the taste is reminiscent of oranges, olives, and an earthy taste. It is great for the end of a long day to keep you on the couch and relaxed. Another choice strain. I’m using it right now!

  • The Jager is one to buy up and hoard.

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    Agreed on Jager. Pert near perfect outdoor nugz. Nice lineage too, Hindu Kush dominant. It’s only the second time I’ve ordered the same strain twice from this site (other was mama’s Gelato indoor). Got two solid zips of Jager in the stash safe 👍

  • Just got the Blue Dream and SSherbert from Loud and WOW times 2 and the GH gelato from MM was awesome too . I would reorder all 3 😛

  • Pink Champagne is today's selection. Beautiful, fluffy nugs that provide a relaxed, mellow high.

  • Still smoking on Blue dream from l&c
    I’m sure everyone has had this strain by now. It’s the perfect wake and bake puff on all day with a nice head high.
    The bag was all buds no smalls.

  • I received Blue Dream from MedM. Definitely as expected in a good way! Two big buds made up my 1/4..the description said perfectly cured and it is was. Stems have a nice snap and the herb crumbles up very easy..the smell is like fresh sourish berries :-). Would love to see that in stock whenever possible!

  • The diamonds are alright, I will order the live Rez next time to see what it’s like... the purp urk is gassy. And so is the jaeger... now the Heavy indica RSO... I took a rice grain sized bit, and it straight up knocked me on my ASS.. nothing ever does now a days so I thought that was pretty cool.. also my purp urk bag was .5+ what it was supposed to be! Also received a 50mg freebie

  • NYC Diesel very nice

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