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  • Got 2 out of 3 packages this week I plan on opening up today 😁😁 will be posting some review later today stay tuned 😋😋

  • I got the premium purple punch I ordered in several days ago. This has to be the prettiest buds i have ever seen, they are completely coated with crystals and have beautiful orange hairs. The smell is great as well. To me it smells almost identical to blueberry and Lemon Cluster special k cereal. Thank yall for what yall do, it is great potant herb.

  • So nobody has any reviews on anything in the last few days...we’ll ill go a order of premium northern lights from loud and co...yeah it took a while to flirt here but it was worth the wait...strong heavy Indica with great taste and great high....eeehhhh 9.25 /10 got some diamonds again too 🤤🤤🤤 always packing a huge punch....I’m interested in the do short blueberry but I’m sure by the time I get the opportunity to get it will be gone...looks crazy good’s friday....y’all ain’t got shit to get HIGH!!!

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    got 2 zips in today from Loud. miracle alien cookies and mammoth skunk. both are top notch indys - great colors, decent trichs and satisfying terp profiles. the washington crew has been representing big time with the indoor strain varieties. i feel like a kid in a candy store, hard to decide on what to buy. guess we need a nug o' the month club. LOL, forget about smoking the stuff. just buying weed here is addicting! 😆

  • The premium Bear is really great treat. You will need a grinder or something. Long lasting.

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    I started a review on the Bear Kush. The last strain at bottom of page. I ordered the Alien but they ran out. I received the BK instead and it might be the best Kush I’ve ever tried. The ashes turn white. Definitely in the top 10 out of hundreds. 5 stars!!

  • Well based on your comments I took the splurge and order some of the Bear Creek Kush today. I’m excited to try it!!

  • It's a good strain, enjoyed the flavor, a lil' on the dry-side, awesome high that last! You shouldn't be disappointed. All and all a good buy.

  • I received an order today and lemme tell you guys how freaking excited I am!! First I ordered it Tuesday night and have been waiting oh so patiently... I was at the post office first thing this morning cause I had a feeling today was the day... Yesterday was my birthday so I bought myself an e-rig the cloud v electro mini so I could try the concentrates I got in something brand new.. but anyway I get home with my package and opened it.. an ounce of the indoor mimosa an ounce of the indoor deisel og some of the og kush wax some of the purple punch shatter the pineapple Express vape refill some gummies and the rest and relief tincture.. I started out with a hugeeeee dab of the og kush wax.. the description on the website is perfect.. awesome smell beautiful color kinda like an orangish Carmel color.. texture like a live resin.. I'm actually surprised it wasn't listed as a live resin on the website.. classic og high.. best wax I've had had in a whileeee.. went to sleep for an hour woke back up ate a gummies.. tasted great (acai flavor) couldn't really tell you how high it got me cause right after I ate it I did a dab of the purple punch shatter.. it was decent... Nice flavor transparent orange color not too of the line but still above average... Now I'm currently in the process of rolling a joint of the mimosa n that's when I decide damn I should really leave a review this is awesome.. beautiful bud perfect amount of purple with a beautiful light green COVERED in triches.. kinda surprised it's not labeled as premium... Will try to write back later and let you guys know how the rest goes! Stay highh ✈️✈️✈️💨💨💨

  • That og kush wax is next on the waiting list of shit I’m gonna order...glad it was good for ya!!! I personally just got 4 grams of the Pineapple Express refill...very good sweet pineapple flavor of my faves...I also got some of the discount smalls, both of them...they are worth the price....premium popcorn buds at discount prices!!! Does it seem like I’m yelling? I’m not! Just high, and a little drunk!!! Wonder if med man gonna give us a big 4:20 discount coming up in a month or so!!!!

  • Flappies. How did you like the Bear Kush?
    Anyone know what is the best right now?

  • Good question?? Never received for whatever reason they subbed out and gave me banjo even though the Bear Kush is still available and has been available so I have no idea? If you order it not sure if you’ll get that?. I will say though I do like the Banjo But still would’ve liked to of gotten the bear. Sorry couldn’t answer your question.

  • I've been in touch with the shipper and unfortunately the Bear Creek is out of stock. The website took a little longer to catch up, sorry about that! This is why we always need subbing preferences with each order.

  • Website still says it’s available.

  • Yeah they got it back in! This is a fresh batch.

  • Sugar Trim Joints update: on my last order I wanted a 50/50 mix (10 of one kind, 10 of the other) and I requested 3 specific strains of both sativa and indica as choices to pick from.

    They told me that they just couldn't fulfill an order like that with the STJ's, but if/when I ordered any pre-rolled joints, then that would be the way to order those. You wont get any particular strains with the STJ's, just sativa or indica generically. In all my orders so far, they label each order with the strain they used, none of them have been the same.

    And they have not disappointed at all. I just got in my most recent order. I ordered just straight sativa. They used Sour Diesel, and I think I found my strain of choice for sativa. I am still a fan of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies though. ;-) But right now, the SD is doing the job for me.

    Next order, I think I will try Sour Diesel in nugget form.


  • I don’t know if any of you have tried the premium animal cookies yet but I received my order yesterday and I was very impressed! Probably the best flower I’ve gotten from med man! There are so many crystals on the buds that they almost look plastic or something...great pungent aroma and great taste! Better stock up the fridge before smoking a joint of this stuff! I had incredible munchies not five minutes afterward and I also got the best sleep I’ve gotten in months last night! Thanks med man and med boy and you guys should definitely take this review to heart and go get some animal cookies! Changing my profile pick to the animal cookies!

  • hey MM. I saw your name with the .is yesterday on an advertisement with some other growers or something. I’ll see if I can find it again.

  • I lean towards indica flowers but decided to add a couple of sativa to my jars. I’m also a self proclaimed indoor flowers only snob. Tried some light dep a while back that’s gathering dust in my stash. But decided to give some Greenhouse grown sats a roll anyway.

    Split a zip between two Greenhouse sat strains available from medmama. Jack Herer is off the hook. LoudAF, super tasty and sticky/moist with a growers trim. A nice heady get things done kind of buzz that makes me want to... write a review 😆 Somebody put some love in on this one. The 2nd half is White Sherbert. Not as loud or stanky as the JH but really nice looking nugz with a happy up buzz.

    Both will be great daytime smoke. Nice to have a couple of sats on the shelf for a change and I’ll need to check out some more Greenhouse strains.

    Diamonds! are still amazing. Picked up a few concentrates while in Cali a couple weeks ago, live resin, terp sauces, DipnDabs THC powder. While all are decent and have a lower per-gram cost, the Diamonds have superior overall quality and are the easiest ever concentrate to work with.

    Also picked up two one-half grams of “house” shatter at a dispensary in Santa Cruz for $10 each. Yeah, was not my best investment 😝

  • Anyone try the sour OG that is supposed to lay you out. Just wondering what’s up with it.

  • Currently enjoyin' the Animal Cookies...Spot-on, awesome strain! Thanx much guys!

  • would love some more syringe refils

  • The purple kush I got today is beautiful, it has heavy patches of purple all over the buds. It smells amazing and is very relaxing. Thank you green gods much love

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    Animals cookies, yum!! I’m ordering more.

  • Has anyone tried the Gran Dad Purp?

  • Anyone else taking 3 weeks?

  • If it's taking that long, you can email me through our customer question form to let me know which order you're waiting on. I can ask the shipper for tracking.

  • I usually get my order in 5-7 days.

    I did notice one weird thing for an order I just made on April 20th; I get notified from the USPS when I have mail coming.
    This is the notice I received this morning:

    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
    Apr 23, 2019 at 7:52 am

    I can only assume; I placed the order on the 20th, shipper printed the label and the item, and as of April 24, hasn't dropped off the box to the PO yet?

    Normally an order I placed on Sat. the 20th, I would expect it to get to me by the 26th.

    I'll report back when I receive it or get another notice from the USPS.

  • Good news for me;

    The weed I ordered on April 20th arrived today, April 27th here in the Midwest.

    It came from WA.

    Two 1 hitters and I'm nailed already while writing this, It's been a week since I ran out. LOL.

    I grow my own indoors but I run out all the time because I can't grow in the summer, it gets too hot inside.

    Plus I smoke a hell of a lot of weed but usually only grow about 10 plants or so.

    MM really comes in handy for me.
    I'd have to have a buddy chase down his weed guy and get something for me. A real pain in the ass.

    I'm growing 19 plants now plus I have 6 clones that I'm going to hide outside and grow so I'm hoping it lasts a little longer.

    Generally speaking, you can grow your own indoors for about $1 per gram and even if you suck at gardening, you should get at least an 1-1/2 oz from each plant.

    I'm not talking about starting a business, just for yourself so it's a lot cheaper to grow. Grown outside would be even cheaper.

    Check out if you want to learn how to do it.
    My website by the way and it promotes MM. I send quite a few people over.

    If you can grow a house plant or a tomato plant, raise a kid or take care of a pet, you can grow your own. For sure it will be pesticide free, (who in the hell knows what we're sucking into our lungs?) and you'll save a ton of dough.

    Plus it's fun.

    After a plant in the flowering stage hits the 5th week, if I'm out of weed, I'll start cutting off a few buds each day so I have something to smoke.

    I dry them on an oil filled heater. It takes about 2 hours. Yea, the bud shrinks like crazy but you get a buzz and there is nothing more fun than doing it.

    It's like going into your garden and picking a tomato to eat.

    Okay, I'll go away now.


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