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  • I'm glad you asked, Part_Time.

    Some people think that outdoor cannabis is less potent than indoor. This is simply false. Cannabis grown outdoors in a favorable climate by a skilled grower will be every bit as good as the finest indoor; on the other hand, cannabis grown indoors by an unskilled grower will be just a pile of crap! So quality has much more to do with the grower's skill than whether it's grown indoors or out.

    To answer your first question though, indoor and greenhouse are indeed very similar in their techniques. Both are grown indoors in a controlled environment. Greenhouse bud is usually grown with lights, as indoor bud is, but instead of being the primary source of light, they are instead used only for supplementation. One of the ways in which outdoor bud can be less potent than indoor is when the growing season gets cloudy for some reason, then they get less light. So greenhouse growers use supplementary lights inside their greenhouses to give the plants extra light on cloudy days.

    Some greenhouse growers actually do the opposite -- they deliberately deprive their greenhouse plants of light during summer days. Paradoxically, this actually results in more potent bud, not less. They do it in such a way as to "shorten the days" of their plants in the greenhouse, basically tricking them into thinking it's fall when it's actually early summer, so the plants start to flower early. This means that the plants develop their buds during the height of summer, which is a huge advantage -- it would take a LOT of indoor lights to replicate the full power of the sun in the height of summer, which is basically what light dep greenhouse bud is. For this reason, I find that "light dep" greenhouse bud is often even more potent than the strongest indoor strains.

    Hope that helps!

  • I am trying to get in touch with someone about some items missing from my order.What Email Address Should I Be using?

  • i have been ordering off mm for a lot of years now... the stuff i get has been pretty good... my only complaint is when i first started ordering i knew i would get it within 3-4 days.. i would say within the last year its been more like 7-10 days... i know it says on their site to allow 10 business days... but i just dont understand why its taking longer... especially when i use it for my chronic pain and chronic fatigue... i try and order it so i’m not without very long.. but it gets longer and longer to get my stuff😳😳

  • I agree with you yakspets it does at times seem like the orders are taking longer, but we need to remember these are small operations and we don’t know just how many orders there trying to process. I also get Frustrated at times when it takes longer but I learned to be patient through the years and if there’s a problem Medboy will take care of it.

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    don’t buy the Tahoe. Nothing there.

  • Sand002 what's up with it . That was priced as green house then changed back . 110 is high plus getting the coin adds another 5 r 6 bucks . When I visited California you could get a half of premo for 60 rec price

  • My buddy lives there and 60 to 100 a oz is bttr nml

  • Hi Charley, please write to me through our site's comment form, here:

    And thanks to all for the product reviews!

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    Winston, the Tahoe looks and smells good but I smoke and 10 min later I can’t tell.
    Yeah, $180 I’m not happy about. I’m giving it as Christmas presents.

  • Charley, you’re screwed. I had it happen once and texed them and never heard back. There were about 6 items in the order and I didn’t get my GG Kief.
    Good luck

  • Mb
    Just read your comment about writing no substitutions if that is important. I didn’t write no sub. I wrote how much I liked the Larry/Gelato and was excited about it.

  • Sand002, we don't have a phone so I can say with 100% certainty that whoever you sent that text to was not us.

    If you need to reach me, there's only one way: by email. Please contact me through our contact page, here:

  • Mendo breath from med mama is amazing. I normally smoke 8 - 10 bowls a day, went through all of yesterday only needing 3 with this bud. Gave me the potent effect of taking a dab, while keeping the longer high I get from bud. Very, very dense buds. Upon getting them I was a bit worried maybe I didn't get all of it haha.

  • Hi yaqui319 getting ready to place a order . Is it a powerful effect and is the smell strong . Thanks for any reply

  • Thanks yaqui319 Just placed an order of the sweet diesel.

  • Has anyone tried the bubble hash,if so how was it.

  • I did. I liked it as a topping on a bowl of herb. It takes a little finesse, you want to inhale but gently so. The flame should tickle the hash but not scald it.

  • I recently got 3 strains from Med Mama, which were “Strawberry Banana Lemonade”, “Gelato”, and “Mendo Breath”, and some Diamonds. Shipping was super fast (3 days), and I’m on the East Coast. I chose a joint for my freebie, which ended up being “Banana”. Delightful, and got me high twice before I even cracked into my packages! My diamonds review is on the other thread, but as far as the bud, it was great! To be honest, all seemed slightly dry (maybe older stock?), and some of the stems were so hard and spindley they could cut you, haha. But that is the only slightly negative thing I have to say, as each strain gets me very high. I don’t know about all the different effects and moods, to me it either gets you high or it doesnt, and these definitely all get the job done! My favorite smell/taste is the Strawberry Banana Lemonade, my favorite one to vape/smoke is the Gelato (longest lasting while burning), and my favorite high is the Mendo Breath (longest lasting high). It’s really hard to choose a favorite though, and I’m grateful to have a variety. I think that helps me beat the tolerance bug. Overall though, extremely satisfied with my purchase, and I still can’t believe this site even exists! Thank you MM, MB, Med Mama, and all the other cast and crew helping you out. I freaking love you guys!! Happy holidays!!!

  • Great review, part time! Thanks a bunch and happy holidays.

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    Diamonds. Holy shit. Went and ordered some before the holiday sale started. Well seasoned stoner, I puffed one kiddie size crystal and forgot my freaking name. Insane lung expansion. Soaring high. Keeping this puppy on ice for special occasions. Damn.

  • Damn! Now I'm REALLY disappointed I got subbed out for the Diamonds that I ordered. That review sounds amazing!

  • Sorry man. Didn’t realize people were having issues.

  • Ordered 2 zips from Loud cause their selection right now is impressive. Jah Goo indoor is thumbs up and a really nice trim/cure job (for the guy here who doesn’t like when nugs are auto trimmed too tight these have some nice shag on them, decent frost too. I’d buy it again.)

    The other strain I kinda forgot the name of and it’s no longer in inventory. I think it was Godzilla Kush? I gotta remember to screen cap what I order. Also a very nice strain all around. Both are heavy indys and have a devent set of overall aesthetics to go with the buzz.

    Only (really small) disappointment was I asked for a nug sample as my freebie and got a cookie. Edibles just don’t work for me. Site also says 2 freebies from Loud with a 2+ zip purchase. Ah well, all good. Probably a lot of orders to process. It was holiday discounted, It came fast and before Xmas, and the quality is damn fine.

  • I ordered a bunch of concentrates before Christmas. I received Big Sur Holy Live Resin, Black Widow Live Resin, Sunset Sherbert Rosin, Discount Mango Tango Wax, JGR Sugar Wax, and Discount Granddaddy Purple X Trainwreck Shatter.

    The live resins are always really nice and tasty and always really potent. They are a must if you have never tried them. Don’t let the price stop you. I find I need less of a dose from the live resins in order to get where I wanna be. The Subset Sherbert Rosin is pretty good. Has a “classic weed” taste to me. Potency on the moderate side.

    The Discount Mango Tango Wax (not available anymore) is incredibly potent. Very good Sativa high. Taste is a little off but the buzz makes up for it. The JGR Sugar Wax is very interesting. The description Medicineman gives is pretty accurate there. “Earthy and pungent” is what I get on tasting this one. Very cool consistency and color! Looks just like the picture. This is a different line of concentrate I haven’t tried before so I was glad I was able to get some.

    As for the Discount Granddaddy Purple X Trainwreck Shatter, that is a completely different story. I don’t know what happened in the process of making this one, but something isn’t right about it. The taste is very very bad. I don’t know if anyone else has tried it but to me it tastes like very badly burnt popcorn and reminds me of what I taste when I re-vape bud through my volcano vaporizer that has already been vaped (duff). The other really alarming issue with this concentrate is what happens when you put it onto a banger. Before you put it on the banger the color is dark brown. When it gets heated up on the banger and it starts to vaporize, the oil turns GREEN. Like a strong forrest green. I’ve never seen that before and I have a very diverse past with these concentrates. After if finishes vaporizing, the oil then turns again to a dark brown color. I’m obviously not entirely sure what the green color means but from my experience and research, it says that the concentrate contains a high amount of chlorophyll. Not sure if there was a problem in the extraction process itself, or purging process of the oil after extraction or if the starting material is the source of the bad taste and the color change. I’ve never had one like this from Medicineman. Everything has always more or less followed the description given. I’ve let several people try it and they get the same thing. The potency is moderate but I can’t get past the taste to try and enjoy anything about it.

    Anyway, just thought I would review what I got recently since it was a lot of stuff and I had that one weird issue. I am super happy with everything else that I got though! True Medicineman consistent quality. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a very lifted 2019!

  • I got in an order of sugar trim joints. There is no school like the old school.

    These are nice, tightly rolled, smooth burning joints. When ordering them, there was no option for strain or anything so I had no idea what would arrive. I asked for "sativa, if that is an option" and figured that whatever shake was lying around at the moment would be used to fill my order. I don't know if the strains I got are used in every order or if it is just kind of a random thing, so I wont say what strains I got, but I am not disappointed in the least. I may make this part of every order from now on. For the price, these are just the thing to drop in on a friend with, or have handy if your mooching friends show up unannounced. :-)

    Thanks Medicineman!

  • Just an edit: I ordered and got indica, I did get a sativa hybrid though, and that is what is for breakfast this a.m.

  • Awesome review, but did you know that you can write in your strain preferences as part of your order? Just write your preferences in the comments then submit. If our shippers can accommodate you, they will!

  • So my last order had two different products...first got the strawberry dream from loud and co and it’s on point! Great flower! Nice terpene profile, good high, loaded with crystals and orange hairs.... I give it 8.5/10... the 2nd part of my order was the green crack vape refill from medicine this one I was very disappointed...I’ve order several vape refills in the last few months including WiFi og, lemon skunk, strawnana, I’m cool with all those...but this green crack vape refill is different...very little taste and terp profile, not a very good high...just kinda slight head buzz...and every time I smoke it it gives me a headache for about ten minutes then goes away...I’m thinking maybe it didn’t get properly cleansed and still has chemical in it??? Idk??? I’m not one to bitch about the quality of product especially from where I am from but this green crack vape refill was definitely disappointing...I was wondering if anyone else has tried it and if so did you have similar reviews???

  • Ohh yeah...I also noticed that they took it off the order form/ webpage the day after I ordered it...did they figure out it just wasn’t right???

  • No it's just because we sold out. Thanks for the feedback, we love to see it!

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