Product Reviews Wanted!

There are now many more choices of strain, kinds of extract, vape cartridges, edibles, etc. etc. etc. than there were when I started working for this site. It's gotten more difficult than ever to decide which Medicineman product is best for you.

But your best resource are your fellow patients in the MM community. If you love a product, please let us know here! If you don't love it, please tell us that too. If our shippers get honest feedback from all parts of our community, then they can better select the products that our patients want - and then our patients will get exactly what they want! So please give us your most honest feedback - we want to know it, so we can be the #1 source for MMJ online.

Two reminders though: please don't leave any info which could identify yourself, and if you have a major problem with one of our products (something that is worse than just lower-than-expected quality) please contact me first through our site's contact page so I can have a chance to fix the problem!





  • I really like your Larry Bird/Gelato strain.
    The first time make sure you have nothing to do for a couple hours.

  • Been using MM for two+ years and have never had a problem with the flowers. The always weigh over and I always get the quality I pay for. However I have ordered edibles several times and vape cartridges once and I recommend staying away from these as they are hit and miss as far as quality. Wasted nearly 300 bucks last time I bought edibles.

  • Med Momma has been good to me with their selection of indicas for appetite, nausea, vomiting, pain, and inflammation. I’m a stage 3b rectal cancer warrior and Gastroparesis sufferer. God bless you all.

  • Would like to see a topical cream for my dads arthritis, concidering the cannabombs but it’s for his knees which makes it difficult to get in and out of a tub. Again you guys are a blessing.

  • I love the blueberry cookie..the taste is amazing throughout the whole joint..

  • Last time I ordered kosher kush it was strong and very enjoyable. This time I ordered it’s just sitting on the dresser because I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not worth smoking.

  • Thanks for all the comments. We really appreciate the feedback. If you have gotten any sub-par quality merchandise please let us know so we can look in to it. So many things come through that it is impossible for us to personally test out every item (though we try!). But we will definitely look into any complaints and if we find the quality to be poor we will pull it or discount it and will offer you a replacement.

  • Every concentrate I've ever gotten from MM has been too die for!! Totally dispensary quality!! The diamonds are a must try for everyone!

  • Like a kid in a candy store I ordered lots of stuff once a friend turned me onto MM. initially came here to buy RSO for my Mom’s lung cancer but have since purchased more than a half elbow of strains. Actually reordered Gelato recently from medmama cuz it’s so good. The indoors from med love have been stellar too.

    Only strain I didn’t entirely care for was the outdoor light-dep ChemScout from Loud. Was older stock I think and I need to stick with indoor strains I guess cuz that’s what I’m used to.

    Getting a fresh delivery tomorrow of some indoor mendo breath. Hope to start gardening again soon but having all this variety to choose from is hard to beat. Once you figure out bitcoin it’s all smooth sailing! 👍

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    Loud & Co Live Headband is incredible; especially low @ 650*F. Staple in the lab at all times.

  • MM is amazing. As someone who lives in a state where even medical isn't available this has been a godsend. It is sincerely appreciated from a long time chronic pain sufferer.

    I recently had an issue with one of the cartridges from Med Mama, I voiced my concern and today received two replacements. I'm not sure many brick and mortar retail stores would do that, let alone with someone they have never met face to face. Maybe one day that will be possible and I can thank you in person.

    I'm a cart (and refill) fan due to the discretion. If possible and you can find more Jack Herer or Haze based strains would be awesome, oh and WIFI was great.

  • Everything I have gotten so far has been excellent. Love the gummies and the chocolate bars.

  • Have only ordered a couple of times - so far but we got the Dutch Hawaiian first and it was amazing. Beautiful buds. Also ordered the original brownies and we were not a fan. They are okay - but not something we will order again. The texture was very....different. We received a free sugar coated gummy that was amazing though! Can't wait to order some of them. (:

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    Not my experience with these guys at all! Hate that you are having a rough go of it, but I have not had any issues like that. I tried the Chemscout, and while it wasn’t topshelf (was offered at a discount if it was the same batch) it was in no way remembered as a bad transaction. Any time I have had an issue it has been fixed. Sorry it didn’t work for you...(been using these guys 4+ years)

  • Tazz - hey that is not what I have ever experienced before with this service. Did you email Medboy about this? They are always helpful and do the right thing. I think you should reach out to them again.

  • mendo breath from medmama arrived today as scheduled, it's only 1:00pm and i'm totally baked 😆 the fresh sack of gelato that came along for the ride made my day and filled the jar right up to the top. sorry to hear about your experience tazz, the outdoor chemscout seemed to be older stock so the aesthetics weren't there but the buzz still hit me pretty hard. i think buying indoor stock especially strains from medmama or medlove you see pop up new on the site are the way to go.

  • Has anyone tried the super silver haze R the super lemon Haze that lound & co has on menu now If so is it the grade A

  • Awesome product so far. Usually order 2-3 times a month. Have had no problems at all with the quality of the concentrates, vapes or buds. I have a high tolerance and tend to do better on the in-door indicas and have only tried the green-house buds a couple
    of times. Popcorn buds was a great idea. You get a good variety @ a discounted price! So far have been pleased with the service/prompt delivery. Would really like to try the Diamonds. Maybe on the next order, will post a my review on it. Had some live-resin that had melted and leaked out a bit. Contacted Medboy and they were quickly replaced in a better container. All I can say is keep up the good work and most of all... THANK YOU!

  • I got my cherry pie x purple hindu kush in a few days ago and let me tell yall this is some loud dank shit. I am more than happy with what I got. Also the live rosin I got is fire as hell. So again thank yall for what yall fo much love

  • `I have enjoyed the edibles but have had the flowers and several concentrates as well. My doctor only approves of edibles so I have had some form of edible daily. It’s all been a lifesaver and don’t know how I was functional before this access as I live In a very oppositional State. I am appreciative. I think your products very reasonable and professionally made.

  • Awesome feedback, everyone!

    Winston, I have tried the Super Silver Haze and it is a strong, clear sativa! Haven't tried the Lemon though.

  • Besides helping me acquire excellent products MM was my introduction to cryptocurrency which I am now deeply involved with. Thanks for everything.

  • Earlier this year I wrote a text because of the quality of the product. I wish I could remember the names but when you spend $120 on a 1/4 it should get you high.
    I have had many good experiences from mm but my last order was messed up. I have a 1/2oz that I wanted split up but instead I got a half that is just medium grade. That’s why I asked to split it.
    Indoor blueberry cookies is a nice strain. The Larry Bird//Gelato is really good too.
    Overall I’m happy with your service but the order I made last October 18th that took 13 working days to get here then it was not what I ordered kinda sucked.

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    Med Mama had some Banana OG a while back and I loved it!! Wish I could get more! Love Med Mama, fast, professional, good quality, great prices, variety and secure packaging and delivery.

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    Enjoyed the outdoor grown that was on sale there for awhile. Got to try some different strains and was impressed by some.
    I had some sfv that was really good and tasty.

  • Had to hop back on here and leave a review of the Green Crack. By far our favorite strain so far. Buds are absolutely beautiful. 😍

  • Thanks for your feedback, sand002! Just remember that one of our rules asks you to write 'no substitutions' in the comments of your order if you're not willing to receive substitutions. Otherwise, our shippers are free to sub as they see fit.

    Thanks for your many orders!

  • I've really enjoyed Loud & Co's concentrates. The discount PE and CCK are great value. Always expedited quickly. Their Live Resin is a staple in the my dojo and I usually mixi it up with a discount concentrate they offer. Med Mama's brownies are the bomb. So good.

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    Hey can anyone explain Indoor vs Greenhouse, are they similar? It seems Outdoor would be the least potent, but wondering about the other two. Thanks.

  • Also, Loud & Co DBK shatter cruise control @ 775 happy trails

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