Product Reviews Wanted!



  • @ou8chief2

    Sorry you had a negative experience... I actually am buying from the same contact mama had so am not sure why they would be subpar... I can ask or check in. If you store it somewhere hot (left in a hot mailbox a while?) it can have an effect too.

  • I agree with @ou8chief2 about the vapes and the vape refills. Definitely not near as potent as MedMama’s were. You still get a decent effect, but MedMama’s carts and refills were one hit and done. However, I’m still enjoying the ones I’ve ordered and am very appreciative of all you guys do.

  • Gojo!!! by far the best!

  • Received the Purple Punch and Grand Daddy Purple thanks for the split and vaped the purple and must say it is smooth

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