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  • Would have to concur with superman got the wedding cake before holiday and is 1 of my favorites. the flavor is not like any other.
    the Chocolope was pretty good as well

  • LOVED the Chocolope from Med Momma

  • Outdoor jaeger is so good. Tasty, smooth smoke. It does couchlock me if I'm already tired. One thing it did do that no other strain ever has...made me sexually aroused. It was very pronounced. I smoked it a dozen times to make sure. I love it. I ordered some more.

  • From L&C
    starkilller kush is very good. 2nd time ordering this it is perfect for evening or if you dont have anything to do. Has a great taste

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    The outdoor Jager seem to creep up slowly. But once it finally hit it was amazing, and I forgot my name for a minute. the taste is reminiscent of oranges, olives, and an earthy taste. It is great for the end of a long day to keep you on the couch and relaxed. Another choice strain. I’m using it right now!

  • The Jager is one to buy up and hoard.

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    Agreed on Jager. Pert near perfect outdoor nugz. Nice lineage too, Hindu Kush dominant. It’s only the second time I’ve ordered the same strain twice from this site (other was mama’s Gelato indoor). Got two solid zips of Jager in the stash safe 👍

  • Just got the Blue Dream and SSherbert from Loud and WOW times 2 and the GH gelato from MM was awesome too . I would reorder all 3 😛

  • Pink Champagne is today's selection. Beautiful, fluffy nugs that provide a relaxed, mellow high.

  • Still smoking on Blue dream from l&c
    I’m sure everyone has had this strain by now. It’s the perfect wake and bake puff on all day with a nice head high.
    The bag was all buds no smalls.

  • I received Blue Dream from MedM. Definitely as expected in a good way! Two big buds made up my 1/4..the description said perfectly cured and it is was. Stems have a nice snap and the herb crumbles up very easy..the smell is like fresh sourish berries :-). Would love to see that in stock whenever possible!

  • The diamonds are alright, I will order the live Rez next time to see what it’s like... the purp urk is gassy. And so is the jaeger... now the Heavy indica RSO... I took a rice grain sized bit, and it straight up knocked me on my ASS.. nothing ever does now a days so I thought that was pretty cool.. also my purp urk bag was .5+ what it was supposed to be! Also received a 50mg freebie

  • NYC Diesel very nice

  • I received a free joint of a strain called NY Diesel. It was delicious. To me it smelled/tasted like a spicy taco sauce. Anyone else had the opportunity? I really liked it but never saw that it was being offered.

  • Indior 8 ball and triangle kush
    Loved them so much I ordered them twice. Straight indica. Great quality in every way. I strongly prefer indoor or premium strains in general.

    Greenhouse platinum shu.
    No complaints, just not for me. I think i have an aversion to greenhouse grows. This was some thick dense moist flower. the flavor and smell were quite unique. High Was odd. Not bad, just not for me.

  • I received a free joint of a strain called NY Diesel. It was delicious. To me it smelled/tasted like a spicy taco sauce. Anyone else had the opportunity? I really liked it but never saw that it was being offered.

  • Received a couple j’s from Loud labeled “BD” dream I’m sure..since I have some BD from Medmama they are very comparable..definitely recommend since it’s a premium on the menu now..would have liked to try the NY..

  • Yes iv noticed some free samples they send are not on menu

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    Medmama Greenhouse Flower

    Peaches-not very strong as described, but still worth purchasing for the amazing aroma..unique to say the least! Buds are small to med sized at most, but very dense and trimmed like nice little Christmas trees..minimal side effects with this strain. Highly recommend for someone looking for a nice day strain that’s not to intense.

    Forbidden Fruit- I’ll be honest I was super excited to get this one. I’m hoping someone else will provide another review. I’ve had several flowers from MMama and all top notch..maybe it’s just me but this strain/batch was a little disappointing. Fruity scent, but not loud at all like the peaches. High is nice, but faded fast. Buds have more than normal seed shells within them. Actually got a nice seed I’m holding onto. I believe this batch could have been flushed more before harvest. Just my opinion, but I’m weird and like to chew the stems to get a feel for how well cured/flushed it is. Very harsh taste and I can tell because it chokes me up vaping. Also the buds in the pic are very fresh looking and light green. What I received was very dark in appearance and seems less fresh. Just trying to provide an honest review.

  • Thanks for the review, Superman38NC. I will be looking into a bag of Forbidden Fruit over the weekend...

  • Just got some purple urkle,
    I’ll hollar at y’all Monday lol

  • I also received Forbidden Fruit yesterday from MM and agree with superman38NC I am not to impressed with it at all there is better out there !

  • Just received order from L&C outdoor GC and PU. Everything was on point, GC is good wake and bake get the day going. The PU is nice dense nugs that knocked me out, nice and relaxed. Will definitely try others.

  • Just received my skywalker og and very impressed great smell and taste wonderful pain relief, will order again thanks medboy amy God watch over you blessing

  • Just had some of the AA+ Kush, I'm chiefed af.

  • Had some friuty pepples lot of seeds the skywalker is a a great choice would really love to get some more GDP

  • Waiting for my order of outdoor Jaeger can;t wait to get it and jump my wifes bones

  • Anyway the guys can bring back premium fruitloops on to the menu? So far every order I have made has been good, some even more than expected. One strain I got was loaded with seeds and i managed to grow some that are flowering! Thanks MM, MB, Medmama, loud &co. The Whole crew! Thanks for what you do!

  • I can honestly say this site is the bomb. I have not ordered any flower that wasn't excellent. Ordered a MM candy bar on this order, so branching out a little... Thanks, y'all for doing what you do!!

  • Update on Toasted Coconut chocolate bar from MM. I ate one square due to all the warnings... 30 minutes later, Led Zep sounds more bomb than usual... And I smoke a lot of weed... Two thumbs up on that!!

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