Merlin’s Menu change

Anybody else notice all the greenhouses are changed to discounted smalls now?? I order a half of the chem cherry last week, wish they had it listed as discount then! Guess I’ll be ordering more now.


  • Oh and rude boi needs the prices changed @medboy

  • @Rubygirl816

    Yes ma'am, I noticed last night! I was after I paid $20 more when I got Rude Boi, lol. Ah well, it's all good.

    BTW, I'm pretty sure you'll dig Rude Boi. It's very relaxing, good for afternoon or evening.

  • It moved from greenhouse to indoors and the price went down for most of em.

    Just got in the pink certz and it's super funky cheesey smell! I kept going back for more smells like a dog!

  • @medboy will Merlin's discounted Rose Gold prices change like the others? Has anyone tried this one yet? Thanks.

  • Prices all updated. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Thanks @medboy! Could you update the order form for Merlin's discounted rose gold? Thanks again!

  • Give it a little bit and it will update.

  • I made a mistake listing them. They were always indoor smalls, but we had a communication error where I said to price them at Greenhouse prices and they got labeled that way.

    Please enjoy and thanks for understanding

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I got rude Boi too. I think it's super weak. I can smoke a whole gram joint myself and nada. The greenhouse watermelon Zkittles ain't much better. Both from merlin. This is just my opinion of course.

  • @Mr4Sher

    I'm sorry to hear that. Everyone's body chemistry and tolerance levels are different, and maybe that's what's going on.
    Most of the time when I smoke it's a whole joint, or a few bowls off my bong because of my own tolerance.
    (I'm definitely in need of a break, but who wants to do that, lol 😆)

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    It's weird how different strains affect people differently. For example, I got almost nothing from smoking the Jager this year, while I found it awesome the prior two years. I was able to sell most of it to a buddy of mine who loved it.

    But I can smoke a single hit of (I think Loud's) Indoor Wedding Cake and I won't know what happened the next day. That's like Loud's Fruit Loops from a few years ago for me.

    I have really liked everything from Merlin with the possible exception of Mammoth Skunk. I'm not even 100% sure it was from Merlin. lol And it was still ok, I just had to smoke a lot of it.

  • @Sixwaychili definitely weird... I love the jager. For me it's much stronger than merlin premium runtz!!!

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    @Mr4Sher and I freaking love Merlin's indoor runtz, which was on the menu before the premium. (wouldn't be surprised if it were the same thing)

    The Jager was definitely beautiful though.

  • @Sixwaychili, jager does very little for me also, and the wc was definitely hard hitting.

  • @Sixwaychili same here. Jager didn’t do it for me either. The runtz is outstanding in my opinion.

  • Anyone try the GH Biscotti or Gummy Bears?

  • The Jager fkn wrecks me every time I smoke. I’m a 110% KushHead. The runts are also amazing.

    Anyone try “Premium - Caramel Layer Cake” at all? It sounds complex.

  • @superman38NC I tried the Biscotti and based on previous Biscotti strains offered in the past, I am a little underwhelmed by this offering. Doesnt really have the spicy aroma that Biscotti should have and the buzz is adquate but not stellar. Hope that helps.

  • Appreciate it! @bluedreamer very helpful. The last Biscotti I had was from’s was 🔥

  • @superman38NC I believe Lound&co had some killer Biscotti as well last year. After I had finished the bud, the smell stayed in the jar for quite a while. Hate to judge grows as they are all different but this one doesnt have the nose but I still appreciate the taste and buzz.

  • omg
    fruit loops made me loopy

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    @cmweems1964 CC’s GSC really reminds me of the fruit loops..especially effects. I’ve been wondering if that will come back around. Fruit Loops and GSC should be staples on the menu 🥴.

    I just ordered some Platinum MAC. Looking forward to it! Lots of good stuff on the menu right now.

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